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tinyproxy over httptunnel

  • Multi-threaded alternative to tinyproxy?August 7

    Are there any free, light-weight, single-process (e.g. multi-threaded, asyncore) HTTP forward proxy software? Tinyproxy works great, but it uses multiple processes like (Apache's) prefork. HAProxy and nginx are reverse proxies don't seem to have forw

  • TinyProxy: blank screenAugust 16

    I'm trying to serve some pages via TinyProxy. When I change my Firefox proxy settings to: localhost:8888 (yes, I'm using a tunnel), all I get is a white screen? When I comment out the line: Listen x.x.x.x (the address of my server) I get a 403 error:

  • tinyproxy authenticationJanuary 28

    I am confused as to how to set up username/password restrictions on tinyproxy (so that not all the world can access it - ip alow/block has limited use in my setup). Any pointers? Thank you! --------------Solutions------------- Tinyproxy doesn't suppo

  • ssh + tinyproxy: poor performanceSeptember 6

    I am currently in China and I would like to still visit some blocked websites (facebook, youtube). I have VPS in the USA and I have installed tinyproxy on it. I log in on my VPS with SSH port-forwarding and I have configured my browser appropriately.

  • tinyproxy install via apt-get failing to create config fileSeptember 23

    I put together an ubuntu 12.04 server a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed fine until this morning. Suddenly, I'm having trouble installing new packages - at first I thought there was something wrong with tinyproxy and so I tried installing sq

  • Howto create a transparent https proxy with firehol and tinyproxy?November 9

    I have a transparent proxy setup in Ubuntu 10.04.4 with firehol and tinyproxy that works fine for http but I can't get it to work for https. Connecting to tinyproxy directly works fine as the following commands complete ok: env http_proxy=localhost:8

  • tinyproxy with user authentificationDecember 31

    Does anybody have a solution that'll make tinyproxy work with user authentification like pam_auth at the squid proxy? I don't want to create a SSH-Tunnel and allow only localhost. --------------Solutions------------- In searching through the project'

  • Tinyproxy to allow all incoming requests June 24

    I recently set up the Tinyproxy on a VPS server, I am trying to access it from a external IP, but it doesn't allow me, come up with HTTP/403 Error Code. I have already configured the tinyproxy.conf to allow my IP to access it and I even restarted the

  • Running tinyproxy through proxychainsMarch 18

    Is it possible to run tinyproxy through proxychains? I want to be able to configure applications to run through proxychains, by running through local proxy So far, I've tried adding LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux/libproxychans.so.3 to /e

  • Make squid (or tinyproxy) return cache EVERYTHING and return hits on Internet outageMarch 28

    I am wondering how to configure squid (or tinyproxy) to cache EVERYTHING and return HTTP 200 hits, even on Internet outage or if original source is 404? Basically, I want squid to look in the cache and return whatever it finds there. I have read the

  • Reversed ssh through httptunnelAugust 25

    I used ssh tunnels (via ssh -R ...) to connect machines in uncertain network environments to a central server from where I can establish ssh connections to them. This way I already use two ssh connections just to establish one. For tunneling a firewa

  • Tinyproxy to redirect http traffic to httpsSeptember 9

    I'm attempting to redirect all http traffic towards https traffic. I currently have stunnel listening on port 443 which does it's job well. I have now installed Tinyproxy which I want to listen on port 80 and redirect. I found this little jewel confi

  • Configure Openvpn and tinyproxy both at the same time In openwrtOctober 20

    I'm building VPN router using Raspberry_pi and openwrt chaos calmer on top of it. I have successfully configured the pi and achieve the Openvpn functionalities without any issues. Pi connect Openvpn server directly at the boot time and act as an open

  • Tinyproxy Refused CONNECT methodOctober 22

    I'm trying to configure tinyproxy and it throws the following error in the log file when I'm checking it via Proxifier checker: CONNECT Oct 22 11:39:59 [13230]: Connect (file descriptor 6): 81-*-*-*.utk.ru [81.*.*.*] CONNECT Oct 22 11:39:59 [13230]:

  • Invalid argument error in httptunnel clientNovember 5

    I'm trying to use httptunnel for tunnel a connection like this: on Server: sudo hts -F localhost:10000 81 nc -l -p 10000 On Client: sudo htc -F 7777 server_ip_address:81 telnet 7777 but telnet fails: Trying Connected to 127.0.0

  • How to stop tinyproxy from using "Proxy-Connection" header

    How to stop tinyproxy from using "Proxy-Connection" headerNovember 13

    I just setup tinyproxy for the first time, and I'm trying to make it mimic a normal connection as closely as possible. I already disabled the Via header, but I'm not sure how to change the Proxy-Connection:keep-alive header. I would like for it to si

  • google result redirect virusJune 10

    I'm not so sure if this is the appropriate place for this, however I accidentally clicked this link which opened a video and infected my windows 2003 std server with this virus which not only creates popup ads but also redirects whatever link I click

  • POP Through HTTP ProxyJuly 2

    Is there any way we can connect to a POP server through an HTTP proxy? The server is standard POP/SMTP MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), while the client connect from behind a firewalled network with an HTTP proxy setup for internet traffic. Can POP traffic

  • Setting up a proxy server that uses a vpn connectionJuly 20

    My thoughts are like this: I have this external vpn service that I am connecting to. But Is it possible for me to set up a local proxy server that uses that vpn connection, so applications that connects throu that proxy uses the vpn? This is applies

  • tunnel over https proxy server (client-server model)September 9

    I need to get reliable Internet connection behind a restrictive firewall. facts: firewall handless HTTP CONNECT to anywhere as long as it goes to destination port 443 I have some servers publicly accessible on Internet but they are all handling traff

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