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switch carrier in lenovo a6000 plus

  • Switch carrier errorDecember 3

    I have Lenovo A6000 plus. Still running on 4.4.4 I tried update my OS via Lenovo update as I haven't done it a long time and Lollipop is there Download seems fine, and it changed into recovery mode to update. Then I get a error saying"your phone has

  • Wipe iphone, switch carriers, get new carrier-locked iphone, restore?March 31

    Let's say I have an AT&T iphone 5. I regularly back it up with itunes. I decide to switch carriers to Verizon. I wipe my iphone, sell it, and get a brand new Verizon iphone 5. Can I simply plug that iphone into itunes, do a restore from backup, and h

  • lenovo A6000 not bootingJune 12

    I have a Lenovo a6000 which I recently flashed and when it rebooted I cant even see the logo and if I press the power button it just vibrates again and again in a few intervals,I tried to boot into recovery by pressing volume up and power button but

  • How to turn off animation in Lenovo A6000 Plus

    How to turn off animation in Lenovo A6000 Plus July 24

    This question already has an answer here: Disable window animations when the menu option is missing? 1 answer I am using Lenovo A6000 Plus smartphone. I want to turn off all the animations. But in Developer options there are only few options. The ani

  • booting Android lenovo A6000+August 7

    I am using lenovo A6000+ phone. I have rooted it earlier with kingroot app, and recently there was system update, so I downloaded update and tried to install it but at the time of rebooting there were options for system recovery, first I choose to "i

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus - Stuck on white screen on boot up after rooting the deviceAugust 17

    I am using Lenovo A6000 Plus. Recently, I have rooted my Android phone. After rooting, it's not booting up now. It's just displaying white screen. I have tried go to the recovery mode by pressing (Hold POWER + Vol up) but it's not working in my phone

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus boots into recovery mode after downloading system updatesOctober 21

    Today I downloaded updates for my Lenovo A6000 Plus. It asked for rebooting so I hit OK. But when it reboots, it says like: Android System Recovery <3e>. The options it shows are: reboot system now apply update from ADB wipe data/factory reset wipe

  • Android 4.4.4 lenovo a6000 plus. Apps Not working post encryptionNovember 24

    I encrypted my lenovo a6000 plus (with android 4.4.4). Most of the apps (the ones which were installed by me from play store and not pre-installed) are not operating now showing the following error: * The application is temporarily unavailable The re

  • Activate unsubsidized iPhone 5 - can I later switch carriers?December 18

    I'm living in Germany and recieved an unused iPhone 5 A1429 without SIM or contract as a gift. I'm planning to use it abroad, likely with prepaid SIM cards. The phone is not activated yet and I am very much afraid of it being locked to the first netw

  • Wireless switch controls Bluetooth - Lenovo Thinkpad - Ubuntu 12.10February 27

    On Windows the key was intended to control both wireless and Bluetooth but on Ubuntu the switch key when pressed only enables/disables Bluetooth and the wireless network adapter is absent under network settings too. --------------Solutions-----------

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus, Rom got crashed while updating to newer version, Stuck with Android System RecoveryOctober 30

    I own Lenovo A600 plus and recently while updating from android 4.4 to the newer version it got crashed. Now all I can see is the android system recovery <3e> screen with reboot system now option which brings me again to this screen. Other options a

  • Lenovo tools for windows 7: can't re-enable wireless

    Lenovo tools for windows 7: can't re-enable wirelessNovember 27

    Consider a netbook - Lenovo S10e with Windows 7 and the S10 Lenovo power management tools. Machine has factory BIOS. Fn+F5 is the key combo to toggle the wireless radio on/off. The tool allows the disabling fine; works as expected. The problem is tha

  • Lenovo Ideapad s10-3 Wireless Disabled ProblemJanuary 10

    I installed Ubuntu 10.10 to my Lenovo s10-3 a couple of weeks ago. At first there was no problem but yesterday when I tried to connect to internet, I realized that my "wireless" seemed as disabled. I googled about this issue and tried some codes

  • Routing using switches instead of routerOctober 17

    So I have a SAN connected to VM hosts using a 100mb CISCO router. Apparently this results in a maximum data transfer rate of 12mbps, which is very poor. There is full redundancy between the SAN and the hosts using 2 switches which are HP ProCurve 291

  • Spanning-tree setup with incompatible switchesJune 28

    I have a set of eight HP ProCurve 2910al-48G Ethernet switches at my datacenter that are set up in a star topology with no physical loops. I want to partially mesh the switches for redundancy and manage the loops with a spanning-tree protocol. Howeve

  • Is there any (major) difference between the Galaxy Note 3 on different US carriers?October 15

    I am currently a loyal Verizon customer, and have been pretty much forever. My current phone is a Galaxy Nexus, and my previous phone was a Droid, and the carrier has been fairly hands-off with these "stock" Android models. I'm currently out of

  • My Rooted Note 4 needs a new carrierMarch 7

    I have a galaxy note 4 from T-Mobile the phone is rooted. Now I need to switch carriers to At&t. I have the code to unlock the phone but I need to know (if I put the new at&t Sim-card in my phone will I brick my phone? Do I need to unroot phone?)

  • Windows 7 installation stuck at drivers

    Windows 7 installation stuck at driversOctober 21

    I am installing Windows 7 on my computer, but it always gets stuck at the point where it asks for the drivers. I have changed the BIOS settings to default, but it's not working. I also tried with a flash drive by making it bootable, but it shows the

  • can I sync contacts, calendars and music from Android to Ubuntu?January 5

    The only thing preventing me from moving over to Ubuntu completely is my iPhone. I'd happily consider switching to an Android phone if it had proper sync support in ubuntu. I'd like to sync contacts (Google contacts) calendars (Google calendar) music

  • Does Froyo fix Samsung Galaxy S I9000's GPS problem?October 28

    There have been reports that Samsung Galaxy S has problems with its GPS that render the GPS almost unusable. Does the Android 2.2 update fix that? --------------Solutions------------- Personally, I didn't find anything wrong with the GPS on mine (AT&

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