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  • Need to rebuild Boot sector and Partition table of a once Multiboot Disk manually converted to VMDKJanuary 23

    I had a problem with an HD that was not in a Healthy State I was able to make a backup in time with Acronis Image Home. The backup was partial, the original Disk had 4 partition (3 primary, bootable partitions and a logical only Data partition), the

  • How to restore Windows 7 boot sector from LinuxApril 12

    I have a Laptop dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu, however it doesn't boot into Windows anymore. I'm pretty sure the boot sector of the windows partition (the beginning of the partition, not the MBR!) is borked. How do I restore it from Linux? (The l

  • Where to set boot sector for dual boot system "Kubuntu - Windows XP"?July 14

    I've downloaded Kubuntu 13.04 .iso from their site. Unfortunately this version doesn't provide auto installation as Install Kubuntu alongside existing OSes. They either take all you disk of force you to manually partition your disk (see my question h

  • Repairing the windows boot sector and/or master boot record (MBR) of Windows XP using Windows 7 commandsFebruary 20

    I have a SSD drive with Windows XP SP3 32-bit edition. Now, in order to repair the boot sector or the master boot record (MBR), can I only use a Windows XP Recovery disc or will a Windows Vista or Windows 7 Recovery disc also work, even though the co

  • Will Windows repair my multi-boot when I format the 1st physical partition with boot sector?August 20

    Due to historical reasons I got a laptop with Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008R2 partitions. (boot from external wasn´t that viable) Nothing (Windows Repair, bootrec /whateveroption) worked when I restored only the Windows 7 and WS2k8 with Ac

  • Accidentally deleted Windows 7 Boot sector / MBR

    Accidentally deleted Windows 7 Boot sector / MBRAugust 5

    Accidentally run the following on system drive instead of USB. OS: Windows 7. 1 system partition and 1 unformatted partition. Now still haven't rebooted while writing this. On C disk root can see BOOTSECT.BAK. Not sure if I only damaged MBR or also b

  • Windows Seven no boot sectorNovember 1

    The story A friend got a virus (rootkit) on their windows seven install and I offered to try and fix it (the virus was the google redirect tdss rootkit). After many attempts I finally got rid of it with Kapserky Rescue CD 10 Then when I go to boot in

  • Can't boot into Windows 8 after installing Ubuntu

    Can't boot into Windows 8 after installing UbuntuMarch 10

    I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop about a week ago. Although Ubuntu works fine, I have not been able to boot back into Windows 8 since then. After some digging, I found something called Boot Repair and used it. That didn't help either, but it gen

  • "Can't overwrite NTFS boot sector" using TestdiskAugust 21

    I have the following issue. A laptop (XVision SS-2505 with Windows Starter Edition) got its HDD corrupted. After checking the installation with a Windows 7 disk and seeing it was unable to even install or repair, I formatted a 4GB pendrive with Ubunt

  • Disk Error on Boot (Possible boot sector issue)August 21

    I own a 4-5 year old Dell Dimension E510 with Windows XP: Media Center Edition. I have 2 drives installed: C Drive: Windows XP: Media Center Edition G Drive: 2 partitions: Windows 7 (beta) Windows XP (professional) That is also the order they are con

  • Is there a new virus affecting boot sector?December 13

    This weekend I have been fighting a horrible scenario where TWO of my computers (XP with AVG) went into an endless Restart-loop. Both of them could not load Fail-safe mode. Both could not boot from CD for a clean Windows install (even though BIOS was

  • Unable to boot into Windows on MacbookDecember 18

    Today when I went to boot into Windows 7, I was surprised to see that the option to boot into Windows was missing in the OS X boot manager (by holding down option). In an attempt to fix this, I installed the rEFIt boot manager. The Windows partition

  • Boot in Windows 7 after installing Windows XP in second partitionJanuary 18

    I installed Windows XP on a second partition on a machine already running Windows 7. Now, I do not get a boot menu. The machine always boots in Windows XP. How can I restore the Windows 7 boot menu? Once I can boot in Windows 7, I'll be fine working

  • Lenovo can't boot RAW Windows?January 25

    we have got new Lenovo T400 laptops in company with company's reinstalled WindowsXP OS. Nobody is successful to boot this Windows as RAW system in vmware/vmplayer (loading from physical partition). I have sda1(XP), sda2(data), sda3(linux), sda4(swap)

  • How do boot sectors and multiple drives works?February 10

    I don't fully understand the concept of a boot sector, I was hoping someone could clear this up for me. If you have two hard drives, with an OS installed on each, does each drive have its own boot sector? Does each drive need an MBR partition? I've g

  • How to run chkdsk if I can't boot to WindowsSeptember 29

    I have a NTFS partition with Windows XP but it has bad sectors and it can't boot. It's a SATA drive and the Windows CD can't access it because it's missing it's drivers, I don't have a floppy drive so I can't load drivers through there. I've tried nt

  • How to dual boot with Windows XP and Partition?

    How to dual boot with Windows XP and Partition?October 12

    Windows XP pro S3 is already installed on my laptop HP EliteBook 6930p. I am trying to partition and dual boot. This is all new to me as this is my first time installing Ubuntu. Partition is the most confusing part, it shows up 160GB with NTFS file f

  • "A disk read error occurred" after choosing to boot into Windows XP from GRUB

    "A disk read error occurred" after choosing to boot into Windows XP from GRUBDecember 25

    "A disk read error occurred" appears on screen after choosing to boot into Windows XP from GRUB. [[email protected] linux]# fdisk -lu Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders, total 312581808 sectors

  • Boot Sector Missing in External hard driveMay 20

    Yesterday I needed to copy some data from my girlfriend's laptop to mine. To do so I just copied my whole data from my external hard drive to my PC and used the hard drive for data exchange. After copying the data, I made a low-level format and copie

  • How to write a localized NTFS boot sector?July 12

    Little unknown fact: NTFS boot sectors come in different languages. They can say "BOOTMGR is missing" and "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart", but they can also say the same thing in other languages. This depends on the locale of the Windo

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