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replace system ui with odex

  • Replace system beep with a pleasant sound?April 17

    Is it possible to replace System beep with some pleasant sound? I like having the terminal alert me with a sound rather than a window flash. I prefer to have a pleasant sound because disabling the beep means missing the command completion and its out

  • What can replace system monitoring in the top Gnome Panel in Unity?

    What can replace system monitoring in the top Gnome Panel in Unity?March 10

    I'm used to have System monitoring in the top Gnome Panel: CPU, Temperature, Net, Fan-Speed. (see screenshot below) In Unity, the Top Panel is locked for window name and global menu, so I can't add panel applets. So my question is: Is there a way to

  • How to replace system font of a Galaxy Tab 7.7?September 5

    How do I replace the default system font on a Galaxy Tab 7.7, by a .ttf font? --------------Solutions------------- The app Font Installer will allow you to install a font and set it as the system font. As with anything that modifies a system file, yo

  • Simple replacing system drive under Windows 8? June 6

    This question already has an answer here: What utility can move my Windows boot partition over to another hard drive? [closed] 18 answers Can I just copy all files to new drive and replug it as "C". Will it just work? --------------Solutions----

  • Copy And Replace System Files Which are in useApril 29

    I have edited authui.dll (first I copied it form Sys32 folder on my desktop and then edited it) which is related to windows logon. Now After edition I need to copy and replace it back into sys32 folder, I have full permission but when I try to copy i

  • Add class to views row instead of replace system classesJuly 31

    I have this code: function theme_preprocess_views_view_unformatted(&$vars) { $view = $vars['view']; $rows = $vars['rows']; foreach ($vars['view']->result as $id => $row) { if (!empty($row->field_field_image)) { $vars['classes_array'][$id] = '

  • Replaced /system/bin/toolbox. How to I revert that?February 14

    I renamed the original /system/bin/toolbox" to "toolbox_alt". I replaced the file /system/bin/toolbox with a file that was supposed to work, but doesn't work at all. My filemanagers and the most terminal comands have stopped working and I a

  • Why is my Windows 10 system replacing system font (typically a sans-serif like Arial) with another typeface?

    Why is my Windows 10 system replacing system font (typically a sans-serif like Arial) with another typeface?August 19

    This problem occurred after an update from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Several different apps (shown are Carbonite Backup, and Atlassian SourceTree) have replaced a standard sans-serif font (I think Tahoma?) with this stylized font. I have seen this bef

  • replacing system.out.println(class) in javaFebruary 12

    I've got some classes which include toString functions which work very well as: snipped of declaration: public String toString() { return "Port info: "+myPort.variable; } snipped of main(): Port myPort; myPort.fillInfo(); system.out.println(myPo

  • What is the best way to replace a system file?June 3

    What is the best approach to replacing a system file that is in use. I need to replace usbehci.sys in c:\windows\system32\drivers with an older version to fix a problem with Windows 7 and tuners in media center. Is there a standard way of replacing s

  • How does agile work when replacing a working system?May 2

    In an ideal Agile world, you quickly build a small, but useful subset of the desired end system, and give it to users. They're excited, because it's useful, they start using it and give feedback. You then work out what to add on to it, build that, an

  • Windows7 Full System Backup - Bare metal Restore (maybe diff specs)October 3

    I have a HP desktop for development work that I picked up at local supermarket, its Quad core, 2gb RAM, onboard NVidia graphics etc.. pretty much run of the mill. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RTM. I created a boot/active/main partition c:\ w

  • Is there a GUI in Ubuntu for folder based find and replace?November 15

    Is there a GUI in Ubuntu for directory based mass find and replace? Preferrably one that works similar to Adobe Dreamweaver's find and replace system. --------------Solutions------------- Having no experience with Dreamweaver whatsoever it is not cle

  • HP Laptop, corrupted graphics, not booting Win/Linux, possible system board problem?

    HP Laptop, corrupted graphics, not booting Win/Linux, possible system board problem? August 3

    Possible Duplicate: How to Diagnose a Pre-Operating System Load or Hardware Issue My friend has a HP Pavilion dv2699ea (dv2500 series - somehow *shrugs*) that has stopped working. It's a Core2Duo laptop with a Nvidia GPU. The unit is no longer under

  • Replace default local fontOctober 5

    Could someone tell me how to replace system default localization font? I mean when it time to render my language I want to use specific font instead of the one Ubuntu choice for me. thz --------------Solutions------------- From the main GNOME menu go

  • Replace all double quotes within StringMarch 19

    I am retrieving data from database where a field contains String with HTML data. I want to replace all the double quotes such that it can be used for parseJSON of jQuery. Using java i am trying to replace the quotes using.. details.replaceAll("\"

  • WHS import old storage pool after system drive failure April 12

    I set up a Windows home server for one of our clients. Now a couple of weeks later the system drive failed. It's completely dead, no way to extract any data from it. So my question is, after I replace the drive and reinstall WHS, is there some way to

  • Unity equivalent to the Gnome 2 system monitor

    Unity equivalent to the Gnome 2 system monitor September 28

    Possible Duplicate: What can replace system monitoring in the top Gnome Panel in Unity? I'm using gnome 2 right now and looking to switch to unity, but one thing that I really miss is the old gnome 2 system monitor: I found something like this for KD

  • What options do I have to replace a gateway server?October 5

    I have a Linux server acting as a gateway and VPN endpoint. It's made from an old workstation and needs to be replaced. It's connected to another router in which we configure the VPNs. The server configuration is nothing fancy, but could take a while

  • Why is pulseaudio only working properly in system mode (for me)?January 30

    I seem to be having an issue with sound at the moment, where pulseaudio will only work if I run "sudo pulseaudio --system" after I've killed it. It seems to hang on startup, and I have to run "sudo kill -9 [number of process detected by 'su

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