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ubuntu 14.04 panel name is missig

  • Netbeans 6.9 on Ubuntu not saving panel locationsAugust 10

    Whenever I fire up netbeans on ubuntu the locations of the panels from my last session is not saved, unlike the behavior on windows. I installed netbeans using OS independent package not through the package manager, and placed the extracted folder to

  • How do I install the Ubuntu One control panel?July 17

    Is it possible to install the new Ubuntu One control panel in Ubuntu versions 10.04 or 10.10? I referred this page, but it suggests of installing Nightly builds, while I'll prefer to have stable builds. --------------Solutions------------- We don't c

  • Ubuntu One Control Panel constantly says "File Sync Starting"December 10

    The file syncing process appears to have stalled. When I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 my system stopped working, and so I reinstalled 11.04. I then copied some of my files into the same folders that they are in in Ubuntu One (so, I copied the same mu

  • How do I install the older GTK version of the Ubuntu One Control Panel?March 9

    I am using the precise beta and totally hate the new qt based ubuntu one control panel. I would like to switch back to the old, pretty, gtk based control panel, and expect that it would still work. However, I don't know how to install the old control

  • Disable ubuntu unity launcher & panels when using vmware full screen

    Disable ubuntu unity launcher & panels when using vmware full screenSeptember 3

    When I put a vmware workstation in fullscreen mode, I am unable to click on things on the left edge of the virtual machine because Ubuntu captures the clicks and opens up the corresponding application on the unity launcher panel. For example when I g

  • When I add users in Ubuntu I get panel errors regarding an applet?July 19

    I have install Ubuntu & GNOME (with minimum possible number of packages). I can login and do anything I want. However, there is a strange thing: Whenever I log in, I see this message: Error The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GN

  • Ubuntu - No gnome-panels, no right-click, no internet, no hotkeysMarch 14

    Hey guys, I've been using Ubuntu (Maverick 10.10) on my desktop (ATI Radeon 5830) for about 3 weeks now, but all of a sudden I am unable to even use my computer. As soon as I start up, I see my desktop, with icons, but I don't see any gnome-panels, a

  • In Ubuntu Lucid, various panel applets malfunction on loginJuly 27

    I run Ubuntu 10.04 with KDE installed as a second environment. When I log into a GNOME session, some of my panel applets appear strangely. It isn't always the same ones but the usual culprits are the notification area and the session indicator applet

  • application custom stock icons not working in ubuntu unity top panel menu (aka appmenu) ("Menus Have Icons" ON)November 28

    I recently noticed that in ubuntu unity the top menu of my apps does not show the (custom) icons I added to the gtk stock, but only the basic gtk stock icons. This happens only since the top menu is displayed in the unity top panel (appmenu) and not

  • Problem when attempting to put Ubuntu One in panel (12.04)

    Problem when attempting to put Ubuntu One in panel (12.04)May 19

    I wanted to put the Ubuntu One icon in the panel so I could see the progress of my sync but when I try this is what I get.... [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-indicator [sudo] password for mohd-arafat-hossain: Reading package

  • Where is my Ubuntu One control panel in Linux Mint 14?March 30

    Using Linux Mint 14. Everything was just great since yesterday. Yesterday I have installed some update through Update Manager. I saw there was an update for Ubuntu One. Whatever today after starting my PC, I'm not getting my Ubuntu One panel along wi

  • Is there a place or software in ubuntu like controol panel add/remove programs November 25

    This question already has an answer here: What's the equivalent of "add or remove programs" in Ubuntu? 2 answers is there a software or add/remove programs like windows that keeps a list of all installed used programs list on ubuntu. gui is pref

  • Ubuntu Studio Top Panel

    Ubuntu Studio Top PanelNovember 17

    Is there a way to change the location of the top panel? I want to put it on the botton of the screen (like the old Windows was). Can I do it? How? Greetings & Blessings from Chile! Juan --------------Solutions------------- Right click on the top pane

  • How do I move Panel (Not Launcher) icons in Ubuntu Unity?December 22

    I've added a couple of applets to the Ubuntu Unity top panel. How can I move them from the right side to the left side? For example, in this Video, the person seems to have moved the Unity Panel applet "classic-menu-indicator" to the left side o

  • Volume Control not showing in Ubuntu 14.04 Unity Top Panel

    Volume Control not showing in Ubuntu 14.04 Unity Top PanelMay 22

    For some reason volume control widget is not showing on my Ubuntu 14.04 panel. I reinstalled alsa and something else, because my sound broke. Now I can't get my audio control panel to display on Unity main panel. Any one knows what is the problem? --

  • How does Parallels Power Panel (Virtuozzo) determine access?October 23

    My hosted VPS server is based on Virtuozzo. When it was initially provided, I could access the Parallels Power Panel. When it was migrated to Ubuntu, it would no longer authenticate me with my root password. I wonder if it is a groups/permissions iss

  • Gmail notification in Ubuntu's native mail iconApril 30

    So, new Ubuntu 10.04 up and running. Playing with the interface eventually got me curious about something. Up until now, I've only used the chat and broadcasting functionalities of the mail icon in Ubuntu's top panel, mostly because I take care of my

  • Why Shutdown menu in Ubuntu disappeared?

    Why Shutdown menu in Ubuntu disappeared?July 2

    When I log on to the system I see Shutdown menu like this: but when my wife logs on to the system with her credentials sometimes (not always) she sees following panel: In this case she just press Shutdown button of the laptop and shutdown the laptop.

  • Why there is no login/password for Ubuntu One under System- Preferences?

    Why there is no login/password for Ubuntu One under System- Preferences?October 12

    What type of authentication Ubuntu One uses? Why there is no Login/Password fields under System->Preferences->Ubuntu One entry? Is current U1 auth based on cookies or something? --------------Solutions------------- Ubuntu One is storing your credent

  • How to fix the panel indicator display errors?

    How to fix the panel indicator display errors? October 17

    Possible Duplicate: panel items look weird How do I fix this error? I know this can be done by restarting the panel, but this is not convenient because every time you boot you need to do it. --------------Solutions------------- There is a bug for thi

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