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  • Slim (2) - Invalid JSON response errorJanuary 28

    I have tried several suggested solutions to get Slim (2) to work with the DataTables (1.10), but I get invalid JSON response errors. Here is my code for the server-side script based on the POST Data example: <?php $app->get('/users', function() use

  • jquery DataTables 1.10.6 warning: table id={id} - Invalid JSON responseFebruary 11

    I am using jquery DataTables 1.10.6 along with Backbone.js 0.9.2. My problem is, I can not initialize the data table using its backboneJs page. It shows "DataTables Warning : table id = customerDetailsTable-Invalid JSON Response". How to solve t

  • HttpMessageConverterExtractor extracts chunked data length from response entity leading to invalid JSON parse exceptionFebruary 1

    Spring HttpMessageConverterExtractor extracts the chunked data length from the response entity and when it is parsed by Jackson results in an invalid JSON parse exception. Quick background, the chunk length is always written before the chunked payloa

  • Why does Google prepend while(1); to their JSON responses?April 19

    Why does Google prepend while(1); to their (private) JSON responses? For example, here's a response while turning a calendar on and off in Google Calendar: while(1);[['u',[['smsSentFlag','false'],['hideInvitations','false'], ['remindOnRespondedEvents

  • Invalid JSON. A token was not recognized in the JSON contentMay 19

    I fetch data from Sharepoint using perl on a linuxmachine. This worked real good as long as I only had to read data from there. Now that I also have to change data on Sharepoint I'm stuck. Altough my JSON looked okay { "__metadata": { "type

  • Client getting HTTP response 502 Invalid HTTP Response over httpsMarch 5

    We have a web application written in .NET C# hosted in IIS 7. The client side is written in GWT (Javascript) and the application uses JSON as data transport. The site is accessible over https. We have hosted multiple instances of this web application

  • How to troubleshoot an invalid cached responseAugust 29

    I've a Google Cloud Engine instance with Suse Linux 13.2 with original network config and without any configured proxy. And I've a problem with an invalid CACHED response I receive from a server. Even when I specify a Cache-Control: no-cache header i

  • "Invalid JSON primitive: geometry" when adding featuresNovember 1

    I'm trying to use the arcGIS Rest API to add features to a feature layer, but I get an "Invalid JSON primitive: geometry" error. I get the same results if I leave out the spatialReference. The feature layer was created on the arcGIS Developer Si

  • error Unexpected token in json responseJanuary 19

    Iam trying to get in users information into database via javaScript file by linking it to a .php file its throwing "unexpected token <" but when i directly give action as .php its working out fine i think problem is with .js file is with plea

  • Kendo UI - JSON Response for - Grid using Remote Data Source W/Server Grouping & Server Aggregates

    Kendo UI - JSON Response for - Grid using Remote Data Source W/Server Grouping & Server AggregatesJanuary 26

    I have a project in which I'm using the KendoUI Grid using the server to get the data instead of locally. I'm not sure what the JSON response should be from my server to get grouping to work however. My goal is when the user drags a column to the gro

  • Datatables server side processing invalid JsonJanuary 27

    Alright so I am working on a script for datatables server side processing and I ran into an error. Whenever I load the page I get an alert saying my Json is invalid. Though I've used Jsonlin to validate it and it said my json was valid. So here is th

  • Spring MVC + jQuery Datatables + JSON ResponseFebruary 9

    I have a Spring MVC application using jQuery Datatables to render the data. Here are my classes and javascript code Employee.java public class Employee { private int empId ; private String firstName; private String lastName ; // getters and setters }

  • YouTube Data API v3 search JSON response retrofit parsing errorFebruary 12

    YouTube Data API v3 search JSON response retrofit parsing error occurred @GET("/youtube/v3/search") void getYouTubeVideos(@Query("key") String apiKey, @Query("channelId") String channelId, @Query("part") String vide

  • Jersey + Jackson on ConstraintVoilationException modify JSON ResponseFebruary 17

    I am trying to modify the contents of JSON response whenever there are constraint violations like invalid email or range violation or both. Original response received looks like below {user_name=[Invalid email address!]} My goal is to replace user_na

  • Pager information in services_views json responseDecember 5

    Is there a suggested mechanism for retrieving pagination/pager information in a JSON response in a services_views configuration? I thought enabling the pager would give me something, but it does not. The only way seems to be for me to hard-code the p

  • Parse JSON response got from AJAX request through JavaScriptJanuary 23

    I am geting a JSON response with an AJAX request through JavaScript. Here is the response: {"responseCode":400,"errors":false,"submitted":false,"content":"some content","notice":""} My

  • How to handle REST API JSON responseMay 14

    Is there a good practise, to get the Ip out of the rest JSON response: { "id" : "001D000000IqhSLIAZ", "errors" : [ ], "success" : true } What I do: HttpResponse res = h.send(req); if(res.getStatusCode()==201) { JSON

  • How to get specific fields in json response from REST api of sharepoint 2010?August 27

    I have used angularjs to query for data through listData.svc. A json response is returned. May someone suggest how to get the value of a specific field with javascript? --------------Solutions------------- Here is an example: function(data) { $.each(

  • How to convert date format in json response to string format in sharepoint?August 29

    I have set a column to column type "Date" and the json response from listData.svc for this column is in this format "Created": "/Date(1377683175000)/" , can someone suggest how to convert this format to string? I have tried n

  • Nginx error page with JSON responseNovember 14

    I'm trying to serve a maintenance page to clients making request to my application when it is under maintenance. Following is my nginx configuration for that purpose. server { recursive_error_pages on; listen 80; ... if (-f $document_root/maintenance

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