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rsync no such file or directory

  • rsync 'No such file or directory' errorMay 17

    Note: this is also posted at stackoverflow by accident Can someone give me a hand as to why my rsync command isn't working? I can't figure out what's wrong #! /bin/bash RSYNC=/usr/bin/rsync SSH=/usr/bin/ssh KEY=/home/myuser/.ssh/id_rsa RUSER=myuser R

  • rsync "no such file or directory" when using wildcardNovember 24

    I am trying to use rsync to copy the contents of a folder to another folder. This is the command I am using for this. rsync -v -r $folder64/Pictures/* $folder65/Pictures/ And here is the error code. building file list ... rsync: link_stat "/Volumes/H

  • rsync error: exit code 23 ( No such file or directory (2) )July 12

    Rsync reports error for one file (other files were copied just fine): rsync: stat "//serverName/destination/.lpt$vpn.251.yiOK8j" failed: No such file or directory (2) rsync: rename "//serverName/destination/.lpt$vpn.251.yiOK8j" -> &

  • rsync: link_stat PATH failed: No such file or directory (2)December 9

    working with RSYNC on a command line project to sync my phone with my music folder based on a number of... options. Not sure why it's failing, but here goes: The command: sudo rsync -arvRn --progress --temp-dir=/home/test/ --files-from=/home/test/Scr

  • How to make rsync run automatically when a new file or directory is added?February 18

    I decided to use rsync for backing up my downloaded torrents from my home-server to my laptop. I read the whole manual, but I didn't find a way to sync files automatically when a new file or directory is added to the complete torrents directory. The

  • Drush rsync command failed: No such file or directoryMarch 4

    I am new to use Drush. this following is my .drushrc.php file $aliases['server'] = array ( 'remote-host' => '', 'remote-user' => 'root', ); $aliases["dxb"] = array ( '#name' => 'dxb', 'root' => '/var/www/dev/daxuebao',

  • rsync: getcwd(): No such file or directory (2)

    rsync: getcwd(): No such file or directory (2)April 28

    I want to sync Server1 and Server2's logs to LogServer. For Server1: rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p 2188' [email protected]:/usr/local/servers/logs/* /usr/local/logs/ This one works, but for Server2: rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p 2188' [email protected]:/usr/local/servers/logs

  • rsync failed: No Such file or directoryMay 10

    I'm using rsync in Windows ( through cygwin64 ) to backup some data to an samba share. I've made this bat file that would take care of everything: net use S: \\\marc password /user:marc rsync -rtvu --delete /cygdrive/d/Backup/ /cygdrive/s/sy

  • Drush rsync permission woes (files directory)June 10

    I'm rsyncing just the files directory (rest of the site is done through git) from my local Ubuntu setup to my centOS server. It worked at least (thankfully), but produced a ton of errors. First it said: rsync: failed to set times on "/home/myuser/myc

  • rsync: mkdir "2014-11/." failed: No such file or directory (2)November 2

    i'm write a script for automation copying file with rsync from server-a to server-b this is my script : #!/bin/bash NOW=$(date +"%Y-%m") rsync -au --ignore-existing /var/www/uploads/$NOW/* -e [email protected]:/var/www/uploads/$NOW/. when we are goin

  • rsync throwing mkdir: cannot create directory '/data/dir_1/dir_2/dir_3/': No such file or directoryDecember 14

    I mounted a disk at /data. This is empty at the moment. I need rsync to perform mkdir -p than mkdir as the file I needs to be at at level 4 i.e. /data/dir_1/dir_2/dir_3/filename when dir_1, dir_2 and dir_3 doesn't exists. If I create the needed sub-d

  • rsync not writing filesMay 24

    I'm trying to setup rsync to backup a remote directory to my local drive. I cd to the directory that I want to pull the files to, then I enter: rsync -vrtW [email protected]:~/public_html I enter the password then it starts running. I get all the fi

  • rsync copy new files only, no updates?July 13

    I would like to use rsync to copy files from a remote server. I would like to only copy files from server, not push any back out. copy files that don't exist. If the remote file is newer I do not want to copy it have it automatic. This prompts me for

  • rsync: avoiding deleting files that do not belong to a certain userSeptember 14

    I am using rsync to keep a large shared document folder in sync with my laptop. More specifically, I am rsyncing FROM my laptop TO the shared repo. What I would like to do is rsyncing only those files that have been created/modified by my user. Being

  • Rsync only changed filesMarch 7

    Is it possible to have rsync transfer all files in a directory that have changed or have been created? I don't need something as sophisticated as a CRC diff check; files with different timestamps and/or file sizes count as changes. I get the impressi

  • Asking rsync to delete files on the receiving side that don't exist on the sending side, with exceptions on the receiving sideAugust 11

    I have read these threads: rsync --delete --files-from=list / dest/ does not delete unwanted files Delete extraneous files from dest dir via rsync? But, as far as I can tell (maybe I am missing something), they don't cover the following question: How

  • max files per directory in ext4December 22

    I manage an application that contains a filestore in which all the files are stored with the filenames equal to their md5 sums. All files are stored in one directory. Currently there are thousands, but soon their should be millions of files on the se

  • /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd: No such file or directoryMarch 17

    During installation, following http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-debian-lenny-ispconfig3, i get this error: server1:/# /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd restart -bash: /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd: No such file or directory Why don't i have that file? I'

  • Forcing rsync to convert file names to lower caseApril 14

    We are using rsync to transfer some (millions) files from a Windows (NTFS/CYGWIN) server to a Linux (RHEL) server. We would like to force all file and directory names on the Linux box to be lower case. Is there a way to make rsync automagically conve

  • If I create or modify any file or directory with sudo then I can only manipulate it with sudoJuly 26

    The general issue is that if I create or modify any file or directory with sudo then it seems that I'm unable to create and modify this file or directory further as any other user than sudo. The rest of this below is me elaborating on that issue. It

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