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  • Utility to interpret BCD.LOG and BOOTSTAT.DAT binary files (W7 Boot hangs)February 15

    The main question is : "Are there any utility that can interpret these two binary files: BCD.LOG BOOTSTAT.DAT both of them updated during the Vista/W7 boot process ? I already know of EasyBCD and I have found this page about the BOOTSTAT.DAT format,

  • SCCM 2012 R2 - unknown PC boot over PXE - bcd file errorApril 24

    When I want to boot an unknown PC over PXE an error comes after it starts the boot\x64\pxeboot.n12 file. The error looks like a Windows 8 bluescreen and contains: Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired. The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file f

  • Copy EFI partition and BCD store to a second driveJanuary 20

    I'm attempting to set up dynamic boot partition mirroring on GUID partition table (GPT) disks as part of making a bootable mirror of a Windows system drive. I am following Microsoft's KB951985 but I get stuck on the step which uses robocopy to copy f

  • How do I move the Windows 7 Boot Files (bootmgr, -) to a different drive?October 31

    I wanted a dual-boot setup. So first I installed Windows 7 on the 1st partition of one hard drive (we'll call it HDD1), and then I went to install Ubuntu 9.10 on the second partition of HDD1. Unfortunately, this didn't work (it bypassed GRUB2 and wen

  • Moving from Dual Boot to Simple Boot (XP/ Windows 7)

    Moving from Dual Boot to Simple Boot (XP/ Windows 7)May 25

    This is a very common issue when willing to switch from a temporary Dual Boot (for a test/data transfer phase) to a unique OS Boot (i.e. the most recent one) I had windows XP on and IDE HDD, "Disk 1". I then installed windodws 7 on a SATA HDD, &

  • Missing boot files in Windows 8July 20

    I had a partition with Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows' System Reserved partition and the empty space of the beginning of disk. I moved two partitions to the beginning of disk using Ubuntu Live CD and GParted. After that, the Windows Loader didn't

  • Is it safe to expand my partition (unallocated space before the partition)?October 23

    I have 13.1 GB of unallocated space before my main partition and guess what: Windows won't allow me to expand to it. I know how most of the stuff works and it's because there are files and important boot files at the beginning of the partition. I am

  • How to boot over multiple drives on a UEFI motherboard using Grub2April 15

    I have an SSD and a HDD, on a UEFI Motherboard. I can switch OS by changing boot order in BIOS, but I would prefer it if Grub2 simply listed Windows7 as a boot option. Solving should help anyone who has more than one drive on a UEFI motherboard. Have

  • (U)EFI Ubuntu vs Windows 8 - problems with booting Windows May 15

    This question already has an answer here: Dual-boot Ubuntu 12.10 on UEFI along Windows 8 (GRUB - error: can't find command drivemap) 6 answers I have a problem with a screwed dual-boot of ubuntu 13.04 and windows 8 on a new DELL XPS 12 (EFI/grub2) Sy

  • How to reinstall Windows Boot Manager on EFI partitionJune 27

    So I've been trying to install Ubuntu on a second HDD on my desktop, which has W8 installed on a SSD (UEFI-only boot). Thing is, during Ubuntu installation I made the mistake of choosing to install the bootloader (GRUB) to the first disk (the SSD), a

  • Repairing Windows 8 EFI bootloader after installing Fedora 20December 21

    Background System is self built, so no OEM stuff. Windows 8 was installed first, hard drive was also newly set up as GPT. Later on, I installed Fedora 20 which installed GRUB on a BIOS Boot partition. GRUB was loading Fedora fine but wasn't loading W

  • Cannot boot on windows 8 after installing Scientific Linux 6.5July 12

    I had a standard toshiba latop (2014 model with EFI), which came pre-installeed with windows 8.1 and I tried to install Scientific Linux(SL) 6.5 in dual boot mode. Originally, I couldn't install it as is because anaconda could not shrink the existing

  • Lenovo onekey stuck in GRUBFebruary 18

    I have a Lenovo g50-45 with onekey recovery with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. I dual booted with Ubuntu. Then I uninstalled Ubuntu. then tried to reinstall with USB using onekey. I got this screen: GNU GRUB ver2.02 .....ect. Minimal BASH-like line edit

  • Lenovo onekey and reboot stuck in GRUBFebruary 18

    I have a Lenovo g50-45 with onekey recovery with Windows 8.1 pre-installed. I dual booted with Ubuntu. Then I uninstalled Ubuntu. then tried to reinstall with USB using onekey. I got this screen: GNU GRUB ver2.02 .....ect. Minimal BASH-like line edit

  • How to Restore Windows after Ubuntu InstallationMay 3

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on my Desktop PC , which had Windows 8 installed before that. Windows 8 now shows in the boot menu but when I click on it, it goes to blank screen with a command prompt like cursor blinking. Doesn't start. Here's my Boo

  • EFI dual-boot problem on HP Pavilion 15 with Windows 8 and Debian 8June 19

    Context HP Pavilion 15 Notebook, when I bought it there was Windows 8 pre-installed. Yesterday I partitioned my hard disk and I installed a fresh new Debian 8 everything fine, here's the table: [email protected]:/# fdisk -l ... Device Start End Sectors Siz

  • How to find out which application opened a handle to physical drive on Windows?December 24

    I want to find out which application are using System Reserved Partition. As I understand, Process Explorer and Handle from sysinternals can only find such applications for specific file, but I want to do it for partition which doesn't have even a le

  • On MacOS where would a message be logged if the startup disk is not found? (Trouble shooting startup problem.)March 2

    When starting up an iMac (Intel, Snow Leopard 10.6.6) the first time after being off for a while the Mac starts up from a system backup on an external drive rather than the internal drive as it should. (If the machine is shut down and restarted the i

  • Cannot fix Windows 8's BCD, "fatal device hardware error"July 11

    Yesterday I turned on my laptop and it got stuck in an infinite Boot/bluescreen/automated repair/black screen loop. I booted into linux from a flash drive and performed memtest86 (everything ok there) and HDD SMART tests (100% ok). I then booted to W

  • Avoid Windows 8 BCD File becoming missing and/or corruptApril 20

    I realise there are plenty of questions about BCD errors here however I feel mine is slightly different. I had a missing BCD file so I couldn't boot. I have now solved this using a question I found on this website (hence why I am here now) but this i

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