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  • Enable AAM on Western Digital Hard DriveAugust 4

    I have a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200rpm hard drive with unbearable seek noise! See Quiet Hard Drive suggestions. I have replaced the drive now, but don't want it to go to waste. Does anyone know how to enable AAM (Automatic Acoustic Managem

  • Extending Red Hat 7 - 9 with ProgenyMay 11

    While many Red Hat users progressed from Red Hat's versions 7 through 9 into Fedora or Enterprise Linux, some individuals and firms may have been too highly leveraged with production servers to just drop everything and migrate to new operating system

  • Your client's security, Red Hat and moreJuly 8

    Personal Security A great article by Corrado Cau is up at the Open Source Development Network that offers an easy to read primer that web developers could circulate to their clients on personal security. An important point Cau brings up is that while

  • If I Had a Dollar for Every 'border:1px dashed red'

    If I Had a Dollar for Every 'border:1px dashed red'August 29

    Although this isn't strictly web design, I think it's worth mentioning. While we web developers are often finicky creatures, each with our own working methods, habits and superstitions, there are some things that bind us all together. The day you cod

  • Red Hat Satellite vs. Ubuntu LandscapeMay 5

    We have some experience using Red Hat Satellite in an environment with ~120 servers. Now we're looking into deploying Ubuntu in parallel for the further growth. How does Landscape compare to Satellite with regards to features and usability? ---------

  • How can I start Oracle Enterprise manager after restarting the Red Hat Server?May 26

    I installed Oracle 11g on Red Hat Enterprise server 5.0. First time everything worked well. After creating dbora script file in /etc/init.d/ and setting all the oracle environmental variables I just restarted the server, then onwards Oracle Enterpris

  • Can I install the latest version of KDE for my Red Hat 4.7 without privileges?June 14

    I just upgraded my linux machine to Red Hat 4.7 (we cannot use a newer version than this because the application we are using does not run on Red Hat 5). I'm not the root so I cannot install any apps via rpm, and I cannot sudo either. Is there a way

  • Red Hat server minimal installJune 20

    In a farm of virtualized Red Hat servers, there's the need to install a minimal system for security reasons. Minimal installs have several advantages (even no security related): Less exposure to vulnerabilities (if you don't need it, don't install it

  • How do I connect to a Red Hat Server using the rdp protocol?June 23

    Is it possible and if so how can I connect to a Red Hat server using the rdp protocol? Not interested in using VNC for a variety of reasons. --------------Solutions------------- Well, there's xrdp. I don't get the impression that it's a mature projec

  • Running JBoss-5.1.0.GA as a service / daemon on Red Hat?July 28

    I am using JBoss 5.1.0 GA on Red Hat (Amazon ECS)... Am trying to set it up so JBoss will run as a service / daemon (right now it only starts up when I manually SSH and invoke sh $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.sh). Here's what I did so far: (1) Created the foll

  • Configure Raid On Red Hat 5August 4

    I have a problem with configure raid on red hat enterprise linux. The problem is when I create raid on two hard disks. It works successfully but after I remove one hard disk. It works normally. It means that I plug in one hard disk for testing config

  • fedora linux : what does foldername blinking in red mean?

    fedora linux : what does foldername blinking in red mean?August 10

    I have this broken fedora linux server which runs unitrends which i have been assigned to fix. the folder /usr/bp/data is highlighted in red and blinking when I do an 'ls' on it. any ideas what this means? --------------Solutions------------- Broken

  • Red glitches in video after installing a GeForceAugust 18

    I have an Intel DG45ID as my motherboard, with a Core2Duo e4700. I was using the onboard video (X4500HD) until I could buy a decent video card. So, last week I installed a Geforce 9800GT. But after installing the proper drivers in my Compiz-enabled U

  • bash: print stderr in red colorAugust 26

    Is there a way to make bash display stderr messages in red color? --------------Solutions------------- command 2> >(while read line; do echo -e "\e[01;31m$line\e[0m" >&2; done) Create a function in a bash script: color()(set -o pipe

  • Macbook Pro - Sound doesn't work and there's a red light coming out of my headphone jackSeptember 8

    How do I get my sound working again? It works with Headphones, but when I unplug the headphones a red light is coming out of the headphone jack and I can't adjust the volume on my Macbook Pro. --------------Solutions------------- macRumors ref: No so

  • How to extend a SAN-based Vdisk in Red Hat without rebooting?September 18

    First of all, I'm quite new to Linux so forgive me if I use the terms 'disks', 'partitions' and 'devices' incorrectly below! I have a Red Hat 5.2 x86_64 server with kernel version 2.6.18-92.el5. I have several SAN-based Vdisks presented to the server

  • Need to clone a Red Hat Server to replace current drives with larger onesOctober 13

    We need to completely replace a drive in a Red Hat 4 linux box with larger drives, as we have run out of space. We are looking for utilities or applications (Ghost?) - or a process that will allow us to do this. Essentailly, we need to clone the serv

  • Xen: Virtual Red Hat on Debian possible?October 19

    I have no idea, is it possible to run a virtual Red Hat server on a debian system? If yes, how? I have debian lenny. Thank you --------------Solutions------------- using xen, this isnt a real problem. You have two choices. If you only want a redhat b

  • What does a red icon in XP's "Unlock Computer" dialog mean?

    What does a red icon in XP's "Unlock Computer" dialog mean?November 10

    A user was working from home and had a colleague turn on her computer so she could remote desktop to it. All worked fine, but when she came into the office and used her computer for a while then locked it the computer icon had a red screen, instead o

  • Why does my USB cable have an extra red plug?

    Why does my USB cable have an extra red plug?November 14

    My girlfriend just got a new ebook reader - a jetbook - that came with an unusual USB cable. One end is a regular USB mini B head, but the other end has two plugs. Both are USB non-mini A size, but one is red. The manual gives no indication about wha

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