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  • How much resources to allocate for a VM running a selenium remote controlDecember 31

    Not sure if this belongs here or on stackoverflow... When I run my selenium tests, the cpu usage on the (windows) VM running the selenium RC goes up to 100% cpu usage for about a third of the time. I thought maybe I'm not allocating enough resources

  • How can I run Selenium tests on an Ubuntu server?February 2

    I currently have a test machine running Ubuntu server 9.10 with no GUI. I want to run my Selenium RC test suites which open Firefox and perform a series of operation. I could bloat my test server with Gnome or KDE to run those tests but I'm looking f

  • In Selenium IDE, how to get the value of the base urlFebruary 4

    Is it possible to retrieve the value of the base url from inside a Selenium script (a plain HTML-saved script from Selenium IDE)? What I'm trying to do is verify the current url using assertLocation. But assertLocation returns the absolute url. I wou

  • Selenium server won't startMarch 18

    I'm getting the following error when trying to start selenium: C:\Temp\selenium-server-1.0.3>java -jar selenium-server.jar 22:02:07.615 INFO - Java: Sun Microsystems Inc. 16.0-b13 22:02:07.617 INFO - OS: Windows 7 6.1 x86 22:02:07.625 INFO - v2.0 [a2

  • How Can I Configure Selenium grid to test website in parallel?April 16

    I want to use selenium grid for my web page testing. I have successfully installed the demo of selenium grid on my PC and it is running fine. I have followed this link to install and run the selenium grid demo. I am trying to code a java program usin

  • Assert that a WebElement is not present using Selenium WebDriver with javaJuly 19

    In tests that I write, if I want to assert a WebElement is present on the page, I can do a simple: driver.findElement(By.linkText("Test Search")); This will pass if it exists and it will bomb out if it does not exist. But now I want to assert th

  • Selenium to increase contrast?July 25

    I have been using selenium as the last step during negative development to increase durability of the negative. I was told that it can be used to increase the contrast of the negatives too. I tried, but I don't see any significant result. Do you have

  • How can you write tests for Selenium (or similar) which don't fail because of minor or cosmetic changes?November 14

    I've been spending the last week or so learning selenium and building a series of web tests for a website we're about to launch. it's been great to learn, and I've picked up some xpath and css location techniques. the problem for me though, is seeing

  • Selenium RC htmlsuite error with IENovember 22

    I am trying to use Selenium RC but I keep getting this error whenever I start the server: "HTML suite exception seen: java.lang.RuntimeException: sessionId 7643 doesn't exist; perhaps this session w as already stopped?" The command I use is: jav

  • Init Selenium RC on headless serverFebruary 8

    as described in [1] running Selenium RC on a headless Linux is pretty easy to achieve. Essentially this requires these commands: $ Xvfb :99 -ac & $ export DISPLAY=:99 $ java -jar selenium-server.jar & So how can I provide this right after the star

  • How do I run a macro in the selenium IDE without having to take my hands off the keyboard?April 11

    I am looking for some form of utility that can be run from the command line in Ubuntu that will click a button in a specific window. What I want to do is run a macro in the selenium IDE without having to take my hands off the keyboard. --------------

  • Capturing screen shots in selenium testsMay 5

    How do you use screen shot capture in selenium tests? If anyone is using, how effective do you find it ? --------------Solutions------------- When you need some visual checks to be done, and if that is a small part of your entire test suite, you can

  • Which locator do you use with Selenium CSS or XPath?May 6

    I have heard that, when using Selenium, the CSS Locator has better performance than the XPath Locator. Which Locator do you use in your tests? Have you seen a great performance improvement when using CSS Locators? Were there times when you had to use

  • Handling self-refreshing pages from seleniumMay 6

    I have been running into intermittent errors with some java selenium-rc tests which I think are related to a page which has an ajax poll and automatically refreshes when some condition is reached on the server. In this scenario, I have no way of aski

  • Where can I find information on getting started with Selenium 2May 7

    Some background. I am a long time WatiN coder, and have been since I first looked a Selenium a few versions ago, and decided that it didn't meet my needs, then went with WatiN. I now want to switch to selenium 2 (selenium web-driver) What are the bes

  • How can I run my Selenium 1 FF Profile in Selenium 2 C#?May 10

    So right now to run my Selenium 1 tests I use a custom Firefox Profile that sets when I launch my Selenium Server. Is there a way to properly set this profile to run in Selenium 2? I've tried setting the FF profile using new FirefoxProfile("path"

  • Testing drag-and-drop with Selenium 2 on Telerik controlsMay 13

    I need to automate drag and drop functionality with Telerik controls, I currently use WatiN for my automation (see related quesiton Testing drag-and-drop with Watin on Telerik controls . I am considering if WatiN can't do it, will I able to test drag

  • Unable to click on City bubble on Google map using SeleniumMay 14

    I have been trying to click on City bubble on Google Map. So far I have tried following but none seems to work. Also notice the awkward locator available from map which is captured in Selenium IDE <tr> <td>clickAt</td> <td>//div[@i

  • Code Safari: Spelunking Selenium in Search of SocketsMay 17

    At The Conversation, we recently got our hands on a beautiful new eight core machine to sit in the corner and act as our build server. It's a top of the line machine: fast processors, SSD-no cruft. We called it "Tank". By parallelizing our Selen

  • How is Selenium different from other GUI automation tools?May 19

    I have used WatiN and WebAii but I have limited experience with Selenium. How does Selenium differ from these other tools? --------------Solutions------------- Thanks for rephrasing the question. In this case, I'll describe the differences between Se

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