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stm32 gpio speed 50mhz

  • How does a stm32f chip set its GPIO speed? (hardware, not register setting)

    How does a stm32f chip set its GPIO speed? (hardware, not register setting)May 29

    The speed of GPIO of a stm32 chip is set by register of OSPEEDR. It shows: 00: Low speed 01: Medium speed 10: Fast speed (50MHz in library) 11: High speed (100MHz in library) My guess is that the speed is not related with the system clocks(AHB1) at a

  • Is the GPIO speed involved in the baud rate of my USART?March 20

    I am working with am ARM Cortex M3 where two GPIO pins are configured as Alternate Function for use as USART pins. When setting the pins as Alternate Function, I have to set the Output Speed of those pins. (I set them at 50Mhz.) Reading the reference

  • STM32 GPIO ConfigurationSeptember 2

    I am trying to figure out some online resource to figure out how to configure the GPIO Registers on an STM32F4 Cortex M4 board. I only have examples for the Cortex M4 typedef struct { __IO uint32_t MODER; /*!< GPIO port mode register, Address offset:

  • stm32: Set GPIO clock and data pins as fast as possibleJuly 30

    I have an STM32 that toggles 9 GPIO pins repeatedly (1 clock pin and 8 data pins to load an FPGA image using SelectMap). I am doing this using the standard library function GPIO_WriteBit that modifies one GPIO bit, and changing one pin at a time. Unf

  • STM32 Understanding GPIO Settings

    STM32 Understanding GPIO SettingsFebruary 25

    In STM32 Standard Peripheral library, we need to configure the GPIO. But there are 3 functions which I not sure how to configure them; GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_Speed GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_OType GPIO_InitStructure.GPIO_PuPd In the GPIO_Speed, there a

  • GPIO/PCIe programingJanuary 20

    I want to connect a PCIe 16x 3.0 GPU card to a Raspberry pi. I don't mind lo loose bandwidth, i just want to use the core GPU capabilities. So, the only idea that came out to my mind is to use the 26 GPIO RPi pins. I am concern about the GPIO/PCIe pr

  • STM32 SPI half duplex (1-wire Bidirectional) problemSeptember 23

    Update: see my answer for fix. I'm trying to read 4 byte from a SPI-compatible slave (MAX31855) in 1-wire bidirectonal SPI half-duplex. Here is my code [SW Controlled SS] [SO->MOSI] #include <libopencm3/stm32/rcc.h> #include <libopencm3/stm32/

  • STM32F207 I2C errorsFebruary 7

    I am learning embedded development on the STM3220G-EVAL board with the STM32F207 microcontroller. I am testing the I2C interface by interfacing the two I2C2 and I2C3 modules on the same chip and sending/receiving a character. Here is the code I have

  • What to look for in an oscilloscope?January 28

    I'm getting back into basic electronics with an Arduino after many years away from the hobby, and I've forgotten a lot of my knowledge. One thing I'm finding is that I really need to get an oscilloscope to assist in designing filtering circuits to gi

  • How to analyse timing report for Xilinx FPGAJune 25

    I'm trying to learn FPGA programming, my test project is a 5 stage pipelined MIPS CPU, which works. Up until now I have been optimising for area utilisation, however this has caused a very slow clock speed (~50MHz). I have been looking at the post ma

  • Received waveform frequency is way too low than it was sent

    Received waveform frequency is way too low than it was sentAugust 17

    I am using Quartus 12.1 sp1, vhdl and Altera Nios II programmed in C code for DE0-Nano Development. Basically, what I have is, data is sent from fpga vhdl block to NIos II system, Nios II system sends the data to serial port, Matlab access the serial

  • MCU - What's going to happen if I put a PWM output pin right next to a bunch of ADC input pins?

    MCU - What's going to happen if I put a PWM output pin right next to a bunch of ADC input pins?October 8

    I'm currently considering a MCU-driven circuit that will do a variety of things, including drive some BLDC motors and do some analog sensing (of position sensors, temperatures and the like). The designers of the chip I'd like to use (an STM32F4, FWIW

  • How config STM32 with two different Clock speeds

    How config STM32 with two different Clock speedsFebruary 22

    I'm using STM32F103RE for implementing a time-consuming operation. This device is connected to PC via USB port. I'm not expert in configuring these MCU, but seems when it configures to communicate via USB, It can't use maximum possible processing spe

  • how can a GPIO of stm32 have many alternative functions?May 2

    I am working on the assignments of pins of STM32F103ZET1. On page 31 of datasheet, it says that PA0 has many alternative functions: TIM2_CH1_ETR \ USART2_CTS \ WKUP \ ADC123_IN0 \ TIM5_CH1 \ TIM8_ETR. From the reference manual, I know that TIM2_CH1_E

  • STM32, simulating SPI/I2S with GPIOJanuary 27

    I'm trying to simulate SPI with GPIO on STM32F4. The task is to read PDM microphone data. I tried to do this by: Generate 1 MHz clock, using STM32 TIM14, on GPIO PF9, as SCLK in SPI protocol When TIM14 updates, read 1-bit data in it's interrupt handl

  • STM32 Timer to control GPIOFebruary 28

    I'm trying to output a slow clock (4kHz) on an I/O from the STM32F0. I'm wondering what the advantage is (if any) of using one of the timer pins to output this clock vs toggling another GPIO on the timer interrupts. I was thinking I could do PWM mode

  • DMA between GPIO and SRAM on STM32November 17

    Here I am trying to move the data at the SRAM location 0x20000010 into the ODR register of the GPIOE of STM32f303. But it is not happening for me(I an not see the data change in the ODR while debugging) . I dont understand why. Can any one help me ou

  • AVR and STM32 ARM GPIOs state when IC is unpoweredFebruary 12

    I'd like to make a device combined two controllers: ATMega64 I already familiar with and ARM Cortex-M0 STM32F051 I'd like to be familiar with. I'd like to directly connect GPIOs of two controllers. I hope that I will be able to choose which controlle

  • STM32 F205VCT6: GPIO B Port 6 and 7 do not work?March 18

    I'm using the STM32 F205VCT6. I have a simple blinking LED program written in C++ with VisualGDB (and VS 2013 Community). It works fine for pins like A1 and E2, but it doesn't for B6 and B7, where I want to plug in USART. Does the processor block it

  • Reprogramming STM32 when using SWD pins as GPIONovember 23

    I have prototyped a new design, but being short on pins I was forced to utilise the SWD pins as GPIO. I know when this is done it messes with the ability to program the chip as easily, giving the 'No target connected' message until the BOOT0 pin is p

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