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Sultan Rom encryption

  • Best way to protect a server with encryptionApril 2

    I am planning to deploy a server at a customer location, probably either of linux/bsd based system. How can I ensure that the server is protected from data-theft/replication, for eg. someone(maybe customer himself) making duplicate copies of the disk

  • Are there any known rom(s) with full device encryption incorporated? July 2

    Possible Duplicate: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? Are there any recommendable known rom(s) with full device/disk encryption incorporated? Device specs: Samsung ARM Cortex A8 processor at 1GHz, and 512MB RAM, right now r

  • If I encrypt my phone will I still be able to load custom ROMs?August 3

    Are there any issues with enabling full encryption and loading custom ROMs or will it be seamless? --------------Solutions------------- Encryption is done on the /data partition (where all app-data is stored). However, /sdcard is sometimes encrypted

  • How to install a ROM with CWM when /data (and /sdcard) are encrypted and I can't reformat them?March 2

    I used to run CyanogenMod 9.1 with device encryption on my Galaxy S3, and decided today that I wanted to try a CM 10 nightly. A problem with device encryption that I didn't know about before is that it's impossible to turn off. ClockworkMod Recovery

  • Is 4.0+ Disk Encryption compatible with Custom Recovery/KitKat ROMs?December 15

    There is a prior question that answers this for Android 3.0 but some stuff I have read elsewhere has said that installing TWRP will not work with encryption in more recent versions of Android, so I wanted to double check and see if anyone here knows

  • Fast way to update custom ROM on encrypted phone?January 21

    If I add corporate (exchange) account to my phone I am forced to use PIN and now it even forces me to encrypt the phone. I have not done it yet but I need to. I udate my ROM - cyanogenmod - quite often. Now I have no idea if I am going to be able to

  • Possible to flash factory ROMs on an encrypted phone using fastboot?November 15

    I have the storage on my Nexus 4 encrypted using Android's built-in encryption feature. I'd like to update to 4.4 using one of the factory images provided by Google. If I follow the standard script included in the tarball (removing the option to wipe

  • Truecrypt: Encrypt entire drive without having a CD/DVD driveJanuary 9

    When I try to encrypt my laptop using TrueCrypt, it wants me to create a rescue disk and verify it. However, the laptop does not have a CD drive or a DVD drive, and I don't own something that can be connected to it. So, how do I proceed? I guess that

  • What should I encrypt in Debian during install?March 15

    I have seen various guides and recommendations on web about how best to do this but nothing that clearly explains the best way and why. So I understand there is a need for part of Debian during install to be un-encrypted on its own partition to allow

  • How to password protect an external hard drive without encrypting it?August 12

    I carry my external hard drive around with me sometimes, and was wondering if there was a way to password protect the entire drive, with no hassles or anything, just a simple password protection...if possible this solution should prevent someone from

  • How can I easily encrypt a file?

    How can I easily encrypt a file?September 26

    Is there any simple (IE: right click in Nautilus) way to password protect a particular folder/file in Ubuntu? I've got a few files containing sensitive info and I'd much prefer that if/when I leave my computer alone, they aren't accidentally accessed

  • Encrypt the phone's internal storageJanuary 10

    Is there a way to encrypt my phone's internal memory, in the same way you would encrypt a computer's partition? Ideally, the phone would always ask for the password when booting, and even if someone had physical access to the phone and plugged it int

  • Can you tell whether I have a hardware or software problem with a DVD-ROM drive?January 15

    Trying to copy the content of a DVD on a Asrock ION 330 running Maverick, i.e. with: dd if=/dev/sr0 of=dvdcopy ...I get errors in /var/log/messages: Jan 15 17:18:15 asrock kernel: [ 2616.445966] sr 1:0:0:0: [sr0] Unhandled sense code Jan 15 17:18:15

  • Does flashing a custom ROM require root access?January 26

    It was recently brought to my attention that it does not. Can someone confirm this and explain what the determining characteristics are that dictate whether or not root its required to flash a custom ROM? --------------Solutions------------- Methods

  • Rescuing an encrypted hard driveApril 19

    A friend of mine asked me to encrypt the hard drive on his netbook (running Windows Vista) so I used TrueCrypt's full-system encryption to do it. All is well. Except now he forgot his Windows login password (still knows the hard drive unlocking one,

  • Full encryption with Android?May 8

    I have an LG GT540 Optimus with Android. How can I encrypt all my filesystems to ensure that if it gets stolen, no one will get my passwords, contacts, etc.. :\ ? Thank you! --------------Solutions------------- From my post to the link GAThrawn calle

  • Is there any known full device/disk encryption software for android 2.2?July 2

    I have not found anything in the app store or other stores, Is there any known full device/disk encryption software for android 2.2, that you have test on your device? if so what is the device? FYI:I know honeycomb supports this natively, but my devi

  • What's the difference between an AOSP ROM and a stock ROM?October 16

    I'd like to know what's the difference between these two. What are the Advantages or Disadvantages of using a AOSP ROM vs a Stock ROM? Is it just the Theme/Skin/UI and Bloatware that's different or is there something else? --------------Solutions----

  • Need simple file encryption for unskilled Mac and Windows usersJanuary 13

    I need to give my boss backup copies of some sensitive data. I want to encrypt the data, but she needs to be able to decrypt it on her own, without technical support (as long as she has the password, of course). Additionally, the decryption might nee

  • Can I safely downgrade an encrypted Asus Transformer TF101 from to 23

    I want to root my encrypted Asus Transformer TF101 (Firmware; Serial B80...) and install a custom ROM. I read that the only way to do this is by downgrading to stock and then using Razorclaw. I know that using tablet encryption with

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