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  • Tasker profile kills all alarmsSeptember 7

    I have a tasker profile set up to kill alarms labelled "something" and launch an app. I have noticed it kills all my alarms, including those without a label. I am running cyanogenmod on a galaxy s3. What is causing this problem and how can I fix

  • How to setup a Tasker profile to switch ariplane mode at night UNLESS I actually use the phone?October 1

    I'd like to switch all radio communications off for night, that is airplane mode. However, sometimes I drive during night, sometimes I stay awake for late. So it is difficult to set it up just with specified hours. My clever idea is to use more condi

  • How to load a preset list of Tasker profiles into another user's installation of TaskerOctober 18

    I'm new to both Android and Tasker. I have two Android devices, and have created a bunch of Tasker profiles/scenes/tasks on Device 1 and would like to have those same profiles/scenes/tasks on Device 2, but don't want to enter all of them in again. Is

  • Is it possible to create 100+ tasker profiles from a spreadsheet?December 3

    I'm looking to create multiple tasker profiles that trigger based upon DOB of a client and send a SMS wishing them a happy birthday. That's easy enough, but replicating the same thing time after time over 100 times is pretty time consuming. Does anyb

  • Tasker profile that switches network to 2G when the phone is chargingFebruary 16

    I would really appreciate it if someone could whip up a nice Tasker profile which switches network mode to 2G immediately my rooted OnePlus 2 detects a charge state. A drawback of OnePlus 2 is the lack of a fast charge feature so it can take a while

  • What Tasker Profiles do you use? July 31

    In a similar vein to this question, I'm interested in finding any useful recipes for Tasker. I've found several profiles and "Step Throughs" on their wiki, but would be interested in any others that people have found helpful. --------------Solut

  • How do I check if Tasker is the application in focus using a Tasker profile?July 22

    I want to execute a few tasks whenever I am active on Tasker (e.g. editing profiles, viewing settings, etc). However, the problem is I can't see it on the list of applications that's usable when creating a profile. Am I missing something? -----------

  • How Can I Stop This Tasker Profile From Toggling Back and Forth?April 27

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Tasker 4.0u1 installed. I have a "Low Light" profile which activates ScreenFilter when %LIGHT == 0 (and I'm not in certain apps which don't react well to the filter being turned on). In dark situations, this works

  • Tasker profile with state doesn't activateMay 1

    I'm trying to write a little program in Tasker, therefor I need a profile that is activated when a certain variable is set. However the profile does not activate, it does not go green. In the vars tab I can see that the variable is actually set. I kn

  • Tasker profile that enables/disables wi-fiMay 26

    How can make it so wi-fi gets disabled automatically when screen gets locked, if possible after 1 minute or so? Then enabled automatically when screen gets unlocked. My screen is set to lock after 30 seconds or so also, is it possible to turn off wif

  • Is there a way to sync tasker profiles?January 19

    I use tasker on all of my android devices. That includes my work and personal phone and tablet. They all pretty much run the exact same jobs but all I can find is some really rudimentary way of exporting a file to a very specific location. it's prett

  • Tasker profile always get loopFebruary 6

    im new to tasker and want to set a profile. I made a profile when 8pm to 10pm + open android central app, will run task to launch filter app. In the filter app run shell to hit on button and hit "back" button to AC app. But when back to AC app m

  • What have i done wrong in this Tasker profile?December 28

    I'm trying to activate a recorder app with voice commands. I'm using Google Now and Autovoice Recognized for the voice command (via my bluetooth headset) and Autoinput to open and stop the app (unsuccessfully- it never mimics my actions properly). He

  • Execute task if tasker profile has been active for some timeFebruary 10

    How can I execute a tasker task only after a certain condition has been true for a certain time? Normally a profile executes its task as soon as all conditions are met. I want to delay this activation, until the conditions have stayed true for some t

  • Leaving work profile for TaskerOctober 4

    I'm using Tasker, and maybe I'm just trying too hard, but I can't seem to set up multiple conditions in the way that I want to. Here's what I'm trying to do: From M - F (8AM - 5PM), set the phone to silent mode... which is pretty easy. After 5PM roll

  • Tasker duty cycling wifi profile

    Tasker duty cycling wifi profileNovember 16

    I'm trying to get the hang of Tasker but failing a bit. I was wondering if somebody could explain how to create the following profile? I think if I manage to go through an intermediate profile, I'll understand it better. So basically, I want a profil

  • How can I enable mobile data periodically with Tasker?August 24

    I tried juicedefender and it does exactly what I want, but since I already have tasker running all the time I am looking for a tasker recipe. I would like the accomplish the following behaviour: Disable mobile data when screen locked and there is no

  • Using Tasker to block a specific numberApril 5

    I was wondering if someone could help me with setting up a tasker profile to block an incoming call from a particular number. I've seen tutorials on how to block unknown callers or callers not in my contacts list, but I'd like to be able to specify a

  • How does NFC Task Launcher toggle Power Saving and how can I get Tasker to do it?April 8

    So I've noticed that NFC Task Launcher can toggle the Power Saving mode for the Galaxy s3. Obviously then, this is not a secure setting that requires root access (eg. turning GPS on / off). So is it possible to automate this (the turning on and off o

  • Profile based on location(s)May 30

    I am an independent contractor who has trouble keeping his time sheet up to date. Is it possible to create a tasker profile or task to do either of the following? When leaving from this list of locations between a certain time and day of the week, re

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