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unable to locate boot repair

  • Unable to install boot-repairJuly 18

    I am trying to install Windows 7 on Ubuntu. I created NTFS partition for Windows 7 but I deleted a 5GB partition so I got a error message when I reboot Ubuntu. grub rescue error To solve this error, I tried installing boot-repair software. Here are t

  • Unable to install boot repair using Ubuntu live usbJanuary 27

    I'm installing Ubuntu 13.04 (16 bit ) along with Windows 7 in my Lenovo Thinkpad. I was able to install Ubuntu successfully. But, after installation it asked me to restart now. I clicked on it. It started windows without showing boot menu. Now, what

  • Boot-repair won't install "unable to locate package"September 17

    My computer won't boot so I am trying to install boot-recovery using the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair. The initial command runs fine: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update but

  • Unable to locate package boot-repair in 14.04 April 18

    This question already has an answer here: Can't find boot-repair package for the newest version of Ubuntu 4 answers I've tried to install boot repair and failed sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update The error

  • Unable to fix GRUB for dual-boot after BIOS update (using boot-repair)November 7

    After my latest update of BIOS (while using Windows) my grub menu went missing. Previously, I was able to repair GRUB menu this way: Booting into Windows Going to Advanced Startup options Selecting my Ubuntu partition there Getting advanced restart -

  • How do I set windows to boot as default in the boot loader? Unable to locate theme engine?

    How do I set windows to boot as default in the boot loader? Unable to locate theme engine?February 23

    Using this how-to How do I set Windows to boot as the default in the boot loader? I was able to get as far as here, however when I try to type in gksu gedit /etc/default/grub I am given 4 lines repeating the same message: (gksu:2022): Gtk-WARNING **:

  • Unable to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 (boot-repair corrupts the installation) July 29

    This question already has an answer here: Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI 11 answers I've been struggling with installing Ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop (I believe it's Asus N56VZ). I'm running on pre-installed Windows 8 and even th

  • Boot-repair: "You have to give the partition where EFI files are located."July 10

    I'm using the 64 bit ISO of Boot-repair to deal with UEFI. I followed Boot repair asking for 64 bit iso - what do I do with it? and I was able to do almost everything in it. I'm stumped at this point: You have to give the partition where EFI files ar

  • Boot repair disk shows nothing under "Grub location"March 23

    I am running a dual boot with Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8. The upgrade to Windows 8.1 broke my Ubuntu boot, and boot repair disk failed to fix this. After receiving some comments to my previous question Boot repair disk failed to repair boot after Win

  • Upgrade-grub and boot-repair fails. Unable to boot one of my linux systems, is there a way around?July 19

    I have three Linux and two windows systems on one computer. After updating the kernel on one (archlinux) and running update-grub on the default (BIOS) boot disk (Xubuntu 12.04), the boot menu does not report the archlinux system. After running boot-r

  • Unable to get the grub even after Boot-Repair is performed March 30

    This question already has an answer here: Installing Ubuntu on a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI 11 answers I have hp pavillion sleekbook 14 with windows 8. I installed ubuntu only to find out that it cant be booted. I performed boot-repair as others

  • Unable to boot ubuntu 12.04 even after repairing grub with boot repairMay 8

    i have a Dell inspiron pre-installed with ubuntu 12.04 , i installed windows 8 and then used boot repair from ubuntu 12.04 live usb to repair grub. but system is directly booting to windows 8. url i got is http://paste.ubuntu.com/7414543. Please help

  • unable to boot to windows, boot-repair failsSeptember 1

    I have three OS on my system in dual-boot: Windows 8, Linux Deepin 2014, and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Somewhere along the way, booting to windows no longer worked, and some time after that, only the Deepin boot worked. So I re-installed Ubuntu (because it w

  • boot-repair unable to fix grubMarch 8

    I just tried to update 14.04 to 14.10, some package failed to install so the whole update failed. I restarted the machine and was greeted with the grub command line, indicating that something was wrong. I use boot-repair on my live USB, and run these

  • Grub Error: Unknown filesystem(Tried with Boot-Repair also, Unable to resolve it)May 29

    I have a dual boot in laptop which consisting of Ubuntu along with Windows7, But my laptop is showing the error Grub Error: Unknown filesystem when booting. I tried everything in the web and followed the below links Fixing GRUB error: "error: unknown

  • boot repair is unable to reinstall kernel on mapper/-rootJune 15

    Here is the Boot Info of boot repair... http://paste.ubuntu.com/11721228/ Boot repair never ends and remains by step 'purge kernel and reinstall last kernel mapper/ubuntu--vg-root (ins)' What can I do to avoid a complete reinstallation of Ubuntu? Tha

  • GRUB unable to detect Windows 10 using Boot-RepairAugust 15

    I have been using Windows 8.1 and Kali Linux 3.14 for a while. But upgrading to Windows 10 resulted in installation of MBR instead of GRUB. As I usually do, I used the Boot-Repair Bootable USB to solve the issue. Boot-Repair has Successfully installe

  • Boot-repair not recovering, BIOS failing to see HDDJuly 28

    I have been advised to post here re: my Phoenix BIOS not recognising (and therefore booting) from the HDD once Ubuntu 13.04 was installed. I have pasted the contents of the boot-repair tool below, which seemed like it knew what to fix with the MBR of

  • Unable to locate package linuxApril 20

    Started boot-repair on live-usb, removed grub, and then was instructed to write in terminal sudo chroot "/mnt/boot-sav/sda5" apt-get install -y --force-yes grub-pc linux but I get: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading s

  • Boot-repair can't complete a repair under Ubuntu Gnome 14.04April 23

    Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 on my computer. The installation program wouldn't recognize my Windows 8.1 installation, but it could see the NTFS-partitions. I figured that I could make the necessary partitions for Ubuntu manually, and then

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