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unknown data problem on eperia

  • How to resolve 'Unknown data property commerce_product' when adding a product in Drupal Commerce? May 1

    This question already has an answer here: Error When Create Drupal Commerce Product Display 1 answer I'm wondering if someone can help: I'm trying to add Drupal Commerce into an existing Drupal site, so I've followed the steps in this video about thi

  • QFS (Quantcast File System): Scalable for medium "big data" problems or only for extremely largeAugust 6

    I am doing some investigating and research into programming "big data", and am particularly interested in QuantCast (QFS) because it is written in my own favourite programming language, C++. Looking at how this may play a part in the solution to

  • Why am I getting the error "Unknown data property" when the field exists?January 29

    I am trying to grab all of the fields of a node (which I am doing by using array_keys). At this point, I want to feed them all to entity_metadata_wrapper(), and grab their values. I will then, if they are strings, print them to a PDF document using T

  • EntityMetadataWrapperException: Unknown data property og_user_node?May 20

    i have disabled "Administration menu" then after i enabled "Administration menu" still i am getting below error in home page "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later" When i access login page as we

  • 500 Internal Server Error : An error occurred(0): Unknown data property field_group_privacy

    500 Internal Server Error : An error occurred(0): Unknown data property field_group_privacyOctober 6

    I am trying to Create Services to Create Node Type Discussion in a Group using Services Module, but getting the error : 500 Internal Server Error : An error occurred(0): Unknown data property field_group_privacy In the Header I have given: Content-ty

  • Ubuntu 12.04 dual monitor "unknown monitor" problemMarch 12

    I have a problem with my monitors, one of them is detected as samsung electric company 19", and another is unknown and I cant set resolution for it higher then 1024x768. --------------Solutions------------- Make sure the proprietary Nvidia drivers ar

  • SQL 2008 Replication corrupt data problemAugust 28

    We took a SQL 2000 database. Took a lightspeed backup. Restored on SQL 2008 active/passive cluster. Then setup replication to replicate the data back to SQL 2000. So 2008 is the publisher/distributor, and 2000 is doing a pull subscription. Everything

  • "WordPress installations is currently out of date" problem with difficult situation January 12

    [NOTE] I had asked this question in wordpress.org's support forum one month ago. But I didn't get any feedback there. And I am not sure whether or not this is right place to ask this question. But I hope there are developers from WordPress on StackOv

  • Another ubuntu one music problem with ID3-Tags ("unknown artist" problem)March 28

    I started using ubuntu one a few days ago. I put some MP3s into the cloud music folder and I can play them just fine in the music web and andriod applications. The problem is that all files are sorted under "unknown artist" and "unknown alb

  • Import data problem in SQL Server 2008July 22

    I want to import data from one database to another. On the destination database, I don't have permission to restore a backup file to it, so I have only one option which is to import data. I used the wizard and I set the option of allow identity inser

  • Make feature layer based on date, problem in pythonAugust 21

    I have a script that runs, that takes the current date and puts into a variable, which is then used to calculate the date field for the Feature class. Further in the script, the updated data is loaded into the live SDE feature class. The old data get

  • Debian: very low resolution and an "unknown monitor" problemJanuary 23

    Edit: I have installed CrunchBang (or #!, a Debian-based distro), and that seems to have solved all of my resolution problems. I've just installed Debian after using Linux Mint for a few months. Everything went on smooth, however, when the installati

  • Roundcube 0.4 autoreply date problemsJanuary 31

    Hi all, several months ago I've installed ISPConfig and Roundcube 0.4: on Roundcube I have then installed the patch "by Horfic" (see here - http://howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?p=235926#post235926). Everything works perfectly, exc

  • Compare dates problemsMay 2

    I created a table with the following columns: CREATE TABLE INDICADOR_DADOS ( ID VARCHAR2(10 CHAR) NOT NULL, DATE_START DATE NOT NULL, DATA_END DATE NOT NULL, ) Now wanted before adding, checks if there are dates between which intend to add the follow

  • Text search - big data problemJuly 5

    I have a problem I was hoping I could get some advice on! I have a LOT of text as input (about 20GB worth, not MASSIVE but big enough). This is just free text, unstructured. I have a 'category list'. I want to process the text, and cross-reference th

  • Date problem after restoreAugust 8

    I had to restore a drupal 7 site from scheduled backup using backup & migrate. Since then I seem to have problem with date/timestamp. I have a view (3.6) filtering on node created date with options between "today" and "tomorrow". A

  • Xperia U: Network state is shown as UNKNOWN, data connection not workingAugust 27

    I'm using stock Sony Xperia U. Data connection was working well until yesterday. All of a sudden I can't access 2G/3G data, it shows network state "UNKNOWN" when checked with the code *#*#4636#*#*. I've tried flashing custom firmware, stock etc,

  • Unknown monitor problemOctober 20

    My display settings detects another display besides my Built In Monitor on an Asus Aspire 5755G. So I allways have my Built in Display and a second Uknown Monitor. I can deactivate this display (unknowns) from the on/off button but this is frustratin

  • Find Interval Between Dates ProblemAugust 11

    I have a very odd problem, one that's been baffling me for over a week now. I have a workflow designed to create a new task a set period of time in the future once a current task expires. These tasks have a reminder date and a due date, a certain num

  • Remoting framework 2.2.17 Script end (no data) problemSeptember 3

    Hello, I've installed the remote frameworking plugin for ispconfig ( no other actions regarding curl, ssl or php_soap module or anything - just webinstall of this plugin) I get no errors but get "Script end<br>" inc console which is obviou

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