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  • Python 3 - Upload PIL Binary to FTP serverJanuary 30

    im new to python and i try to upload a image to FTP in python 3. I'm taking the pic with the raspberry camera modul and write it to a binary. After this i do some actions with PIL. This part works already fine. I also can store it to a JPEG file. I w

  • Raster processing with Python or Arc raster calculatorJuly 3

    I have 4-band NAIP imagery that require the following processing steps: Convert to 8 bit unsigned B/W Reverse (note not inverse) the image, so that dark values appear light and light values appear dark. Moderate values should remain relatively unchan

  • Change app name without uploading new binary?July 22

    Am I able to change my app name shown in App Store without uploading new binary and going though the whole submission process? --------------Solutions------------- In order to change your app's name, you have to create a new version. There is no othe

  • Uploading raster format(*.tif) to postgis through raster2pgsqlMay 2

    Hi I'm new to postgis and raster file format. i currently working on netcdf files and i want to import it into postgis through curl command line tool but its failed for me.so i jump on to GDAL v1.9.2 first i convert it into gtiff format and then uplo

  • Postgres, loading raster into db and visualize with qgis

    Postgres, loading raster into db and visualize with qgisOctober 11

    I'm trying to import a TIF raster into a Postgres db using this command: Raster2pgsql -s 26591 -I -C -e -Y -F –N -M C:\Users\Ivn\Desktop\Postgre_HOME\scratchmres1.tif -F | psql -U postgres -d ivndb -h localhost -p 5432 the command works but I can't a

  • Is it okay to upload a binary 'source' archive to Launchpad for building?January 7

    I have a package that is extremely complicated and uses libraries not included in any of the default repos. Can I upload a 'source' archive that contains the source and a pre-compiled binary? The build script would simply copy the binary to the packa

  • Python Postgres Multiprocessing speed increaseFebruary 20

    I'm trying to speed up my PostGIS queries using multiprocessing. My current setup is using python and psycopg2 such as below. Although this has given a speed increase, it still seems like there are bottlenecks preventing rapid speed increases and I'm

  • Does uploading new binary to iTunes Connect lose our place in the review queue?October 7

    Our iOS app is "Waiting for Review" on the iOS App Store. While "waiting for review," do we lose our place in the "waiting for review" queue each time we upload a new binary? --------------Solutions------------- From Apples D

  • Upload a binary file using browser to github?

    Upload a binary file using browser to github?March 14

    How do I upload a new binary file to Github? I try to upload some woff fonts, but I cant, because Github allow me only to add a text file, and not how to upload one, even if there is this request that was solved. --------------Solutions-------------

  • Uploading raster to ArcGIS Server dynamicallyMay 4

    I am building an new web tool related to agriculture research, this tool is linked to another backend GIS process done in c# and ArcObjects. I want to find a way to visualize this backend output (Geotiff) into my web tool which uses ArcGIS Javascript

  • GDAL Python and postgis raster?May 6

    I'd like to create a postgis raster using GDAL and python. I can get the driver easily: drv = gdal.GetDriverByName("PostGISRaster") But how can I create a new raster table? I can't find any information about drv.Create to explain what to put the

  • Which command is used to check the coordinates and resolution of each pixel for raster binary data(.dat) format?May 21

    I downloaded the modis composite data(8day) of MOD09A1 product mainly band 4 and 6 in HDF-EOS format, did the conversion from HDF-EOS to header format(hdf) and then merged all the hdf into one single hdf for a particular 8days . After that I converte

  • Uploading Named Binary Tag files(NBT) via PHP - a bit scared security wiseJune 10

    I'll cut right to the chase. I'm building an application that deals with NBT files(named binary tag). They are being uploaded via the usual PHP methods. I haven't dealt much with uploading files in PHP, even less with NBT files. To be perfectly hones

  • write python ndarray to rasterSeptember 2

    I think I understood the steps to write an array to a raster file using python. however it doesn't work in my case and I don't know why. I have an array that I want to write to a Geotiff with Swiss Oblique Mercator Projection. I have a DEM as Geotiff

  • Python ftp upload bug: no attribute 'rfind'January 20

    I'm writing an ftp uploader with getopt. If use fullname = 'file.jpg' all is okay, but if fullname = newfiles not turned and return error notification: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'rfind' Maybe my app doesn't have a rights to send

  • Python File Upload: Ajax with Multiple Other Fields, and Flask UploadJanuary 25

    I am getting an internal server error 500 when I am uploading files with multiple other fields that I would like to use in the same method. However I can't seem to figure out what exactly is wrong. I am using Flask Upload in Python for this and I am

  • How to bulk upload raster datasets to ArcGIS Online as separate discrete layers?

    How to bulk upload raster datasets to ArcGIS Online as separate discrete layers?January 27

    I have 18 raster datasets which I need to publish through ArcGIS online to allow users to turn on/off each layer and toggle transparency. I have the data stored in a file gdb as below: I am looking at ways of doing this more efficiently than publishi

  • Using cxfreeze to convert python source to frozen binaryMay 22

    I am trying to convert a python script into a stand alone executable. I was originally going to use py2exe but it does not support python 3 yet. I downloaded cx_freeze and installed it, but I get a cxfreeze is not a recognized command when trying to

  • How to upload a binary to CTAN?December 31

    I've written a small GUI program to ease the creation of LaTeX style tables (both tabular and longtable) for my students. I'm wondering if it is useful to upload it to CTAN. It is free software; however it seems to me the best to not only upload the

  • opencv 3 Contrib for python 3.4 windows binaryFebruary 2

    http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#opencv has binaries for Python 3.5. I am unable to use it as all my code and dependencies are in 3.4 Any other place to get the windows binaries for opencv3+contrib for Python 3.4? I need the contrib for SIF

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