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  • My map looks wierd and "pixly" in OL3October 31

    I'm trying to present a mapserver with OL3, it doesnt work well. The documentation of the mapserver is non-existent and the GetCapabilities to the mapserver responds with a very short (not so good or usefull) answer. I have managed to present the map

  • Building a ol3 webapplication with dynamic content and user registrationNovember 10

    My setup: currently i'm using a postgis database, get it with a geoserver and display it with openlayers 3. I use the wfs data to display the features in clusters and i'm able to edit them with wfs-t. The postgis database is very large ~250.000 featu

  • use geoserver as source of vector layer in ol3November 20

    I am using postGis and geoserver and Openlayers3 (OL3), I connected postgis table to geoserver and published my layer. I am using following code to get the layer as vector layer: var vector = new ol.layer.Vector({ source: new ol.source.GeoJSON({ proj

  • Access-Control-Allow-Origin in geoserver and ol3December 5

    I am using OL3, Geoserver. I made a website with Asp.net and add map with OL3. which is get data from geoserver with WFS. my website is located in C:\programfile\geoserver\www\mysite. Also config IIS that when client (with IP clicl IP

  • Geoserver WMS getfeatureinfo OL3 IISDecember 5

    I know this question has been addressed in the past but I am having trouble implementing what has been suggested here on my setup and I was hoping someone could help me hack through all of the information. I am running geoserver on port 8080 (version

  • openlayers 3 ol3 - how to redraw a single featureDecember 6

    I would like to be able to trigger rerendering of a single feature after a user has clicked on it. (I can catch the click and update the metadata that feeds the styling function, but I am then forced to rerender the entire layer to get the updated st

  • OL3 - Y Axis invertedDecember 11

    I have a custom map, served by our custom internal map server (XYZ) showing up in OL3. This works perfectly, but now I have to put some vector shapes over the top, these shapes are coming from an SVG. Both the tiles and the shapes which are being ove

  • ol3 capturing various click eventsDecember 15

    I would like my KML layer in openlayers 3 to respond to different types of click events. I have a single click method working nicely. But how do I get it working for "shift-clicks" "double clicks" etc? map.on('singleclick', function(ev

  • OL3 27700 WMS inspireDecember 25

    I am just getting into OL3 from a GIS background - I don't have much of a programming background. I am trying to use WMS layers from inspire in an OL3 app (http://www.geostore.com/environment-agency/WebStore?xml=environment-agency/xml/inspireDataWms.

  • Styling WMS layers in OL3January 1

    I have managed to get my WMS layers working in OL3. Now I want to style them, as they are all set as blue on the server side and I can't change that. I know the common answer seems to be WMS is an image and you can't style it like a vector but there

  • refresh the map Ol3 (Openlayers3)January 2

    Hello I'm using ol3 in a mobile hybrid application using sencha touch2 , so I start by drawing a polygon inside a map , after validating this drawing I redirect the user to an other form in order to fill the alphanumeric informations of that polygon

  • OL3 error with Style functionJanuary 8

    I am trying to style a .json layer with a numbe of classes based on an attribute. I and getting the error below which is apparently in ol3.js based on debugging in chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'e' of undefined I have tried to use

  • OL3: Is there a getUrl function for ol.source.XYZ?January 10

    Problem: I am designing an ol3 plugin that needs to copy the URL parameter from ol.source.XYZ/ol.source.TileWMS to ol.layer.Tile on map initialization. TileWMS: As per the docs, this is easily done with the following. Note: not actual code, simplifie

  • OL3 check if point is inside a polygonJanuary 22

    When I am adding a point to my web map I want to give it a latter that represent the area where the point is, so I need to know in what area is the point. In OpenLayers 2 I did it like this: areas[i].geometry.containsPoint(point) ---> return true if

  • passing sld as a variable in parameter in ol3February 4

    I have a wms layer and I want to pass the sld variable in a parameter. I refer to Styling WMS layers in OL3 as well but cannot solve. The fiddle is http://jsfiddle.net/shumanbaral/x6qwyuvk/1/. Here, tile_wms.getSource().updateParams({'styles':'', 'sl

  • ol3 modify interaction customizationFebruary 20

    I'm trying to create a ol.interaction.Modify() to adjust a bounding box's edges and position. In OpenLayers 2 I used TransformFeature Control and There were options to configure the transformation. How could the feature be modified in ol3 without cha

  • Hierarchical ViewModels and tracking IsDirty/PropertyChanged events

    Hierarchical ViewModels and tracking IsDirty/PropertyChanged eventsMarch 3

    I have a set of ViewModels depicted like in the below picture. And, I have a couple of commands AcceptCommand, CancelCommand in the Top Level View Model that are bound to Apply, Cancel buttons respectively in a View. I would like to enable Apply, and

  • Highlight a feature on WMS layer using OL3 + mapserverMarch 21

    In OL2 I think that it was done by using something like this: the_control = new OpenLayers.Control.GetFeature({ protocol: OpenLayers.Protocol.WFS.fromWMSLayer(mymap, { geometryName: 'geom', featureType: 'feature' }), box: false, hover: false }); whic

  • Highlight a feature on WMS layer using OL3 + mapserver + KMLApril 10

    This is regarding question :- Highlight a feature on WMS layer using OL3 + mapserver We are using KML file not the POSTGIS DB. So what parameters for metadata "gml_geometries" would be there in our map file as below LAYER TYPE LINE ... METADATA

  • "undo" action on OL3 measuring controlApril 21

    Is it possible to add "undo" action on OL3 measuring control? I mean, during the measuring steps, I want to undo some point. Thanks

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