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TMP36 measuring human temp

  • Using K-type thermocouple to measure human body temperatureMarch 28

    Is there anything I need to he aware of when using K-type thermocouples? I got the idea by touching the probe. I can get a reading when measuring temperature for 30 seconds using a DMM. A commercial electronic thermometer needs around minutes for the

  • Measure human voice for ambient noise level

    Measure human voice for ambient noise levelMay 14

    I need to develop an ambient noise level to measure the loduness in an office. Sometimes during the day people raise their voice more than they should and a lot of confusion is created. So this device should be installed somewhere, like on the table

  • What waterproof temperature sensor do I need to measure water temp using an arduino mega?

    What waterproof temperature sensor do I need to measure water temp using an arduino mega?May 14

    I consider myself a complete novice when it comes to electronics. My current project consists of measuring water temperature using an arduino mega. What parts will I need to complete this project? So far I searched sparkfun and arrived at this: http:

  • What is the maximum audio bitrate humans can distinguish? August 31

    Some audio bitrates go as high as 256kbps. But I have listen to very very clear music with 92kbps. I became suspicious that beyond a certain bitrate of x kbps the average human ear cannot tell the difference at all. What is x? Though the question is

  • Applying the copy-swap idiom to humans and employeesMarch 31

    I came across this post which explains the copy and swap idiom. However I could not find this idiom applied to classes that have base classes. Following is my attempt of a copy-swap idiom applied to class constructors and assignment operators. In the

  • Human touch pins on MCU (atmega328p) directly or other components needed?

    Human touch pins on MCU (atmega328p) directly or other components needed?January 3

    I would use atmega328p to read the pulses transferred in human's body. So I wonder if that's good to directly expose the pins of the chip. Or there should be some type of components for protection and noise filtering. e.g. maybe a 1n ceramic cap in s

  • Why would my computer all of sudden reset clock, show new boot screen, and run fans loud?

    Why would my computer all of sudden reset clock, show new boot screen, and run fans loud?October 23

    I bought a new computer one year ago, it's worked fine (Windows 7). A few months ago, it started to not boot unless I removed my USB headphones connected to a USB hub, everything else worked fine. Today I pressed the space bar by mistake while the co

  • 4-20mA Current LoopsFebruary 16

    Why was 4mA and 20mA picked? Was it an arbitrary choice? I don't see this signalling method used much in hobbyist projects, why's that? What are these current signalling loops best for? --------------Solutions------------- 4-20mA loops are used a lot

  • My computer freezes irregularly

    My computer freezes irregularlyJune 26

    My computer started to freeze at irregular times for 3 weeks now. Please note that this question change with each things that i try. (For additional details) What happens My computer freezes, the video stops. (No graphic glitches, it just stops) Soun

  • Isn't all user testing essentially a way of gathering how people think things should work?July 12

    When user testing is performed, users are often presented with a serious of variations of a product and observed to see where they excelled and where they had trouble. People will often click in areas that are not intended to be clicked on, or may tr

  • Soft i2c with Sensirion SHT21 sensors on Arduino MegaApril 4

    I have tried checking with an oscilloscope on the analogue pins when the sensor is plugged in and I don't seem to get anything as I normally would. The hardware i2c channel works just fine on the mega, its the soft ones I am trying to use that don't

  • How can we get into the user's mindset?

    How can we get into the user's mindset?August 13

    As security folk, we tend to over- or under-estimate the capabilities and educatedness of our users, especially in terms of resistance to social engineering attacks. Stereotypically, this is due to us all being basement-dwelling social rejects, but m

  • Touching Person-to-Person

    Touching Person-to-PersonSeptember 26

    Is there any way to detect skin touching or no-touching between two people? Maybe using capacitive sensing or any other methods? It doesn't need recognizing gesture, only yes-or-no-touching. The constraints are: Two people in the classroom. (Each per

  • Any tools/suggestions on how to refute code coverage quality argumentJune 20

    Now I know people could consider this question duplicate or asked many times, in which case I would appreciate a link to relevant questions with answer to my question. I have been recently in disagreement with some folks about code coverage. I have a

  • How is current controlled in high power applications?

    How is current controlled in high power applications?October 31

    When working with electronics, it is quite easy to regulate current with a resistor, potentiometer, switcher, etc. But take a simple high power application such as an electric stove. What method is used to control the current through the burners. The

  • normal motherboard and CPU tempratureFebruary 7

    What is normal temperature of motherboard and CPU ? Details : Model : Toshiba SATELLITE T130 Mainboard : Toshiba SATELLITE T130 Total Memory : 3.84GB DDR3 SO-DIMM Processor : Genuine Intel(R) CPU U4100 @ 1.30GHz (2C 1.3GHz, 2MB L2) SpeedFan app shows

  • User safety for battery powerd device against misuse of power supplyJuly 10

    I want to design a safety circuit for a battery powered device which measures human body impedance. It is intended to be powered only by an external battery pack (5V) via a USB cable. But I want to make sure that even if device is connected to wrong

  • Creating a cron job and watching its output in real timeJune 6

    When I look at the questions and answers on this forum, it seems like the threshold to ask a question is very high. At least for someone like me, with very little knowledge of Linux. Most of the questions about cron jobs are out of my league, includi

  • How do I use arrays in combination with constructors?January 17

    I'm currently making a depression-simulation program where I created Human objects that have multiple parameters which alter the way the depression will affect them. My issue is that I am able to create singular human objects, such as Human steve = n

  • Not sorting right in ascending order when last element is the biggest in JavaJanuary 17

    Hi guys i'm new in coding and i've faced a little issue with my sorting the last few days. If i have 3 elements, lets say 1-3-2, sorting works fine, but when i have the biggest number in the end ( 2-1-3) it doesnt work at all. I can't find any soluti

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