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  • QGIS FOR IOS, IPhone or IPadNovember 28

    Why is there not an IOS version of QGIS? The overall file size is not excessive. Given the alternatives, looks like a niche QGIS could well prosper within. --------------Solutions------------- A couple of reasons: No one has made a build for that pla

  • Import GPX file to QGIS and correct apparent CRS problemsDecember 1

    I am using Easy Trails software on an iPhone to output a gpx file of a walk. When I import the file (import vector layer) to QGIS, into a project with OSGB information and the correct CRS for OSGB data, the imported track appears well to the West and

  • QGIS - Export PDF map with georeferenced data

    QGIS - Export PDF map with georeferenced data July 24

    This question already has an answer here: Is it possible to export geospatial PDF from QGIS via GDAL/OGR? 4 answers I am used to working with ArcMap but have been playing around with QGIS. When I export a PDF map with ArcMap, the PDF is spatially ref

  • iPhone app to record 3D location informationJuly 25

    Does anyone know of an app that would run on an iPhone or iTouch that would record the X,Y and Z information from an external GPS? I am using a Dual XGPS150 Bluetooth receiver. The GPS will record X,Y,Z info, but I am having issues with an app that w

  • Deriving length values from GPX files in QGISMay 3

    I'm missing something real obvious and I apologize for revisiting a topic addressed in several Q&A's here. I'm an experienced GIS user (not programmer) who's new to QGIS (can't afford Arc in retirement). I was given GPX files from a race organizer wh

  • News Wire: The iPhone ComethJuly 4

    iPhone JavaScript Experiments: Day One JavaScript guru Joe Hewitt is not impressed with the iPhone as a rich application development platform. Lack of mousedown and mousemove events, for example, prevent developers from taking advantage of the iPhone

  • iPhoney: Test Your Site for iPhone Compatibility

    iPhoney: Test Your Site for iPhone CompatibilityJuly 9

    Can't afford an iPhone (or don't live in the US) but eager to check how your site might look on the hottest device of the moment? Enter the iPhoney: a small (1.3MB) desktop application that simulates web browsing on the newly released device. iPhoney

  • SitePoint Needs Web Tech Enthusiasts - Win An iPhone!

    SitePoint Needs Web Tech Enthusiasts - Win An iPhone!August 4

    Before I came to work for SitePoint, being a technical editor is not something I'd ever imagined myself doing. But I can honestly say it's the most rewarding job I've ever had. It has the perfect mix of being challenging and satisfying. It's a job th

  • Can You Make A Living As an iPhone Developer?

    Can You Make A Living As an iPhone Developer?August 5

    A day after the release of Apple's iPhone application store, that was the question that Jason Fried over at 37signals asked. "Most [apps in the iPhone App Store] are $10 or less with the bulk at under $5. If that's where the market settles out, devel

  • Will the iPhone Kill the Kindle?

    Will the iPhone Kill the Kindle?August 12

    Good news today for Amazon: Citi analyst Mark Mahaney predicts that the Kindle ebook reader will hit $1 billion by 2010. Mahaney has revised upward his earlier predictions regarding the Kindle, and now thinks that by year's end Amazon will have sold

  • 5 Awesome Productivity Apps For The iPhone

    5 Awesome Productivity Apps For The iPhoneAugust 19

    If, like me, you've succumbed to the allure of the iPhone, then you've no doubt also lost countless hours of sleep since the launch of the iPhone App Store. At the time of writing there are over 2,000 apps available to download, either for free or fo

  • More than 100,000 Blogging on iPhone

    More than 100,000 Blogging on iPhoneSeptember 19

    Until Apple adds copy and paste to the iPhone I couldn't imagine using it to do any real blogging. A quickly as I have become adept at using its touch screen, qwerty keyboard, it is still not suited to any long form content writing. Short emails or t

  • Two Apps that Lower the iPhone Development Barrier

    Two Apps that Lower the iPhone Development BarrierSeptember 23

    When the iPhone first launched, Steve Jobs announced that the web was the iPhone's development platform. Despite the many initial groans that there wouldn't be a true app platform for the device, a healthy ecosystem of web apps created specifically f

  • Flash Coming to iPhone, Maybe... If Apple Says Okay

    Flash Coming to iPhone, Maybe... If Apple Says OkayOctober 1

    At the Flash on the Beach conference being held right now in Brighton, England, Adobe Senior Director of Engineering Paul Betlem reportedly told the audience that Adobe is working on a version of Flash player for the iPhone, and said that if Apple ap

  • 10,000 iPhone Apps - How Many Are Good?

    10,000 iPhone Apps - How Many Are Good?November 30

    The App Store for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices that launched in July today has over 10,000 applications. Any way you look at it, the App Store has been a resounding success for Apple. The company was doing a million dollars per day in sales

  • VixML: A Platform for the iPhone Platform

    VixML: A Platform for the iPhone PlatformJanuary 6

    Cambridge, Massachusetts-based social app developers Viximo today released a platform for the iPhone that allows developers to create native iPhone applications without touching any Objective C. Called VixML, the platform allows developers to create

  • iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started Article

    iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started ArticleApril 8

    If you were a good developer all through the past year, perhaps Santa brought you a shiny new iPhone. If he did, you've certainly spent hours playing with it – browsing, downloading apps, microblogging, and all in all having lots of fun. Now, being t

  • iPhone OS overtakes Symbian OS

    iPhone OS overtakes Symbian OSApril 25

    What is your position on testing your sites for mobile devices? Plenty of us don't, and there has never been a lack of good excuses not to: "My content just isn't mobile-appropriate" "Honestly, who beside supergeeks, would want to look at t

  • How to set up Exchange ActiveSync + iPhone?May 13

    If you inherited an already configured server which is running Exchange Server 2003: where would you locate the settings on the server that you would need to configure Exchange on iPhone 2.0? --------------Solutions------------- There is a nice video

  • VPN endpoint for my IPhone?June 1

    For my company I need to setup a VPN endpoint so that my users can securely login to my network. Can anyone recommend a good server side software product/solution that can allow my Iphones to communicate to our network using VPN? (No VPN hardware sol

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