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  • System does not boot, just a black screen after uninstalling/removing smthMay 1

    04 doesnt boot anymore. It starts up normally, BIOS works, but I don't see the Ubuntu-Logo or the Login Screen, just a lighted black screen. No Error or smth is displayed. The system doesnt react to any input. Before shutting down the system earlier

  • Perform Django ORM user queries like "product.name: %smth% AND item.somenumber 3"?January 27

    I'd like to allow my users to write their own Django ORM queries into a search box. Two sample queries, written as text by the user, would be product.name: %smth% AND item.somenumber > 3 or product.name: %smth% OR model2.something: True, though the s

  • Grouping two lines inside align environment to put smth. to the left of them

    Grouping two lines inside align environment to put smth. to the left of themMay 6

    I have an equation which is alligned at 1st equal sign like this: \begin{align} a &= b + c \nonumber\\ d &= e + f \label{eq1}\\ %this is row 1 g &= h + i \nonumber\\ %this is row 2 j &= k + l \nonumber\\ m &= n + o \nonumber \end{align

  • How to use VLC to watch a file (while it is being modified) on a SSH server (using sftp or smth else)?March 17

    I'm using my ssh server to record videos and I'd like to be able to watch them (on a PC using Windows 7 or 8) during the recording. I can of course transfer the file when I'm done and watch it, but I want to watch it during the recording, that can la

  • Where is HD SMTH app on sd card?January 30

    I installed HDSMTH app on my sd card. Recently i changed my phone but i could not find that app on my sd card now. With what name wil it be saved on sd sard ? Please help me with this.

  • How to create condition "if element not exist - do smth" by using Nightwatch?February 5

    I have a list of users, presented by table, and I need to search for td element with appropriate value - and if element not exist on current page - click on link to go on another page. I have no ideas how to do this but I used xpath selector to find

  • Why does the "Remote Desktop Users" group keep emptying itself? And more weird RDP issuesJune 26

    I'm running a Windows Server 2003 PDC with AD and we have 2 machines that we require everyone to be able to remotely log in to. So I add "Domain Users" to the built in "Remote Desktop Users" account but after a policy refresh this grou

  • Override screen size in linux telnetAugust 12

    Here's my predicament. I'm developing a perl telnet script that uses Expect to spawn a new telnet process and feed data (non-interactively) into it. Everything works fine when I call the script from a terminal - however, if I start the script from cr

  • SVN Error: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output: Error: n/a (6)September 14

    Some weird error cropped up suddenly outta nowhere and is preventing me from checking in my code via TortoiseSVN. I'm using a free account on myversioncontrol.com This is on a Windows Vista system. It was working fine till earlier in the day. Any clu

  • Preventing brute-force attacks on MySQL?September 22

    I need to turn on networking for MySQLd, but every time I do, the server gets brute-forced into oblivion. Some mean password guessing script starts hammering on the server, opening a connection on port 3306 and trying random passwords forever. How ca

  • Cisco: privilege for configuring only particular interface?September 25

    Is there a way, to create such privilege, which will let to configure just one particular port ex: gi1/0/1 , but at that time will not let to configure gi1/0/2 . Smth like: privilege interface gi1/0/1 10 UPD: As radius said, from /usr/local/share/doc

  • Remote Desktop into Ubuntu from LaptopOctober 23

    I was wondering what I need to do to be able to access my desktop through remote desktop from my laptop. They are both running Ubuntu and are using the same internet connection. I do not have a static IP. I don't know if I need to set up a home netwo

  • Debian5 on VMWare Workstation, can't network outNovember 18

    This is probably more of a Debian question than a VMWare question, but I've installed Debian 5 (from debian-503-amd64-DVD-1) through VMWare Workstation and I'm having trouble with accessing anything through the network... I can ping anything on the L

  • Proper way to configure locales on a vps?November 20

    I noticed on some VPS's, locales is not installed by default so dpkg-reconfigure locales will only throw an error saying that locales is not installed. I want to do apt-get install locales, I've done this a couple times and I know this sets up the lo

  • After installing Apache, PHP and MySQL I can't add extension to php.ini without Apache errorJanuary 6

    I have Windows XP OS. Installed Apache 2.2.14, then PHP 5.2.12 (tested with phpinfo.php -> IT'S WORKS!) Then I installed MySQL 5.1. And now, when I add extension = php_mysql.dll to php.ini and restart server, Apache tells me that he can't start (smal

  • Radeon hd 5700 monitor blank until connected HDMI device is startedJanuary 9

    Have win7, radeon hd 5700. When both PC monitor and HDMI device (Onkyo 607) are connected to Radeon card, the monitor diplays boot info, "starting windows, etc" but goes blank when "log into windows" should appear. Monitor comes back (

  • Using vim in a high latency environmentFebruary 5

    I've used vim for years and feel fairly proficient with it. However, recently, I've been working on a server with a 520ms ping time (Sydney to South Africa). This greatly increases my need to use vim more effectively. What can I do to help learn the

  • Which OS/distributions have 64-bit kernel and 32-bit userspace? February 6

    Which OS (or distributions) comes with 64-bit kernels (x86_64, SPARC64, PPC64, ..smth else?..) and 32-bit userland? I want all small userspace programs (like ls, cat, etc) to be 32-bit, because they really no needs to be 64-bit. But OS kernel must be

  • Cache coherence literature for big ( =16CPU) systems February 6

    What books and articles can you recommend to learn basis of cache coherence problems in big SMP systems (which are NUMA and ccNUMA really) with >=16 cpu sockets? Something like SGI Altix architecture analysis may be interesting. What protocols (MOESI

  • How to ser GEM_PATH for www-data user Ubuntu/DebianFebruary 22

    I have mod_rails and Ruby Enterprise edition. I have an error the the process spawner cannot find the fastthread gem. The problem is that the gem is installed by passenger is looking into the gem directory of the standard MRI version. I should set th

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