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reset button in crt monitor

  • How can I "reset" my CRT monitor?July 15

    I have a clunky old CRT monitor as my main monitor (iiyama make) that I've messed around with previously - the screen is slanted, curved and has a "zoom effect" that makes things get thinner toward the edges. This is all due to my tinkering but

  • CRT Monitor - Position adjustment issues like Vertical, Horozontal, Trapezoidal, etcSeptember 9

    I have an HP 5502 CRT Monitor. The monitors onscreen display OSD buttons are not working, unfortunately the complete display area is moved to middle so I can see only half of the windows and the remaining is hidden outside the monitor screen. I have

  • Remove Geofence Using Reset ButtonJanuary 31

    How can i remove the Geofence? everytime i click the reset button it shows the following error- Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: GoogleApiClient is not connected yet. Here is my code- public class GeofenceStore implements GoogleApiClient.C

  • Reset Button on Dell PowerConnect 5324February 24

    The instructions for this switch say about the reset button on the front of the switch: "The reset button, located on the front panel, manually resets the device." Well thanks Dell :-) Is a reset the same as the 'reload' command on Cisco, or doe

  • Are "reset" buttons redundant?

    Are "reset" buttons redundant? August 29

    Personally I have never used it. I don't put information in a form and then decide everything needs to be cleared. I would edit one field. Plus cancel in a UI suggests canceling an action which is in progress. Filling a form is not something in progr

  • Why don't CRT monitors have interchangeable VGA cables?August 30

    I got a bit of a curiosity question. While trying to use an old CRT monitor temporarily I noticed that the VGA cable has a short in it. (wiggle the cable and the picture cuts out). So I looked at the back of it and surely enough the cable is not capa

  • Add a reset button to the options page (using Settings API)?August 31

    How do I add a reset button using the Settings API? I use add_settings_field To add a field...is there a hook to add a reset button? --------------Solutions------------- I asked this Q some couple of month myself. You don't need a hook or anything li

  • With a Mac Mini, can I use a HDMI - DVI and DVI - VGA adapter for a CRT monitor?September 20

    I need this information because the two threads below didn't really clarify. Mac Mini HDMI-to-DVI to VGA-to-Monitor? Macbook Mini-DVI to VGA Output Broken - Cause? I mean, does a DVI → VGA adapter suitable for the included HDMI → DVI adapter exist? H

  • Chasis reset button vs remote power recycleJanuary 27

    Ocassionally one of my remote windows servers locks up and must be restarted by pressing the restart button on the front of the case. Since I work remotely I call a coworker to press the button. I would prefer to restart the machine remotely by cycli

  • Possible eye damage from CRT monitors?February 27

    I'm using a CRT monitor right now (my LCD screen is broken), and it's currently set to 1024 x 768 at 85 hz, according to the OSD. Can a monitor with a refresh rate like that cause eye damage or eye strain? What is the optimal refresh rate for CRT mon

  • How to add reset button to forms?April 18

    I've been researching this matter for a while with no clear answer yet. So, here are a few questions ... I'm assuming (correct me if I'm wrong) that Drupal 7 doesn't support reset buttons. It appears, according to the form API (as discussed in Pro Dr

  • Main differences to the eyes between LCD and CRT monitorsJuly 29

    Let's say that we have same average quality LCD and CRT monitors. They have same size, same resolution and same frequency. Let's say almost the same everything (temp, room light, etc). Which would be the differences between them to the eyes? --------

  • Save & Reset button in theme-option with Ajax (without refresh)August 15

    I have a theme-options page and i will that the save and reset button loaded without refresh the whole page... but i have no idea, how i can implement ajax in my theme-option... Thank you for your help. The code is: function mytheme_add_admin() { glo

  • How do I add a title attribute to the search submit button, exposed search, and reset buttons?September 26

    I want to add the title attribute to the search submit button, the exposed filter search, and the reset button. How can I achieve this? --------------Solutions------------- I have found the answer of my question. I have used the following code in my

  • What can cause the system to freeze in a way where even the reset button takes a long time to react?September 27

    What can be the reason for system freezes that are so "hard" that even the hardware reset button takes about 3 seconds until it actually resets the system (and then it actually powers down and up again instead of doing a "clean" hard r

  • 3 reset button with auto submit for each and reset allJune 28

    I created a view page with exposed filters in a block. I have three exposed filters in a view, with apply and reset button for each one. It shows results based on the filters. It is working fine. But I need these filters each having its own reset but

  • cache reset button and question about deleting cacheJuly 10

    I need to put a "delete cache button" on front-end pages. I am looking for plugins for it. any experience or recommendation for it? Can you recommend me a plug in when i create a reset button? What if users keep deleting cache or allow users to

  • Submit and Reset button, what's the best order?

    Submit and Reset button, what's the best order?July 26

    In a form with a Submit and a Reset button and the end, what's the best order for the user experience ? Submit first ? Or Reset first ? --------------Solutions------------- I would suggest removing the Reset button entirely. See this excerpt from the

  • "Reset" Button for Manipulate

    "Reset" Button for ManipulateAugust 29

    I want to distribute a .cdf to my students wherein they manipulate 5 locators on a graph to define various shapes. The .cdf opens with the locators in a "nice" position, but of course it is very hard to return the locators, by hand, to these pos

  • Where is the factory reset button on Android 4.0.3?October 9

    I would like to do a factory reset of my Android phone. All guides on the internet I read show a factory reset button under the Privacy tab in Settings. However I don't have this button. Where is it hidden? I have Android 4.0.3 on an HTC one phone. -

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