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  • How to create a circuit to reduce my H-Bridge Inputs from 4 to 2, much like the 4427 Dual Driver does?

    How to create a circuit to reduce my H-Bridge Inputs from 4 to 2, much like the 4427 Dual Driver does?April 12

    My H-bridge is identical to the one here: http://www.robotroom.com/BipolarHBridge2.html I'm trying to reduce the number of inputs from 4-2 so I can control it with my arduino using the 2 inputs. In his book, the creator of that website mentions using

  • The Gain reduce due to the input, Why?

    The Gain reduce due to the input, Why?May 4

    I'm working with ICL7650S(online datasheet). Today, when I was working with the Op-Amp, I came across to an odd thing. this is my circuit: – Schematic created using CircuitLab Note that 22uF is for reducing the supply osilation(this question might he

  • How to create a branch network from several input points to an unique outlet in minimizing the distances?

    How to create a branch network from several input points to an unique outlet in minimizing the distances?December 5

    I am searching a way to "hydrologically" connect upstream points to a unique downstream outlet by creating an optimized stream network as pictured below... The cummulated lenght of the stream lines should be minimized. Otherwise the stream netwo

  • Do text based browsers reduce network traffic?

    Do text based browsers reduce network traffic?September 20

    Do text based browsers such as lynx, links and elinks consume less bandwidth than a GUI based browser (ie, Firefox, Chrome etc.)? I'm guessing no reduction in traffic. Rationale: I think a text based browser downloads the entire page as it is offered

  • reduce sensitivity of digital inputDecember 13

    I have a battery (3v coin cell) powered device with a digital input to a microcontroller. There is a pull down on the input of 10k. It is connected to a switch outdoors which, when off, could have a resistance of 5k when its raining. The 5k resistanc

  • Recurrent neural networks mapping complex input to scalar outputJanuary 30

    I'm evaluating the possible use of recurrent neural networks for inference control in theorem proving. The basic idea would be along the lines of, feed the network a conjecture serialized as characters or tokens and get a scalar output being a guess

  • Reduce Network Bandwidth Usage via Web ProxyJuly 31

    My ISP has a Tx/Rx bandwidth cap for residential customers and a rather expensive per-bit fee for any use over the bandwidth limit. The basic service I have has decent speeds (1Mbps/512kbps) which makes it relatively easy to go over their mandated ba

  • Install a corporate proxy for Dropbox to reduce network bandwidthJanuary 23

    One of our IT people was working on a Dropbox proxy before he left, but he gave no information about what he was doing. What we want to do is have some sort of proxy on our server that allows users on the network to download Dropbox files from the pr

  • How to reduce network latency during mirroring?May 17

    We are using SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard edition for mirroring. But we found out that network latency is too high. It takes nearly four times time to complete a transaction while mirroring is active. Is it possible to connect these two servers with a

  • Reduce network utilization disable update manager and so onDecember 31

    I am using Ubuntu 11.10 on a connection that is limited to only 1 GB per month. Normally this should be enough for my use, but Ubuntu is eating up the bandwidth). One reason I think is the update manager. How can I disable that one to make no automat

  • How can I reduce my network speed of Windows 7 64b OS?February 17

    I want to reduce network speed of my OS for testing my application. How can I do it? --------------Solutions------------- I believe there are a number of software to do this. Google up for the 'network shaping software` keywords. here is one, random

  • How to reduce an audio signal to proper input level?

    How to reduce an audio signal to proper input level?April 5

    I'm working with an audio ADC that supports a max audio input of 500mVRMS before it will start clipping. This is sufficient for lots of equipment that does a 1VPP/.35mVRMS line level, but I'm finding that lots of equipment like computers, and MP3 pla

  • Can I reduce AP's network and system load with using 802.11b on 802.11g AP?April 18

    One of my customer uses 3 Linksys WAP200 AP. Recently, customer reports that they got low wireless speed(about 500kB/s) and low wireless connection reliability. (That means, wireless links keep disconnected very frequently). Each AP can support 802.1

  • Backing up large network (~200 clients) - Enough Bandwidth?April 28

    My company wants to institute a backup plan for all of the clients on our network, which is about 200. We back up our servers and SQL databases regularly, but its been our policy to not backup individuals. What is most critical for people is their Do

  • Solution for noisy network that corrupts downloaded filesJune 3

    The network on the company where my wife works sucks BIG TIME. Almost every single file bigger then a few hundred kB is corrupted during download and even web pages are sometimes garbled. We checked all we could possibly check and it really isn't a p

  • mathematically / theoretically, what is the chance that 2 different inputs would have the same results of 2 different hash functions?July 12

    mathematically / theoretically, what is the chance that 2 different inputs would have the same results of 2 different hash functions? As an example, i will use 2 weaker hash algorithms, the MD5 (Collision Vulnerabilities)and SHA-1 Collision Vulnerabi

  • Tricks in game mechanics to avoid dealing with network lag compensation?February 6

    Implementing network lag compensation is hard, how to avoid it? Maybe it's possible to use tricks and build game mechanics in such a way that lag would be percieved as a non critical or even as a natural part of game? What are those technics and is t

  • Clojure Neural NetworkJanuary 3

    After reading this article about Neural Networks I was inspired to write my own implementation that allows for more than one hidden layer. I am interested in how to make this code more idiomatic - for example I read somewhere that in Clojure you shou

  • How do I prevent receiving data from the network from dropping rendering frames in a multiplayer game?October 10

    I'm building an HTML5 massively multiplayer online game. I've been working on this project for awhile, but am having some trouble sorting through a couple of performance issues. Since this is a multiplayer game, information is sent to and received fr

  • Differential input voltage of op-amp with feedback

    Differential input voltage of op-amp with feedbackJuly 10

    I learned that either positive or negative feedback on an op-amp makes voltages at a noninverting input and an inverting input same. Then, I think I don't need to care about absolute maximum value of differential input voltage. Is it right? I have TL

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