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  • Ubuntu 9.10, login screen error

    Ubuntu 9.10, login screen errorNovember 12

    Recently I installed Ubuntu 9.10.. I was trying to install some java runtime, and after the installation was done, I did a reboot.. Ubuntu booted normally but the normal Ubuntu 9.10 login screen is gone..now I have an old Debian style login screen as

  • How do I disable the startup sound in Ubuntu 12.04 login-screen?

    How do I disable the startup sound in Ubuntu 12.04 login-screen? February 5

    I would have expected System ▸ Administration ▸ Login Screen ▸ Play login sound to control this, but unchecking it does not prevent the drum beat sound from playing. --------------Solutions------------- The start-up sound can be disabled editing the

  • Problem with ubuntu 12.04 login September 27

    Possible Duplicate: What should I do when Ubuntu freezes? just need some quick help. I looked at some websites and watched a couple of vids and decided to completely switch to This OS. I did an install from windows 7 to this OS version 12.04 through

  • Ubuntu 12.04 login screen finite loop and keep end my sessionFebruary 3

    The difference between this issue and other threads about: "login screen loop" is that in my case it's a finite loop which means it runs five times and then I can type my password and start my session.(I'm not stuck in loop at the login screen)

  • ubuntu 12.04 login returns to login April 7

    This question already has an answer here: Resolution issue causing login screen loop 7 answers This is not a resolution issue, I am on a netbook, that has been working fine for years, I have no nvidia graphics, guest user works just fine with the exi

  • Ubuntu won't login after installing nvidia drivers

    Ubuntu won't login after installing nvidia driversApril 22

    yesterday i installed ubuntu 14.04 without any problems. I want to use my nvidia drivers instead of the integrated intel graphics so I tried to use the driver checker provided by ubuntu, the problem with this is that ubuntu gets internal errors. The

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop IssueFebruary 22

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, and after a power failure, I cannot login. The computer has been working fine for a few months before this suddenly happened. Symptoms are: - After an login attempt, screen blacks out for about 15 seconds, and returns t

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login LoopMay 8

    I'm a new Ubuntu user and am learning as I go. The question I have is different from the other login loop problems posted here: ubuntu 14.04 login loop problem Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop Issue When I visit the Odin Project website, I am logged out of my

  • ubuntu 14.04 login keyboard stuck on english. I want french keyboard

    ubuntu 14.04 login keyboard stuck on english. I want french keyboardJune 4

    I installed Ubuntu 14.04LTS on a french computer (AZERTY keyboard, see below) but I selected english keyboard while installing Ubuntu. Then change my keyboard parameter like this: and here is my language setting: Then I installed sougou for linux (it

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Login Loop - need to create new user after every reboot?January 7

    I'm running ubuntu 14.04 on a virtual box within a windows 8 host machine. I've had the misfortune of stumbling upon the dreaded ubuntu 14.04 login loop after a sudo apt-get upgrade command, and have tried all suggestions (checking .Xauthority, reins

  • Ubuntu: Failure to login with multiple video adaptersMay 10

    Forgive my ignorance, for I am a complete linux noob. I have a computer with three video cards and six monitors. Works great on Windows. Trying to get it to run Ubuntu 10.4 as well. It loads fine when I have it configured to run on one adapter; detec

  • Ubuntu - Unable to login to root via fresh installAugust 11

    I know my password, I used the same one for root as my personal user. This is my 2nd time reinstalling the OS because it won't let me login as root. Even when I login as my own user and then "su root" it won't take my password. Am I missing some

  • Ubuntu MySQL GUI logins with certificate/key

    Ubuntu MySQL GUI logins with certificate/keyMay 28

    I will connect to MySQL on ubuntu cloud server everyday with Mysql Administrator and Mysql Query Browser GUI tools and I feel very slow in responding. I know it is possible to connect with ssh entering the below command in the terminal and then using

  • Ubuntu One Oauth login from PHPJuly 22

    I have searched the whole internet trying to find a simple example that could point me in the right direction, but no luck, so here comes my questions: I want to log into Ubuntu One and sync (or almost read) files from my web page, all done with PHP.

  • Ubuntu 11.10 login screen acting strange after installing alongside windowsDecember 28

    I had Ubuntu 11.10 on my Dell laptop with GNOME 3 installed and everything worked like a charm. I backed up my users' home folders, installed windows and then Ubuntu and GNOME 3 for a dual boot. After restoring my home folder from backup, I discovere

  • Need help, I broke my ubuntu user's login. Can't login April 16

    I'm a web developer so I was attempting to install php5/nginx for local developing. I'm not sure if either of these commands did it, as timing was not immediate, but I am no longer able to login to my main account(sending this message from ubuntu gue

  • Ubuntu 12.04 login screen with LDAP users, no "other-" April 30

    Possible Duplicate: How do I enable the "Other" user for login with Active Directory? We've upgraded recently to Ubuntu 12.04 desktop and have issue with the new login screen. When users are listed there is now no option for "Other..."

  • Ubuntu server: ssh login is very slow

    Ubuntu server: ssh login is very slowMay 9

    I have a server hooked directly up to the internet, no router. But when I go to login to ssh it is VERY slow. It is not the connection as you can see here by the response time on this ping: What settings do I need to tweek in order to speed up the lo

  • Ubuntu does not loginMay 30

    I have installed (via terminal) these packages (because my Gvim had a warning about libgail): libgail-3-0 libevince3-3 libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 nautilus (I wanted to re-install the first package, when removing it Ubuntu forced to remove the other 3, then I

  • Ubuntu 12.04 login screen freezes / monitor problems

    Ubuntu 12.04 login screen freezes / monitor problemsJune 18

    Just bought a new computer and installed Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit version. After I enter my password, the screen freezes either at the login screen or with the ubuntu 12.04 LTS logo at the bottom. I rebooted with the reset button on my computer and it fro

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