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ubuntu 14.04 login loop after clamtk

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop IssueFebruary 22

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, and after a power failure, I cannot login. The computer has been working fine for a few months before this suddenly happened. Symptoms are: - After an login attempt, screen blacks out for about 15 seconds, and returns t

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login LoopMay 8

    I'm a new Ubuntu user and am learning as I go. The question I have is different from the other login loop problems posted here: ubuntu 14.04 login loop problem Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop Issue When I visit the Odin Project website, I am logged out of my

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop - need to create new user after every reboot?January 7

    I'm running ubuntu 14.04 on a virtual box within a windows 8 host machine. I've had the misfortune of stumbling upon the dreaded ubuntu 14.04 login loop after a sudo apt-get upgrade command, and have tried all suggestions (checking .Xauthority, reins

  • Ubuntu 13.04 Login Loop June 29

    This question already has an answer here: Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop 31 answers I have a problem with Ubuntu 13.04. I cannot log in to my account. I put the right password but there is an endless loop. (if i put wrong pass, it says "Invalid pa

  • Ubuntu 14.04 login loop - Guest sessions does not work eitherFebruary 13

    I have been using Ubuntu 14.04 soon after it is released. Today I messed something up with the Chinese input ibus, and I don't know if this is the reason at all, but when I reboot using sudo shutdown -r now, I cannot pass the login. I entered the cor

  • ubuntu 14.04 login loop problemFebruary 27

    My Ubuntu 14.04 is stuck, when trying to login my desktop. Means the screen gets black and soon after that the login screen comes back. I followed all steps in Ubuntu gets stuck in a Login Loop Even though my issue was not solved. --------------Solut

  • Ubuntu 14.04 login loop - graphics issue?March 18

    I am using a lenovo laptop, with dual booting Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 7. Everything worked fine, and I have been using Ubuntu without noticing any problem for a couple of months. But when I started my computer today, I found myself in a login loop.

  • Ubuntu 15.04 Login loopMay 18

    So , yesterday I was playing some cs go with the open source graphics, but my fps were too damn low , with a ati 270x (approximately 40-50 with breaks), so I decided to install the fgrlx drivers to see if the gains in fps were significantly high. The

  • Ubuntu 15.04 login loop in fresh installNovember 7

    I tried to install Ubuntu 15.04 and realized, that I stuck in login loop - compiz won't start. Install is fresh, I have this problem even if I try Ubuntu in live USB. I think it has something with video system, I have notebook with Radeon HD 5430/545

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop help December 2

    This question already has an answer here: Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop 31 answers I've been having serious trouble with Ubuntu 14.04 over the past two days. It had been working fine up until last night when I logged on and was met with a blank d

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop when .profile includes .bashrcJanuary 7

    I have seen multiple versions of questions asking how to solve the 'Login Loop' problem. I too had this problem and was able to solve it by moving my ~/.profile file to an unreconized file name and logging back in. My problem is that when I restore m

  • Ubuntu 14.04 login loop on gnome and unityFebruary 13

    When I want to log in to gnome or unity environment, it ends up in login loop but KDE works fine. Does anyone know where could be the problem?

  • Ubuntu 13.10 login loopOctober 20

    After typing my password it starts to load but then comes right back to login screen. I tried Ctrl+Alt+F_ but it doesn't work too, the screen gets black and after a while returns to the login screen. It seems related to the ATI driver that I installe

  • Ubuntu 12.04 Login Loop (without GUI)January 13

    I can't log in to a Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. Always it loops back to the login (I do not use the GUI!). One suggestion was to delete the .Xauthority file, but I don't have such a file (and this was more for the GUI login). In recovery mode I can enter to

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop from running startx in rootNovember 18

    I made a really big mistake and no other articles seem to be fixing this. I was trying to fix my new Ubuntu laptop that I bought because it has the username defualt (spelled wrong) and I didn't like the terminal showing [email protected] I think I w

  • Ubuntu 14.04 login loop VIRTUAL MACHINE on Windows 8.1 Virtual Box ATI RADEON GRAPHICSSeptember 1

    Laptop HP WINDOWS PRE INSTALLED ATI RADEON Graphics On Windows 8.1 I installed VIRTUALBOX and Installed Ubuntu. Now when i start my virtual machine i get into this login screen Loop. Before the login screen reappears i get this black screen. I have t

  • Ubuntu stuck in login loop and TTYs not workingMarch 6

    I installed ubuntu 13.10 in dual boot successfully, but after having updated my nvidia driver with apt-get, I can no longer sign in into my account, and after each authentification, the login screen is returning the same login screen. And the worst i

  • ubuntu 12.04 login loopMay 21

    I am having problem logging in to my ubuntu system. I have tried all suggestions I could find here. I can not login even in guest account. I tried gdm also, when I have both then there is no login prompt appearing. I removed gdm then again I got the

  • ubuntu 14.04 login loop and "incorrect login"November 17

    When I try to login on my Ubuntu account (guest also), it returns me back to login screen. I have tried several solutions here but it does not work. When I open tty, it asks me for the password. I type it in and it says "incorrect login". I have

  • Ubuntu 15.10 login loop for all usersDecember 19

    On a previously working install of Ubuntu 15.10, I rebooted and am now unable to log in to Unity with any users (main account or guest). I can log into my shell in another tty. I've tried all the suggested fixes in the highest-voted question on this

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