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Screamer radio and autohotkey

  • Player for recording and listening to internet radio - alternative to Screamer RadioJanuary 24

    I want to find alternative to Screamer Radio, that was not in active development since 2010. Key requirements: freeware, preferable open source support of all popular radio stream formats built-in and updateable catalog of popular radio stations play

  • Close and restart application with autohotkeyDecember 15

    I need a autohotkey script that closes and restart a program immediately, for example Screamer Radio, screamer.exe. I use ^#Numpad7::run to run screamer.exe ^#Numpad7::run C:\Programmi\Screamer Radio\screamer.exe but I need to restart immediately. --

  • Recording Audio from Radio Stream

    Recording Audio from Radio StreamSeptember 15

    I'm sitting here listening to a radio show that is being broadcast live over an internet stream, but I would like to keep bits and pieces for later-enjoyment. Is there a way I can easily record streams in real-time? I should note also (not sure if it

  • Is there such a thing as a software internet radio where I can add the stations I want to listen to?

    Is there such a thing as a software internet radio where I can add the stations I want to listen to? January 15

    Is there such a thing as a software internet radio where I can add the stations I want to listen to? Open source would be great. Thanks EDIT: by "adding stations" I mean being able to listen to the CBC here in Canada, for example. --------------

  • Need a good mp3/internet radio organization system

    Need a good mp3/internet radio organization systemFebruary 9

    So I feel that winamp alone doesn't work well for me. I have this one playlist that all kinds of stuff gets crammed into. I need a system (this can easily be 1 program or several): Need to be able to... play mp3's from my library (just a directory st

  • Tools to automate recording streaming radio

    Tools to automate recording streaming radioMay 21

    Are there any tools that can automate recording online streaming radio? I've been using Total Recorder which has the following useful features: Handy scheduler Supports creating recording templates, so I can customize some high/low quality recording

  • Record tracks names played on online radioJune 12

    I often listen to di.fm online radio (url is http://scfire-dtc-aa06.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1035 ) with vlc player. Streaming is a mp3 over http. I want to record all track names that are played on this radio. My vlc does show track name, but when t

  • GUI program to record internet radio with songs tags (title, artist, etc.)?

    GUI program to record internet radio with songs tags (title, artist, etc.)?August 28

    In Windows I like Screamer Radio, and I know that are others like RarmaRadio, programs which can record radio music and also save the proper titles, artist names, etc. Is there such a program in Ubuntu? I am looking for a native linux program, but Wi

  • What is a good lightweight webradio program

    What is a good lightweight webradio programOctober 16

    I am currently using Screamer Radio but it is a little bit buggy. It freezes a lot if internet connection is bad and can not continue if there are interruptions in the internet connection. I am not interested in some full sized MP3/media player, just

  • Radioplayer with up-to-date (updated on regularly basis) stations (streams)?December 31

    Up until now I'm using RadioSure as my online radio player, but I'm fed up with their long cycles between updates and the negligence regarding updating radio stations. Is there an alternative, preferably open-source/freeware, which updates the list o

  • How can I record streaming audio on my PC? May 6

    What's the best online audio recorder? --------------Solutions------------- There are various options like VLC, Screamer-Radio, ScreamRecorder.NET, etc. Check out the following answers on Super User for details: Recording Audio from WMP Stream Captur

  • How I can record stream radio in Linux?

    How I can record stream radio in Linux?August 7

    How can I record a radio stream in Linux like the screamer in Windows? Does anyone have any idea or suggestion? --------------Solutions------------- GUI Audacity If you want a GUI to do this you can do it using Audacity. excerpt from wiki In the drop

  • Flash Script - Radio Button Component

    Flash Script - Radio Button ComponentJuly 24

    Flash's radio button component makes creating radio buttons extremely easy. 1. To open the components panel, hit ctrl+f7. 2. Drag the RadioButton component onto the stage. Select the RadioButton component in Frame 1, and the component's parameters wi

  • Servlets 2.5: Scream or yawn?January 3

    It's like a dream you try to remember but its gone, Then you try to scream but it only comes out as a yawn Pinch Me, Barenaked Ladies JavaWorld yesterday published an article by Jason Hunter, the leading authority on Java Servlets. The article provid

  • BlogTalkRadio: Internet Saved the Radio Star

    BlogTalkRadio: Internet Saved the Radio StarOctober 18

    BlogTalkRadio, a two year old company from New Jersey, literally gives a voice to thousands of bloggers each month by allowing anyone to host their own live radio call-in show for free. Since it was founded in 2006, the site has broadcast over 140,00

  • AutoHotkey: problem assigning CAPS LOCK to ALT-TABJuly 17

    Yesterday I asked how I could disable or reassign the infamous CAPS LOCK key. The accepted answer pointed me to AutoHotkey, a powerful free, open-source utility for Windows for automating key strokes and mouse clicks. The tool includes a script langu

  • How to run radio stations in your laptop?July 26

    I want to run on-air-radio channels in my laptop, just like we run MP3 using VLC Media player, Windows Media Player, or any other. Is there any way to do that, what hardware or software are required Or Is there any way with which I can just install a

  • Alternatives to AutoHotKey thats works with Synergy? August 16

    I'm trying to run AutoHotKey with Synergy to share keyboards and mouse on my work machine and gets an awesome custom shortcuts at the same time. But I've expreienced problems as described in this thread on AutoHotKey forum . So is there an alternativ

  • AutoHotKey equivalent on MacAugust 23

    I am looking for a Mac application similar to AutoHotkey. What are the best Mac applications in this category? --------------Solutions------------- What subset of AHK functionality are you trying to mimic? Quicksilver comes up in this discussion kind

  • How to pipe internet radio into a tuner?

    How to pipe internet radio into a tuner?August 25

    UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the ideas! This was an area I knew very little about but now I can talk with a little more expertise about it. Much appreciated! Visited my dad this weekend and he wants to pipe some internet radio he's found down to a tun

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