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  • Sharepoint 2013 _layouts redirecitonDecember 19

    I'm in the process of migrating to SP 2013. In my current production site I've incoming requests 'posting data' to a layouts page ex: _layouts/mycustompage.aspx. I see that in SP 2013 the _layouts directory is moved to _layouts/15 causing all incomin

  • Sharepoint 2013 Restrict user to access _layout pagesApril 9

    I have created site in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013. I want to restrict login user to access _layouts pages like view all site content etc.. In SharePoint 2010 I have activated view form pages lock down feature by below command stsadm -o activ

  • Maximize modal dialog on SharePoint 2013January 11

    In SharePoint 2013, maximize button is missing when click on New item, and there is no way to maximize the modal dialog (opened by standard New or Edit item). I tried JavaScript method that works on SharePoint 2010 function _maximizeWindow() { var cu

  • SharePoint 2013 Installation Issue

    SharePoint 2013 Installation IssueDecember 18

    I believe this issue is unique to non-domain environments I am trying to install SPF 2013 RTM in the following environment: Windows Server 2012 RTM Stand-alone installation using SQL Server Standard Non-domain hyper-V instance (i.e. it is a workgroup

  • Register js for custom field type in SharePoint 2013December 24

    I have a custom field type for SharePoint 2010/2007, but after migrated to SharePoint 2013, I met a problem. Here is what I defined for "RenderPattern" in fldtypes_myfield.xml <RenderPattern Name="DisplayPattern"> <HTML><

  • How to get result sources and search schema in sharepoint 2013?January 4

    If this in not the right place for this query take my apology. I am in mid of creating a search client application. I got stuck while retrieving result source and schema. I found that, it can be achieved using SharePoint model. I need to use REST api

  • Is it possible to package, deploy, and use my own image for a ribbon CustomAction in a SharePoint-hosted App for SharePoint 2013

    Is it possible to package, deploy, and use my own image for a ribbon CustomAction in a SharePoint-hosted App for SharePoint 2013January 17

    I've been working on a SharePoint-hosted app for SharePoint 2013. In order to "extend the reach" of the app a bit, I've included a CustomAction that will add a button to each document library's ribbon in the host web as demonstrated below. The X

  • Upgrade a VS 2012 Sharepoint 2010 project to Sharepoint 2013

    Upgrade a VS 2012 Sharepoint 2010 project to Sharepoint 2013January 30

    I have a SharePoint 2010 Solution that is made in VS 2012. I wanted to try and upgrade the solution to it deploy to our new SharePoint 2013 server. In the Package properties i have set the version to 15.0 The site url is pointing to the SP2013 site c

  • How do I Inherit the CSS Theme Color in my Sharepoint 2013 App?February 4

    I am building a Sharepoint 2013 App in Javascript / HTML / CSS and I want to implement / inherit the color / class / css used by the theme. How do I do this? I want to ensure consistency through usage of the same colors. Thanks in advance! ----------

  • Sharepoint 2013 mixed mode authentication custom loginFebruary 5

    I've configured 2 zones in sharepoint 2013. Both zones are configured to use NTLM and FBA authentication in order to have full availability of all users in the people picker. My extranet zone (FBA) has custom sign in page set to /_forms/default.aspx.

  • Call Javascript function for Custom Action in App for SharePoint 2013February 18

    I am working on App for sharepoint 2013. I want to add custom action to a context menu of a document library.And I want to call a javascript function with selected item id and list id as parameters.javascript function is placed in the app.js file. I

  • Is it possible to add a CustomAction in a SharePoint 2013 Survey Settings menu?March 13

    We have an application deployed on SharePoint 2013. Part of the application adds custom items to the ribbons of lists and libraries and the edit control block of list and library items. This is the element respobsible for adding the edit control bloc

  • How to modify user profile properties using JavaScript in SharePoint 2013 (Online)?March 25

    I need to modify user profile properties using JavaScript (REST or CSOM). How can I do that? I don't see any methods in MSDN documentation about modifying profile properties without server code. Thank you Update: I found that old .asmx user profile s

  • How to prevent SharePoint 2013 caching static files in layouts folder?March 25

    When doing development in SP2010, I used to be able to edit files in _layouts/MySolution/... directly in 14 folder and see changes immediately (.js, .css files). That reduced time a lot while developing, and I could copy files back to solution after

  • App issue with SharePoint 2013 Developer SiteMarch 26

    In SharePoint 2013 Developer Site: I am installing an app to my site and it worked fine with default stuff. I added some custom .js file in this app which will set the master page of site coll and deployed again. I am able to open it once, but not ab

  • SharePoint 2013 is not using my Custom Error PageApril 9

    I have tried mapping a custom error page in SharePoint using both feature activation code and the PoSh cmdlet set-SPCustomLayoutsPage, but SharePoint does not want to use my page for some reason. When I use the cmdlet get-SPCustomLayoutsPage I get th

  • Cannot Access new Sharepoint 2013 CollectionApril 11

    I just finished installing SharePoint 2013 on our dev machine. I'm in the CA, and I can create new site collections just fine. Problem is, I cannot access them from any account, including the designated collection admin account. I've been going aroun

  • SharePoint 2013 custom 401 page layout - access deniedApril 17

    In SharePoint 2010 I used Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage -Identity AccessDenied (...) for adding my custom Access Denied page. When I do this in SharePoint 2013 it does not take effect. If I run Get-SPCustomLayoutsPage the field has been updated, but it sti

  • Manage Site Content and Structure in SharePoint 2013 Missing?

    Manage Site Content and Structure in SharePoint 2013 Missing?April 18

    I am not able to locate Manage Site Content and Structure option on publishing sites in SP 2013. Is it removed? --------------Solutions------------- It's not removed - just moved to Site Settings > Site Administration Reference: Manage content and st

  • Lists included in an App for SharePoint 2013

    Lists included in an App for SharePoint 2013April 25

    I've seen that when I create an Autohosted App for SharePoint 2013 (or any other type of Apps), I'm then able to add a new item to the SharePoint Project such as a List. I can then add/edit/delete fields of this lists through Visual Studio but when I

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