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Samsung gt-i8262 remove sim solutions

  • How to remove sim selection from notification drawer

    How to remove sim selection from notification drawerMay 27

    phone: Samsung Ace 3 (gt-s7272) android: 4.2.2 (rooted) As you can see in the attached image(red part), is there any module or tool that let me remove sim selection from the drawer? Thanks in advance for answers.

  • Removable storage solutionNovember 29

    Background: My organization has to find a removable storage solution. However, it is my understanding that the DOD is pretty strict about flash drives due to security considerations. Question: My users will always have connection to the internet, but

  • Samsung Galaxy i8262 stuck on boot screen after flashing

    Samsung Galaxy i8262 stuck on boot screen after flashingMay 25

    I flashed my Samsung Galaxy i8262 ROM with odin and accidentally I selected a ROM file from phone not from PDA, so when it finished and I restarted my phone and it stays on Samsung Logo Can one help me please :'(

  • Uninstall and remove the solution from SharePoint Server 2010 thoroughlyDecember 16

    I want to ask how to uninstall and remove the solution package from SharePoint Server 2010 thoroughly? I have a problem when I deploy a solution in SharePoint Server 2010. This solution had deployed in one web application, in fact it needs to deploy

  • what is the difference between Retract wsp solution and remove wsp solution in sharepoint 2010February 5

    what is the difference between Retract wsp solution and remove wsp solution in sharepoint 2010. i want to remove a wsp solution from our sharepoint 2010 environment completely. --------------Solutions------------- Retract is "uninstall this solution&

  • how to completely remove .wsp solutionFebruary 5

    how to remove a .wsp solution i try from central admin>system settings>manage farm solution selected a solution and selected Retracting still this status shown Restract. how to completely remove this solution. --------------Solutions------------- To

  • Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262 dual sim problem

    Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262 dual sim problemOctober 20

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Core Duos (GT-i8262). When I bought it, I was able to use both SIM cards. But after some time I was having problem that only SIM 1 works, other SIM always says "no network card". First the OS was Android 4.1 but now I

  • View SMS Messages After Removing SIMSeptember 29

    If I remove the SIM from an iPhone, then will I be able to view the SMS Messages that I sent and received while the SIM card was in the phone after I take the SIM card out? --------------Solutions------------- Yep. Just to confirm this, I took the SI

  • Site templates removed from solution gallery but still appearing in "new site" dialogFebruary 7

    A client deleted some site templates (WSPs) from the solution gallery. I'm not sure if they were deactivated before they were deleted. They seem to have been also manually deleted from the recycle bin. But f I click "New Site" in the Site Action

  • Where do you get the tool they use at the Genius Bar to remove SIM cards?December 14

    I was at the Genius Bar recently and the techs had a tiny tool on their loop of cables that looked like a pin with an oval-shaped loop at the top. Anyone know where to acquire this tool? I know I could cut and bend a small paper clip, but this looked

  • How to flash roms for samsung galaxy grand 2 single sim?November 13

    I have a samsung grand 2 single sim (G710) and I want to flash the G710S model or G7105 rom for it ... Is it Even possible and if yes...How? --------------Solutions------------- I'm afraid you can't flash your phone with a different ROM. In some rare

  • Removing references to old Solution Workflow filesDecember 7

    As part of an upgrade to Sharepoint 2010 from 2007, I've been removing old FAB40 templates by using the following process for each FAB40 solution; Delete any sites which use the solution, and ensure the site is also deleted from the Recycle Bin. Exam

  • A sharepoint solution cannot be removed when a job is scheduled or runningMay 17

    I've been trying to remove my solution from Sharepoint 2007 but getting an error on the Central Admin page and when I do stsadm -o deletesolution -name MySolution.wsp -override from command line it returns the follwoing error message "The solution ca

  • Difference between Retract solution and Remove solution in SharePointFebruary 2

    In Central Administration if I go to "System Settings > Manage farm solutions" I can see my deployed solutions (via Visual Studio). Clicking on any of my deployed solution takes me to "Solution Properties" which shows option of Retr

  • samsung galaxy core-i8262 /system/xbin/su pathFebruary 3

    I have samsung gt-i8262 phone. scenario: i want to drop superSU binary for gaining root access. I tried framaroot but was not successful. now I am using cydia impactor to execute script as /system/xbin/su. There are two partition sdcard0 and exsdcard

  • Samsung Galaxy P1000 stuck on black screenMarch 11

    I Have a Galaxy Tab GT-P1000N. Its Android version was updated via Odin 3, from Android 2.2 to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread [XWJQ8]. Everything is going fine but after the rebooting my Device (it's auto reboot) is stuck on a black screen. I have tried s

  • Samsung Galaxy S I900 Bootloop in Recovery after flashing custom ROMSeptember 28

    My friend gave me his old rooted Galaxy S running android 4.0.x (or 4.1.x probably) asking me to restore its official ROM on it. Context Downloaded and installed Odin Downloaded Galaxy S stock ROM Downloaded and installed Samsung USB drivers Removed

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT I9300) does not restart. It does not go into download mode as well. Please HelpNovember 15

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT I9300) does not restart. It does not go into download mode as well. Please Help. Today morning I was checking the weather wizard of my samsung galaxy S3 home screen. Then suddenly the screen got horizontal white, black and pi

  • Contacts lost in Samsung S3July 29

    I had my Gmail account linked to Samsung S3, all my contacts were added to this account. I removed this account and re-added it, and found that all my contacts were lost. When I checked the Settings it seems the Sync service is not working, and when

  • Samsung laptop randomly shuts down

    Samsung laptop randomly shuts downSeptember 18

    I have a Samsung R560 laptop that is overheating, and shutting itself down under load consistently. Here are my load/idle temps from Speedfan: Ignore "Temp1 and Temp2", whatever sensors they are, they're always random. The load temperature is af

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