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smbclient ERRDOS:ERRnomem

  • Connecting with SMBCLIENT to Windows 7 produces error: "protocol negotiation failed: ERRDOS:ERRnomem"December 27

    We've got a home network that has a mix of different operating systems, including two Windows 7 Ultimate PCs, a couple of Android phones, a MacBook Pro and two Linux PCs. My housemates own all but the Linux machines, and successfully have networking

  • Files showing in smbclient but not smbmountJune 12

    I have a samba folder that I try and access through smbclient, and I can browse it just fine. However, mounting it through smbmount, all the folders under the share are empty. I can list the folders directly under the share fine, but they all appear

  • Invoking `smbclient -L localhost` in Ubuntu gives: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSEDJune 22

    I have Ubuntu Intrepid with Samba installed on my machine. I have a basic configuration file included below. When I try to invoke smbclient -L localhost I get the error: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED This also happens when trying to invoke smbpasswd.

  • smbclient timing outAugust 27

    I am trying to set up a Samba share on a Centos machine. I want to connect to this server using smbclient on OS X. Here is what happens: > smbclient -L X.X.X.X timeout connecting to X.X.X.X:445 timeout connecting to X.X.X.X:139 Error connecting to X.

  • Mount Windows CIFS Share with smbclient?

    Mount Windows CIFS Share with smbclient?September 15

    I'm trying to figure out how to share a network windows CIFS share ( I do not manage it ) with smbclient. Initially I tried using the default Debian Lenny mounting application in Places->Connect to Server->Custom Location and I typed smb://DOMAIN;me

  • How can I use smbclient to connect to Windows shares by hostname when a firewall is enabled?March 6

    I can't connect to file shares on Windows computers using smbclient -L //hostname when the firewall is enabled. This occurs whether I'm using ufw (which allows outgoing traffic and replies back in with the default configuration) or iptables (where I'

  • smbclient -M send message problemApril 3

    I would like to send message to the network PC(Ubuntu also). command on myself(to send message to me,just for test): smbclient -M myName -b error is: message start: ERRSRV - ERRmsgoff (Not receiving messages.) command on remote machine: smbclient -M

  • Samba + LDAP: smbclient -L localhost fails (NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)July 8

    I'm following Tuxnetworks tutorial, at the last line of the first part and I'm getting this error: [email protected]:~$ sudo smbclient -L localhost Enter root's password: Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED) I've read a fe

  • Connecting to samba share works with smbclient, but doesn't work with Windows 7December 23

    I tried to share the directory /home/me/music with Samba. The output of testparm on my server is as follows (I think this is Ubuntu's default configuration, except for the [share] section): [global] server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu) map to gu

  • Fedora 16 can connect to samba share using smbclient but not in nautilus 3.2.1January 4

    I have a machine running Ubuntu 11.10 Server acting as a Samba server to share my home directory. Everything works fine on my Windows 7 machine, but on my Fedora 16 laptop, if I use Nautilus to try to access the share using smb:// i

  • smbclient NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED on directories when Windows doesn'tFebruary 2

    I'm setting up BackupPC on a server and it uses smbclient to backup Windows 7 workstations. smbclient logs in correctly to \\TESTHOST\C$ as TESTDOMAIN\backupoperator (Which is also a domain admin and a "Backup Operator" on the TESTHOST) but retu

  • smbclient alternative for large filesFebruary 17

    I'm using smbclient to transfer a set of large files (80GB) nightly from a Linux system to a Windows share. Lately, for whatever reason, I've been getting I/O timeouts: cli_push returned NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT which causes the active file transfer to b

  • smbclient getting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE connecting to Windows boxMarch 2

    I'm running smbclient on Ubuntu, trying to connect to a Windows box, and I'm getting "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE". I've verifed that I can ping the box and telnet to ports 139/445, so I'm pretty sure that it's not a firewall i

  • Installing Nagios3 plugins with out installaing smbclient using apt-get in ubuntuMarch 27

    Is there a way to install nagios3 plugins with out installing smbclient,samba-common on ubuntu using apt-get.Will skipping these files can cause problems in future. --------------Solutions------------- SMB is used by Nagios for the plugins to check W

  • Issue pushing file from linux to windows with smbclientApril 28

    I have a file located on my linux box that is generated by a python script, the file is dropped inside of the /root/ directory My bash script looks like so: #!/bin/bash # Run the HR Data feed cd /root/hr-feed # the file created here will land one dir

  • Mount Windows share via CIFS in CentOS not working (but smbclient does)July 23

    I'm a bit frustrated...I'm trying to mount a windows share via CIFS in CentOS 6.3, but it's not working: mount -v -t cifs -o credentials=/data/conf/credentials/fileserver // /mnt/fileserver/projects Which gives me this: Unable to a

  • Deleting Non-empty Directory with smbclientFebruary 23

    How can I remove a non-empty directory with smbclient? I have tried the following: 1) rm Result: NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE listing [dir_path] 2) recurse;rm Result: No Error but also nothing happens! The folder remains as before! 3) rmdir Result: NT_STAT

  • User in Administrators group can't access files via smbclient February 24

    I created a user ("backupagent") on a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, and added that user to the Administrators group, with a randomly-generated, difficult-to-guess password. My plan is to log into the machine over SMB to back up the file

  • mount -t cifs: "Operation not supported", but can connect via smbclientMarch 28

    After sysadmin replaced the NAS, I can no longer mount the network share with sudo mount -t cifs //netgear.local/public /media/mountY -o uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,username="adam",password="password" Both NAS are linux-based, one with Sam

  • smbclient fails with message 'protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES', what does it mean and how to fix it?April 5

    I'm trying to access a Windows share with smbclient and I'm getting this NT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES error, regardless of correct or incorrect credentials. The command was about listing the shares: smbclient -L //computer.domain -U domain/userna

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