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Samsung gio white error screen

  • MacBook kernel panic error screen on boot

    MacBook kernel panic error screen on bootMay 3

    This MacBook had milk spilled on the keyboard a few months ago. It's continued to work, with a few of the letter keys no longer functioning, up until this point. Now, upon start up, the MacBook just displays an error screen and performs no other func

  • I can't update my Nexus S, shows error screen. What to do? May 10

    Possible Duplicate: can't update, can't do a factory reset My Phone (Nexus S) keeps pestering me to update the OS. But, every time I try, it restarts, displays the cute robot error screen and doesn't come back on until I take out the battery and rest

  • Galaxy S3 won't boot, gets stuck at the "Samsung Galaxy S3 GT" screenOctober 30

    I seem to have the same problem as many other Galaxy users with the Boot Loop. I cannot access my phone: I am not able to load the Stock ROM or factory reset it, nor erase any data. It is stuck at the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT screen and then turns off. I

  • Adobe Shockwave Flash player shows error screen on youtube player(Firefox)

    Adobe Shockwave Flash player shows error screen on youtube player(Firefox)July 7

    Adobe Shockwave Flash player on Firefox shows an error screen on youtube player like this And not able to play anything no matter what. Had the same problem with chromium and fixed it with the solution explained here. Any help?? Thanks i

  • White / gray screen on monitor when off ( plus buzzing )January 30

    So I picked up a monitor in the department "free bin" and it works great except for two things: When it's off, it displays this white/gray screen -- which I suppose could be the default setting, but I doubt it (the brand is Princeton). It also b

  • Laptop's white/blank screen. Curable?October 16

    So, i've got my precious, old Dell Vostro 1510, which recently started to show me completely white/blank screen in 4-5 seconds after i turn it on. At times, some thin vertical multicolored lines can also be seen along with it. No beeps. I can clearly

  • Unable to turn on device - see whit pixeled screenDecember 5

    I tried to flashify my ZTE z5 with a not suitable recovery for this phone (TWRP 2.8.6) and now I am unable to turn it on. I can only see a white pixeled screen and not able to get into recovery mode (using vol down + power). ADB does not recognize th

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 USB Screen Lock ErrorSeptember 6

    I have no idea what happened, but the last few times I have connected my Galaxy S4 to my Mac OSX to try and transfer music files (or any files for that matter) I get the message "can't access device storage If your device's screen is locked, disconne

  • Samsung 700z Laptop Unusual Screen FlickeringDecember 22

    I received a laptop from a client yesterday reporting that the computer "constantly reboots". From what I can tell, the screen tends to turn on again/off again but displays nothing other than a black screen (no cursor, nothing) when flickered to

  • Ubuntu 14.04.3 install DVD hangs after boot on black and white squared screenAugust 21

    My younger brother got a desktop with Fedora and Linux Mint on it, but I wanted to install Ubuntu, because it's more user friendly, I heard. It keeps freezing/hanging after the boot screen on a white and black squares screen. I've been using Ubuntu a

  • How can I display Samsung GT-S5660 current screen desktop to my HDMI TV screen?October 20

    I have pictures and videos with effects on my Samsung GT-S5660. How can I display those to my HDMI TV screen? The phone only has mini USB output. --------------Solutions------------- I think you need to buy one of these MHL to HDMI converters - it me

  • Debug Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen Freezes

    Debug Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen FreezesFebruary 21

    my Samsung Galaxy S3 suffers from the Black/Blank screen freeze. The only remedy is to pull the battery to get the phone to respond again. I'm running Android 4.1.1 and I have done a factory reset. Now the symptoms are back. I would like to figure ou

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 black screen and automatic rebootsMarch 16

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, purchased on July 2012. Sometimes, when I press the power button, the screen keeps black. The button LEDs turn on, but nothing else happens, and I have to remove the battery, or hold the power button for 20 seconds to forc

  • Ubuntu 13.04 Unity black and white pixilated screen after suspend resume

    Ubuntu 13.04 Unity black and white pixilated screen after suspend resumeMay 14

    Whenever I suspend and resume my laptop I get the following screen (see link to image below). I can do Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to TTY and I can kill and restart Unity but it seems to have no effect when I try to go back using Ctrl+Alt+F7. Interestingly th

  • Not getting white boot screen background on white iPad/iPhone (iOS 7)?September 23

    Is this a bug I need to report or is this normal or what? On both my white iPad 2 and my white iPhone 4S running iOS 7, I thought the boot screen was supposed to be white/gray with a dark Apple logo, but I'm getting the black screen with the white lo

  • White blocking screen when put youtube in full-screen modeNovember 7

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.. In most cases, when I put a video in a Full screen on YouTube (I am not using HTML5, I am using Flash Player), and when try to exit the full screen mode, I got my screen turned to a blocking white screen. This prevents m

  • MacBook Pro Retina Hanging on White Boot ScreenOctober 27

    My 15" MacBook Pro Retina has an issue that, on startup, the initial all-white screen shows in conjunction with the start-up chime and remains there for several seconds (up to 15-20 in extreme cases). When I originally purchased the product, it would

  • Samsung galaxy 4 smashed screen February 26

    This question already has an answer here: How do I backup data (SMS/contacts) from a device with a broken screen? 8 answers i have a samsung galaxy 4 with a smashed screen, i really need to get my contact numbers and calendar from it (currently using

  • Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 without screenJune 6

    The screen on my Samsung Galaxy S3 has bitten the dust, and is now remains completely black. The phone otherwise seems to be working, however (sounds play, the notification lights light, the touch screen seems to respond, etc.) I think I'll give it a

  • How does S Pen (Samsung) show cursor on screen?January 1

    I would like to know how does samsung android os show the pen cursor when I took the pen out and point over screen without touching the screen? It is a miracle for me. I cannot find any sources. --------------Solutions------------- Break it down-How

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