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  • "Index of -" directory's files listingFebruary 27

    On my courses we've got homework on site in folders such as: http://example.com/files/tasks1-edc34rtgfds http://example.com/files/tasks2-0bg454fgerg http://example.com/files/tasks3-h1dlkjiojo8 ... Each tasksi-xxxxxxxxxxx is a folder with 11 random ch

  • Prevent Click Fraud in Advertisement system with PHP and JavascriptMay 22

    I would like to build an Advertising project with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. I am talking about something like... Google Adsense BuySellAds.com Any other advertising platform My question is mainly, what do I need to look out for to prevent people ch

  • Can I get a new IP address? Is it legal?September 8

    Can I get a new IP address & is it legal to ask my ISP for one or try to get a new one myself, manually? I'm unsure if twitter blocked/blacklisted my IP address. I didn't break any rules. Only 1 person I follow, who didn't block me, their tweets keep

  • Cloud-front backed with Nginx (which proxies to S3) randomly missing already cached items?

    Cloud-front backed with Nginx (which proxies to S3) randomly missing already cached items?January 21

    I wish to serve images from a S3 bucket with Cloudfront as CDN frontend, for that I tried the following: What I wish to acheive (Attempt 2) -- (Misses cloudfront cache randomly) I have the following setup to serve images: ( Cloudfront --> Nginx -->

  • Windows Server 2008 IIS7 - page requests randomly hang or timeoutFebruary 14

    I've just installed a fresh copy of Windows Server 2008 x64 with IIS7 and PHP (fast CGI). However, I'm noticing that after moving my web site from a similarly specified machine to this one, I'm getting issues. The issue seems to be that randomly, as

  • How do I approach fixing an unreproducible/randomly occurring bug?April 11

    We have a multilingual website in which a bug was discovered some days ago. It was displaying other language data in other language and also the mixture of data like English language was selected but it was displaying other language data as well in t

  • Apache + PHP-FPM = random "Error parsing script headers" + Seg FaultsMarch 8

    I have PHP-FPM setup with Apache 2.4 using proxy_fcgi, all works fine, but every one in 4-6 requests, Apache returns a blank page. This happens on my main site http://danielhe.com/, but not subdomain vhosts. This shows up Apache's error log, [client

  • Random HTTP 413 error on apach2/php/joomla siteNovember 14

    I have a Joomla site, and every once in a while when I submit something via a form, I get a HTTP 413 error: Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /index.php does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in t

  • What are proxies? who stands behind them? January 31

    I'm really confused, I know , that a proxy can let you visit websites without giving out your real IP, and I've used some before to access facebook via my browser. The questions: - Who are behind those public proxies? - How people find them and share

  • Apache ProxyRemote random server - more than one server possible?September 24

    I am using mod_proxy for my forward proxy server and I would like to use another proxy using ProxyRemote. It works OK, the point is I have 5 more proxies I would like to use that way and I can set just one of them in httpd.conf Do you know a way to d

  • Random error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long for certain clientsMarch 16

    I have an apache2 web server that's been working for a couple of years without issue. Last week, a two of our users began randomly getting Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long when trying to navigate through the site. If they back up and retry th

  • Firefox ip address randomly changingOctober 20

    I have been using ubuntu for a couple of years now and I have never seen something as strange as this happen before. I went on http://www.speedtest.net/ to test my internet speed and noticed in the bottom left, where it displays your ip address, it w

  • What does fast small block random reads and writes do for enterprise SSD?February 10

    Since I don't have a background in hardware storages, I've read some articles to learn about the comparison between consumer and enterprise SSDs. I'm confused of what makes enterprise SSDs perform better than consumer SSDs I learned that a Consumer S

  • Twisted load balancer with different types of proxiesFebruary 17

    I'm trying to make simple load balancer that supports different types of proxies. from twisted.internet.protocol import Factory from twisted.protocols.portforward import ProxyFactory from twisted.internet import reactor from enum import Enum import r

  • Flash Script - Random Text Letter EffectJuly 24

    Building this effect is simple! Download the sample files here. 1. First, create a text field. In this case, I gave it a variable name of "shuffle". 2. Convert the textfield to a movie clip, and name it "Random". 3. Right click the mov

  • Flash Script - Random Number EffectJuly 24

    It looks good, but this effect isn't difficult to create. Let's see how easy it is! -and don't forget to download the sample files here. 1. First, create a text field. I gave mine a variable name of "shuffle". 2. Convert the textfield to a movie

  • Flash Script - Random Text Effect With Default Text DisplayJuly 24

    It looks cool- and it's easy! Here's what you need to create your own random text effect. 1. Create a text field and name it. I gave mine a variable name of "shuffle". 2. Convert the textfield to a movie clip, and name it "Random". 3.

  • Random Content Rotation Made EasyJanuary 28

    After reading Random Image Rotation by Dan Benjamin, I thought I'd share a method I used recently to rotate 'Success Stories' on my site. The concepts and script I will present in this article can be used in the same way as Dan's to keep a page from

  • The Ones That Got Away: Image Loader and Random Link Apps in Flash

    The Ones That Got Away: Image Loader and Random Link Apps in FlashSeptember 10

    Of the examples and solutions I developed for inclusion in the The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript, there were several that didn't make it into the book. I'll be presenting a number of these solutions over the coming months, st

  • Random thoughts on pricingSeptember 28

    This week has been all about pricing. Not sure why. Here are some random observations: 1. A price increase can do wonders for you. I just announced to my newsletter list a big price increase (by $100) on the AttractNewClients site (based on testing),

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