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  • QEMU / KVM: Unable to pass multiple cores / CPUs to guestsJanuary 29

    it seems that I am unable to pass multiple cores / CPUs to KVM guests. Whatever I do, the guests only report one CPU / core. Host hardware: Xeon E5620 on a Supermicro mainboard Host software: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) 64-Bit I have compiled my own (newer)

  • Mysql crashing, oom-killer, out of memory, tuning issues?June 4

    I just moved all of my websites to a new server with 4GB RAM. Almost immediately, mysql started crashing, and at one point, didn't reboot which caused a major outage (since I didn't notice until someone pointed it out to me). Here is the log with CRO

  • Varnish cache throwing 'Error 400 Bad Request'August 28

    I am running a varnish 3.0 server with nginx/php-fpm/wordpress behind it at http://www.whatsthatbug.com. Most folks seem to be able to get to the site just fine. But I have one visitor who is getting the 400 error from FireFox. What she got was: Erro

  • Bad request 400 Error when using parent cache nodeOctober 13

    I'm trying to design a load balancing system with a parent cache. I have 2 Child Cache servers with ARR and Network load balancing features installed. (vServer2008-1:, vServer2008-3: When i setup the Network Load Balancing feat

  • 400 bad request from a proxy cacheDecember 30

    So we have an nginx proxy cache that is used to maintain uptime even if npm goes down. On occasion this server (noticeably once every few months) starts returning 400 bad request for every response for some specific package. I figured it was a corrup

  • 400 bad request - cache control problemsFebruary 12

    I am making a windows form application that downloads an image from a remote website. When I ran the application, I get a bad request error. I captured the headers it tells me cache control cannot be used when Cache:no-cache is specified. I found thi

  • Varnish configuration to only cache for non-logged in usersJuly 17

    I have a Ruby on Rails application fronted by varnish+nginx. As most of the sites content is static unless you are a logged in user, I want to cache the site heavily with varnish when a user is logged out but only to cache static assets when they are

  • How to find virtual memory size and cache size of a linux system?September 29

    Is there any command to get virtual memory size, cache size and front side bus speed of a linux system? Is swap in linux same as virtual memory? --------------Solutions------------- This question is completely contained in your previous question How

  • How does firefox cache DNS requests/replies?March 16

    I was wondering how, if it all, does firefox cache say, google.com to its respective IP? --------------Solutions------------- It caches it short-term, but I don't know the particulars of the backend. You can see this when DNS doesn't resolve, and you

  • Hardware requirement for video serving to 400 concurrent usersOctober 11

    I need to serve at least 400 concurrent users about 150MB of files (video/audio). What kind of hardware would you suggest is required? Planning to use Ubuntu for OS, and Apache for serving. The usage is for internal network and not over internet. I'm

  • Most Efficient Cache Replacement Algorithm April 23

    Wikipedia lists 11 cache replacement algorithms. Assuming I know almost nothing about the application I'm going to develop, what should I use as a "default" cache replacement algorithm? If I recall correctly from my OS course, LRU is the best ge

  • Alternative PHP Cache and Wordpress ProblemMay 10

    I've installed Alternative PHP Cache with this command: pecl install apc Create and copy to /etc/php.d/ a apc.ini like this: ; /etc/php.d/apc.ini extension = apc.so Directive Local Value apc.cache_by_default On apc.canonicalize On apc.coredump_unmap

  • WP-Minify 400 errors and open_basedir restriction in effectJune 30

    i've been having a world of difficulty w/ the WP-minify plugin. usually i get 400/bad request errors when i try to access the combined/minified script or style files. this tends to break the entire look of my site. but on my last site i came across a

  • Adding a yum repo with puppet - Error 400 on SERVER: Invalid parameter enable at curly bracket?July 22

    I'm trying to automate some tasks when receiving a new server. The first thing is adding some yum repos. My /etc/puppet/modules/repo/manifests/init.pp: 1 class repo { 2 file { "/etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL": 3 owner => root, 4 group =>

  • Google search results shows HTTP Error 400 instead of my site titleSeptember 12

    my problem can be seen here http://www.google.com/search?q=site:michaele-harrington.com I am getting HTTP ERROR 400 instead of title of my page. Seems this is also happening with a few of my blog pages. When I use google webmaster rich snippets tool

  • Stop IIS 7.5 From Sending Out Cache-Control Max-Age on Error CodesJanuary 5

    I have some static content with cache control Max-Age headers attached to it so clients will cache the static content. However, IIS 7.5 still sends this header out when there are error responses advising the client to cache this. The has the negative

  • reverse proxy and caching for a websiteFebruary 9

    I come from Europe and in my country there are really expensive webservers, so i have my VPS server in the USA. Now i need on one hand a website with local IP and on other hand fast webserver. So i am paying 90$ in the USA for 2gb/4gb ram VPS, prices

  • Settings to get the most out of W3 Total CacheApril 30

    I'm running a dedicated server which hosts one website - our WordPress install. Currently we're getting around 400,000 pageviews per month and that will likely rise quickly over the coming month - and hopefully exponentially from there onward ;) I wa

  • What is the compression gained by caching mod_tile's metatile instead png tiles?May 23

    What is the level of compression gained caching mod_tile's larger metatile instead of 256 by 256 .png tiles? I am trying to determine the extra cost of storage resources for pre-rendering some set of .png tiles, which will be served as static files.

  • MySQL, php-fpm, APC, Varnish and Nginx optimization for WordPress/W3 Total Cache?May 25

    I'm setting up my first VPS and it seems to be working well. Installed Nginx, php-fpm (as a unix socket), APC, Varnish and MySQL on Ubuntu 12.04 server with OnApp, and everything works and is damm fast, at least on my end. Atm i have a VPS with 1 cor

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