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  • Service principal name (SPN) for machine 'testsystem' not found in Active DirectoryJuly 27

    we are using Virtual PCs for some testing mockup. One VPC is running as Domain Controller with AD configured on it. The domain name is testing.local. We have another VPC in domain running web application (configured as web site listening at port 198)

  • Creating keytabs and service principal namesOctober 1

    I'm trying to set up a keytab for a Java server to support Kerberos authentication on a Windows network. I'm struggling to get it working even at the level of the command line tools, haven't even got as far as the server setup yet! My plan just now i

  • Kerberos principal names for distributed servicesJanuary 24

    Two typical forms for Kerberos (v5) principal names seem to be: username[/instance]@REALM [email protected] I've also seen something like this for services which could exist on multiple ports: service/fully-qualified-domain-na

  • The function of service principal names in Active DirectoryJune 2

    I am thinking about taking a service that runs on multiple servers in my domain currently as "NETWORK SERVICE" and configuring it to run as an AD domain account for various reasons. If I have this one account running the same service under multi

  • RSA Authentication Manager - Unable to resolve principal by login ID and/or aliasOctober 25

    I'm attempting to setup a RSA authentication manager with a Microsoft Active Directory as the identity source. When I try to login from the Windows login client the login attempt failed and I recieve the message Unable to resolve principal by login I

  • Use a preferred username but authenticate against Kerberos principalDecember 17

    What I desire to do should be pretty simple. I have an Ubuntu 10.04 box. It's currently configured to authenticate users against a kerberos realm (EXAMPLE.ORG). There is only one realm in the krb5.conf file and it is the default realm. [libdefaults]

  • Autodiscover service seems to reply with User Principal Name instead of email address

    Autodiscover service seems to reply with User Principal Name instead of email addressJanuary 15

    After this latest round of Windows updates (on 1/11/11, in fact) my Exchange 2007 server of course rebooted. This may have had the side effect of making any changes I'd inadvertently made take effect. Since then, the Autodiscover service in Exchange

  • Database Snapshots of Mirrored databases affect performance of Principal database?January 26

    I have 2 servers set in Mirroring High-safety. One is Principal and another in Mirror. Currently I have 2 snapshots of a Production database (100 GB size) created on Principal server (for no_lock purpose of massive select processes) and 2 snapshots o

  • DB auto failover in c# does not work when the principal server physically goes offlineMarch 20

    I'm setting up DB auto failover in C# with SQL Server 2008 and I have a 'high safety with automatic failover mirror' using a witness setup and my connection string looks like "Server=tcp:DC01; Failover Partner=tcp:DC02; database=dbname; uid=sewebsite

  • What could cause mirrored databases to both become the principal database?March 24

    We use SQL Server 2005 in a high-availability configuration: 1 principle server, 1 mirror server, 1 witness server. This morning we found that several databases were listed as the principle database on both the principal server and the mirror server

  • Purging AD Principal from cacheMay 4

    A user in the Active Directory has had a change of his SAM account name, but a web application running IIS still recognizes him under his old SAM Account name. I presume this is because the AD principals are cached. The IIS server variables in the re

  • Kerberos Service Principal not found in ADJune 21

    I've got a strange problem with an Active Directory SPN Account. This does not work: kinit [email protected] However, "setspn -l SA_MyUser" lists "HTTP/my.host.com" as registered service principal. It has got to be a problem wi

  • Does the single responsibility principal promote flexibility?June 21

    Does the single responsibility principal promote flexibility? If not what are the other methods to make your classes more flexible? By flexibility I mean, a class is able to function correctly at any time with little (or even with no) hassle. -------

  • Security Warning: The Server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The Target principal name is incorrectSeptember 2

    I'm trying to get my mails using Outlook 2007 and POP3 using SSL but I get this security warning every time I try to receive mails: The Server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The Target principal name is

  • OpenSSH + Kerberos SSO problem: Wrong principal in requestSeptember 27

    Thanks to your help , I am getting closer. Now at this point, I am getting the following message with logging in via ssh: debug1: Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information Wrong principal in request From the client side, after

  • MSSQL: High-Availability, Witness and Principal down caseOctober 24

    The Setup is as follows: 1x Principal 1x Secondary 1x Witness If the Witness and Principal are gone (Hardware- or networkfailure), the secondary DB stays offline. I know this is by design. But if the Witness comes back up and the principal stays down

  • The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on 'S15415940'. Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal "dbo" does not exist November 14

    This question already has an answer here: Why is CDC capture failing due to a missing dbo principal 1 answer Can anyone show me the way to fix these error messages: The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on 'S15415940'. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Erro

  • Principal of Analog to digital converter(ADC) and Digital to analog converter(DAC)

    Principal of Analog to digital converter(ADC) and Digital to analog converter(DAC)November 28

    Analog to digital converter is one that converts analog output form sensors to digital one what are basic principal of Analog to digital converter(ADC) and the opposite of one that takes digital input and provides analog value the Digital to analog c

  • Can I check if a Mirror database was synchronized when the principal died?December 19

    having 2 machines, one being the principal and the second one as a mirror in case of failure of the 1st one. without witness but in High Safety mode Is any way to check if the mirror DB was synchronised when the Principal has failed? I need this beca

  • Wrong principal in request (SSH/ GSSAPI/Kerberos/Debian)January 3

    I've set up two VMs on an "internal" (in VirtualBox meaning) network, one being a DNS server (dns1.example.com) and the other - a KDC and Kerberos admin server (kdc.example.com). The default and the only realm is EXAMPLE.COM. Both machines use f

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