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RGB Flipping

  • Random flipping and RGB jittering/slight value change of image?

    Random flipping and RGB jittering/slight value change of image?February 2

    I want to implement a small program which will randomly flip and introduce RGB jitter/slight value change. And if possible to limit the jitter/slight value change to 2 of the 3 layers in the color image. import cv2 import random probofflip=0.5 probof

  • Rotating and flipping in TikZ

    Rotating and flipping in TikZFebruary 29

    It is known that if I want to shift a draw command by a constant vector, I can do that. My question is, is it possible to flip a draw command (along a given direction), or to rotate it around the zero/other point, given an angle? --------------Soluti

  • Driving a common cathode 8x8 RGB LED Matrix with PWM

    Driving a common cathode 8x8 RGB LED Matrix with PWMJune 1

    I've got this nice RGB LED Matrix. My goal is to use several of them to create a 16x16 color display. Unfortunately, the display is common cathode. From experiments driving a single LED with 8-bit PWM, I've noticed that there's a visible difference b

  • How to flip a BC6/BC7 texture?September 1

    I have some code to load DDS image files into OpenGL textures, and I'd like to extend it to support the BC6 and BC7 compressed formats introduced in D3D11. Since DirectX and OpenGL disagree about whether a texture's origin is in the upper-left or low

  • Image Flip algorithm in CAugust 11

    This is the algorithm I am using to flip an image in-place. Though it works perfectly, I would like if any one can spot any potential problems or offer any points on improvement and optimizations. /** * pixels_buffer - Pixels buffer to be operated *

  • Control RGB LED without microcontroller

    Control RGB LED without microcontrollerJanuary 27

    I have an RGB LED that I'd like to change from green to red when a circuit is completed. While I know this is very simple with tools like an Arduino, I'd love to not use a microcontroller. Would it be possible using basic components (which can certai

  • How do I rotate and flip 2D sprites stored in a 1D array of pixels?September 4

    I am using a 1D array of pixels for rendering in 2D in java. I am interested in rotation (in radians) and mirroring across the x and y axes. The desired result looks something like this: Public void render(Sprite sprite, int x, int y, double rotation

  • Flip fancyhdr headrule even odd

    Flip fancyhdr headrule even oddApril 18

    I'm trying to achieve a short fading \headrule under page numbers. But I cannot figure out how to "flip" it on even/odd pages. Does anyone know how to manage that? I also get a warning saying that the headheight is too small. This is caused by t

  • Flip It, Flop It, Mean It

    Flip It, Flop It, Mean ItJanuary 10

    Overview Given an image in plain PPM (P3) format as input, for each pixel p in the image, replace each of the following 4 pixels' red, green, and blue with the floored average value of the respective channels of all 4 pixels: p itself The pixel locat

  • CSS: Flip a div on hover. Front and back content not hiding with flip on phone

    CSS: Flip a div on hover. Front and back content not hiding with flip on phoneFebruary 5

    I am spaced out here as my site is working in iphone view in chrome in the developer tool but when I launch the website on my iphone itself, it looks skewed. Anyway, I have multiple divs on my home page. Divs show just a title and when I hover over t

  • How to build a company and flip it for $12 millionSeptember 29

    http://www.business2.com/b2/web/articles/0,17863,696229,00.html?cnn=yes The above article from Business 2.0 is well worth reading (but hurry because they have a habit of posting articles and quickly limiting full access to paid subscribers). It is ab

  • Flip a Web Site Fixer-upperMarch 16

    One of my favorite cable television networks has a show called "Flip that House." The concept is as simple as the work is hard. You buy a house that needs work, do the work, and sell it for a profit. We can do the same thing with web sites, with

  • The Web Site Flipping World Championships

    The Web Site Flipping World ChampionshipsJune 20

    Why should Olympic athletes have all the fun? If you're a regular in our marketplace then you'll want to keep an eye on this competition - the World Championships of Web Site Flipping are happening (a first for the site flipping industry, I believe),

  • Looking to Flip a Web Site? Try SitePoint.

    Looking to Flip a Web Site? Try SitePoint.July 30

    Selling web sites is a hot business right now. In fact, in the startup world, selling your site at auction on sites like eBay or the SitePoint Marketplace has become viable exit strategy. So many startups have gone that route that blogs have even com

  • Belkin Flip KVM keyboard skip problemsMay 20

    I have just bought a Belkin Flip 2 port KVM. Functionally it is almost there except I have a keyboard sticking problem. So if I type the word 'Hello' it will often (about 25% of the time) output 'Hellooooooooooooooooooooo'. If I plug the keyboard dir

  • Are there any LCD monitors with vertically oriented RGB stripes when in portrait orientation?

    Are there any LCD monitors with vertically oriented RGB stripes when in portrait orientation? August 6

    It's a known issue that ClearType doesn't render text well when lcd monitors are rotated to portrait orientation. ClearType is primarily tuned for a vertically oriented RGB stripes (your average everyday LCD monitor in horizontal mode). It would be a

  • What can cause two network interfaces on the same machine to flip flop their IP addresses?August 24

    We have a Linux (debian) server that has two NICs that are connected to the same switch. (We used to have a switch dedicated for traffic between our servers but when most of our servers moved to a colo facility that switch moved as well.) These NICs

  • How to invert/flip screen on windows xp?August 29

    How can I invert the screen on Windows XP? Not rotate, but flip/invert horizontally? I want the text, and everything else on the screen, to go from right to left. --------------Solutions------------- Try using the video card drivers. I've used this o

  • Google Fast Flip: Useful or Useless?

    Google Fast Flip: Useful or Useless?September 16

    Google Fast Flip, the latest offering from Google Labs. It's received massive media coverage, but that's probably not surprising given that media companies have the most to gain. Fast Flip is Google's attempt to present recent news, headlines, and po

  • Utility to flip all pages in a PDF September 23

    I have a PDF file (generated using the Save As PDF function in MS Word 2007) where I would like to flip all pages in the document (rotate 180 degrees - so that they will be upside down). I do not have Adobe Acrobat Writer. Can someone recommend a fre

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