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Type has no subscript members

  • How to differentiate two types of gift subscriptions

    How to differentiate two types of gift subscriptionsJuly 14

    We currently offer two different gift subscription types. There is a one time gift, and a recurring gift. I'm trying to figure out the best terminology for the user to understand what a recurring gift is. (auto renewed). As an example, a user who pur

  • Subscript an Arrary of generics type: error: Cannot subscript a value of type '[T]'February 6

    How to solve this problem? protocol Mappable { ... } class Foo { item:AnyObject } class SomeClass<T:Mappable> { var someObject = Foo() var items:[T] ... func someFunction() { someObject.item = items[index] // error: Cannot subscript a value of type

  • How to identify unique dictionary key of type RateIdentifier with certains members equal to something?January 27

    I have a dictionary _customRates with keys of type RateIdentifier and values of type customRate. Type T looks like this: public RateIdentifier(int id, string name, Currency currency1, Currency currency2) Now, I have a particular currency1 and currenc

  • Type "Patient" has no subscript memberJanuary 30

    I have a global class named 'Patient' and a global variable of type 'Patient' class Patient{ var id: Int var name: String var mileage: Double init(id:Int, name:String, mileage:Double){ self.id = id self.name = name self.mileage = mileage } } var pSam

  • Membership / subscription plugins - alternatives November 22

    Does anyone have recommendations (backed by experience) for a membership plugin that can Provide for recurring subscriptions via PayPal Allow selected posts to be visible only to subscription members Allow selected posts to have come content that can

  • Restrict User Type to buy a Product Type in Drupal CommerceApril 11

    I am selling membership type without using subscription module as it doesn't fit into my scenario. I am assiging role by help of rules as per Randy screencast & it works nice for me. Now the problem is with renewal of the membership. So I have to set

  • How would you represent an object that can be of multiple types, when storing it as a document in MongoDB?March 8

    Somewhat related to this question, say that I have an object category which, depending on which type of object I have, has different restrictions on what it contains. (if you can reword the previous sentence to make more sense I'd appreciate it) For

  • auto login after registeration for wp-members pluginOctober 12

    I've tried to do automatic login to wordpress after registering with password when using WP-Members plugin. I don't have a blog so I decided to write it here, so it may be helpful for someone. I'm not really good in programming wordpress plugins. And

  • How to enter textual subscripts and superscripts?

    How to enter textual subscripts and superscripts?February 10

    When I add a sub- or superscript to a letter in a "Text" cell using the "Writing Assistant" palette this letter becomes Italic: Moreover the letter "v" in the subscript is wrongly formatted as being a variable. How to typeset

  • Underscore vs. subscript in new command with fancyvrb

    Underscore vs. subscript in new command with fancyvrbNovember 13

    I'm using fancyvrb to have math in my verbatim environment as suggested here. I use a math escape command like so: \newcommand{\m}[1]{$#1$} But underscores are not being type set as subscripts, they are showing up as underscores. \begin{Verbatim}[com

  • Using raw types in Java method signaturesDecember 3

    In general I try to avoid using raw types in the signature of methods in the libraries I develop. However, lately I am starting to relax this (self-adopted) rule-of-thumb, and I am starting to write raw types more often than before. For example, assu

  • Custom Post Type Pretty StructureDecember 18

    I am customizing a wordpress installation with a custom post type and have a problem with the permalink structure. I added a team_member CPT, and the contents should be visible in a specific URL: /about-us/team/%team_member%/. The other pages of the

  • class in OOP language and typeJanuary 21

    In programming language theory, a type is a set of values. E.g. the type "int" is the set of all integer values. In OOP languages, a class is a type, is it? When a class is defined with more than one members, e.g. class myclass{ int a; double b;

  • Macro to build type declarationFebruary 19

    These are some macros to help build a traits class (for the parser/printer classes I am building). Traits.h #ifndef THORS_ANVIL_SERIALIZE_TRAITS_H #define THORS_ANVIL_SERIALIZE_TRAITS_H #include <string> #include <tuple> /* * Macros for counti

  • Extend a subscription automatically or manually?April 24

    We offer different type of annual subscriptions. At this time, we inform the customer 2 months before his subscriptions will end, that we are going to extend his subscriptions automatically. If he don't want the subscription anymore, he need to resig

  • Limit the ability to add records of a type to a related listJuly 14

    I need to be able to control creation of records when they are related to a specific record type. Here is the details: "Research Items" is a custom object with 5 record types. "Subscriptions" is a custom object, related to Contact and

  • Optional base class template to get conditional data membersAugust 21

    In generic code, I sometimes want to conditionally add a data member to a class template. Writing separate template specializations scales as 2^N for N conditional data members. Absent a static_if feature, I have found the following user-defined clas

  • Confusion about data types, compilers, hardware data representation and static vs dynamic typing November 28

    I am trying to understand static vs dynamic typing, but am really struggling to see how everything fits together. It all starts with data types. As far as I understand, data types are quite abstract notions, which exist 'in' compilers in order to cat

  • administrator unable to trash custom post type

    administrator unable to trash custom post typeFebruary 2

    I have been pounding my head against a wall on this one. WordPress 4.4.1 | Divi (with child theme) | Using Members plugin 1.1.1 I have attempted to change the capabilities_type on a custom post type from the theme I'm using (Divi). I have cha

  • Single Queue or Multiple Queue on Azure, Multiple subscriptions on same topicFebruary 12

    In my application, we have different type of messages, like failure events, state change events etc. These events can further classified as process failed, machine failed etc. And we have different logic to handle different type of events (Process fa

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