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what does current_amd64.deb mean

  • Picasa packages for Ubuntu are no longer availableAugust 30

    While trying to install Picasa for Ubuntu, the following errors occurred: wget http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/pool/non-free/p/picasa/picasa_3.0-current_amd64.deb && sudo dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_amd64.deb --2012-08-30 17:41:36-- http://dl.google

  • unresolvable (!) dependecy problems installing skype on ubuntu 12.04March 23

    I'm having trouble installing skype on a new 12.04 install (64 bit). Below are the results of three different attempts and the outputs. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Download skype .deb file from skype website, I chose Ubuntu 12.04 (Multiarch

  • Install RPM package in Ubuntu as .debAugust 14

    Using alien, I can convert RPM format package into .deb package. The question is, which is the best way to handle RPM format package in Ubuntu/Debian? Should I use alien to convert it to .deb and install using dpkg, or install RPM and use it to insta

  • How to modify a deb package?August 18

    What I've done so far I downloaded the source of an official deb-package from the ubuntu-repositories. I applied a patch. Ran configure and make successfully. Tested the program. What I'd like to do I'd like to create a deb package from that using al

  • How to install a local .deb fileSeptember 3

    I'm trying to install the last version of maatkit in debian Lenny. I couldn't find a repository with the last version, so I got the .deb file. The problem is How to I install this file? man aptitude gave me no clues. A repository would be the ideal s

  • How do I install a .deb file in UbuntuSeptember 8

    How do I install a .deb file in Ubuntu --------------Solutions------------- Double click will show the debian package manager and click on install button will install it sudo dpkg -i package.deb sudo gdebi package.deb or sudo gdebi-gtk package.deb Wh

  • creating deb package for ubuntu server 9.04 from compiling sourceOctober 4

    I'm trying to build a LAMP server however because it's a dev server we have to compile php from source to ensure it's exactly the same as our host. I.e. same version of php with the same configuration and extensions. I was wondering if it's possible

  • Apt-Get Conflict After Installing a Local .debNovember 11

    Some time ago I apt-get install'd the nginx package on my debian/squeeze server. My requirements have now changed and I needed to install nginx --with-http_xslt_module. To install nginx with this option I did the following: apt-get build-dep nginx ap

  • Specific file permissions in .debNovember 18

    I can create a .deb package successfully with all the file owner fields set correctly. Unfortunately the permission fields are ignores. For example I install one file with: install -v -cm 400 -o ${user} *.pl ${DESTDIR}${dir} but all the files in the

  • How to find out what files an installer (rpm, deb) created?November 18

    I need to find out all the file system modifications an installer did. Most likely the installed package is an rpm or deb, but an app could of course be simply copied over or compiled and installed with the configure;make;make install way. Even thoug

  • How do I show the actions that installing a .deb package will take?November 26

    I would like to be able to view the scripts/triggers associated with a package due for upgrade so that I can tell, for example, whether it will result in the web server being restarted. I can't find an aptitude option to show me that (or apt/dpkg); t

  • Automatically install a desktop launcher for an Ubuntu .deb packageNovember 27

    I am currently packaging an application in a Ubuntu .deb file. The package will not be distributed publicly. Currently, I package a .desktop file which is installed to /usr/share/applications. After installing the package, the .desktop file gets pick

  • Where can I find postgresql-8.4-postgis.deb? December 14

    I want the deb package. --------------Solutions------------- You haven't mentioned which distro you're using. Assuming Debian, Debian Unstable Use this command to search for it apt-cache search postgis This should return this, on Karmic, or something

  • Dependencies from a .deb fileJanuary 5

    Given just a .deb file, how do I get the list of dependencies? --------------Solutions------------- You want to run: $ dpkg --info <blah>.deb This should (among other things) list the "depends" section of the package description. $ dpkg -p

  • How to append one deb package to Ubuntu live?January 16

    I wand to append partimage.deb package to live Linux. How to append this package to Ubuntu live? --------------Solutions------------- Sounds like you want to customize the Ubuntu Live CD.

  • How to install a deprecated deb package from debian repositoriesJanuary 22

    I'm looking for a way to install apache2-2.2.9-10+lenny4 on a debian lenny which, up to date, only have the apache2-2.2.9-10+lenny6 package. The reason I have to install the old version is to debug a website on this machine. Thank you ! -------------

  • Converting .rpm file into .deb file using alien in UbuntuMarch 27

    I have converted an i336 .rpm file into a .deb file in Ubuntu using alien successfully, but I am getting the following error while converting an i586.rpm file of the same application into a .deb file: Unpacking of 'app-1-1.i586.rpm' failed at /usr/sh

  • What is the simplest way to build your own .deb package?April 29

    Having used Ubuntu for several years now, I've assembled a short list of scripts and packages that I always install on my computers. I would like to pack them up into a .deb to make it easier to get set up on a fresh OS installation. I'm imagining, f

  • Is it possible to use a 32 bit deb package on a 64 bit installation of Ubuntu?May 1

    I have Kubuntu 10.04 64 bit, and I want to install a 32 bit package (a printer driver from Canon). Is this possible? --------------Solutions------------- In theory this is possible with dpkg. You would try something like this: dpkg -i --force-archite

  • Checking deb dependencies against the current systemJuly 29

    I know I can list the .deb's dependencies using dpkg --info, but is there any automated way to check those dependencies against the current system? What I'm interested in, the status: whether the package will be cleanly installed, or will it fail. --

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