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red squares on google maps

  • What do the small red squares in Google Maps mean?

    What do the small red squares in Google Maps mean?May 22

    Recently, I started noticing small red squares with numbers in them on certain streets in Google Maps (like this street in Rotterdam, The Netherlands). I cannot click them and hovering over them does not do anything either, so that makes me very curi

  • What code should I add to show location with red icon in google map?

    What code should I add to show location with red icon in google map?January 31

    I have included google map in my html(web page), but its not showing the location with red icon(image attached). What code am I missing here? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> #map { width: 800px; height: 500px; background-colo

  • Google Maps polygon contains location True FalseFebruary 4

    I've used Javascript+HTLM to show user location and have created polygons on google maps API. My issue is with creating labels/textboxes displaying "User is in polygon" and "User is not in polygon". This example code creates a red dot

  • Google maps API - Icon as wordpress users avatarFebruary 9

    I've been working on a theme that uses google maps api to show listings in a map. By default the markers use the normal blue/red icons from google maps. Now, I've been messing around with my code so that the icon of each marker is the avatar of the a

  • Small gray square just above the Pegman marker in Google Maps Place searches tutorial (javascript API)

    Small gray square just above the Pegman marker in Google Maps Place searches tutorial (javascript API)January 17

    I was reading and testing the Google Maps JavaScript API and I saw a strange effect in one of the tutorials: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/place-search If you drag the map you will see a grey square drawn just a

  • sometimes a white, square dialogue appears in the middle of the screen: Map Data - Google mapsMay 23

    I have this code and some of the time,(not always!!), i have a dialogue that get displayed in the middle of the map: Google Maps Map data (c)2012 Google var map; var vectors; var epsg900913 = new OpenLayers.Projection('EPSG:900913'); var epsg4326 = n

  • Why is Google Maps telling me that Offline Maps aren't available?

    Why is Google Maps telling me that Offline Maps aren't available?October 29

    So, I've been travelling around the world a lot over the last couple of months, and one thing that I've been doing to avoid big roaming data charges on my personal phone, has been using the cached offline maps feature in Google Maps. This has worked

  • Google Maps Launches Walking Directions

    Google Maps Launches Walking DirectionsJuly 23

    Google Maps today rolled out a new feature to the public: walking directions. Google tested the walking directions earlier this month and Search Engine Roundtable reports that they were rolled out to all US locations earlier this morning. The walking

  • Merging Two KML Files to Display Them with Different Marker Icons on Google MapsMarch 15

    Let's say that I have two spreadsheets with addresses. I uploaded these spreadsheets into Google Fusion Tables, geocoded the addresses, and exported the results as KML files. Now, I want to take these two KML files and merge them, while maintaining t

  • Google Maps: add to contactsJuly 14

    I've searched Google Maps for a business. I've found it. I'm looking at the popup/bubble/whatever on the map, for that business. Is there something I can from this point to quickly get that business added to my Google Contacts? --------------Solution

  • Adding notes to places in Google MapsNovember 15

    Is it possible to add my own notes to places in Google Maps? I need to find new customers and would like to add notes to placemarks on the map. Further to that, is it possible to create categories for these places with different colors (e.g., shops=y

  • Google Maps with Tiled Image

    Google Maps with Tiled ImageDecember 21

    I'm trying to get a weather image to display on Google Maps, however in my comparisons to others it seems as if my image is slightly to small (Vertically).. I'm wondering what I might have done wrong in the process.. I have my latitude / Longitude co

  • Google maps for a mobile siteJanuary 21

    We have a website that uses the Google Maps static maps functionality to embed maps into pages. This works with no problem; we just use something like this: <img src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/staticmap?zoom=15&size=512x512&maptype=r

  • What ratio scales do Google Maps zoom levels correspond to?March 18

    Can anyone provide me with a link (or some details) on the actual ratio to "zoom level" figures for Google Maps? e.g. Google Maps Level 13 = 1:20000 --------------Solutions------------- If you are designing a map you plan on overlaying over goog

  • Example Google Maps JSON FileMay 14

    This is an example of a Google Maps JSON file which you might see used to store configuration settings to setup your system. It might also be used to contain Google Maps record information which can be easily shared across components using the simple

  • Display Business on Google Map

    Display Business on Google MapMay 27

    I want to be able to display my company on Google Maps. I have a places page set up. If you search for it Google will show my business with a red marker which links to my places page. I want it to display on the map all the time. Like the TM Lewin Sh

  • Choosing an aggregation strategy that will be spatially represented on a google map

    Choosing an aggregation strategy that will be spatially represented on a google mapSeptember 16

    I'm under an NDA so I cannot really get into specifics of what I am doing. But, suffice to say, I am taking a large amount of spatially-acquired data and drawing this data onto a Google Map surface using color to represent a range of values. The main

  • How to make Google Maps Navigation show forward as up?November 20

    It used to be that Google Maps Navigation on my phone would show the direction of travel = as "up" on the screen. However, ever since my phone upgraded to Gingerbread, navigation is displayed with North as "up" on the screen. How do I

  • Is there a legend that explains the meaning of colored geographical areas on Google Maps?April 7

    Some colors are obvious, but some are not (at least to me). For example, what does it mean when an area is shaded pink? --------------Solutions------------- http://searchengineland.com/google-maps-now-highlighting-borders-of-cities-postal-codes-more-

  • Can I change the Google Maps default to have "transit" enabled?April 16

    Every time I go to Google maps to look up an address I always need to click on "transit" since it's the only way I get around and (more importantly) the only way I can find my way in my adopted city. The colored lines are very thin and hide noth

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