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what is EPKG.NMgn paper size

  • Paper size: Printer Properties vs Page SetupNovember 4

    When printing a document from a MS Office or another program one can select paper size from two places: - Page Set-up (Page Layout in MS Word 2007) - Printer Properties What's the difference? What if these two settings contradict each other. --------

  • Problem with paper size when printing July 11

    We have a really strange problem here with the printers in our company. We have several users travelling often from Europe to the US and back. Their laptops are set up in the US. So all their configuration regarding the paper size is "letter". B

  • Missing paper size when printing from OpenofficeAugust 31

    I'm trying to print a spreadsheet from Openoffice 3.0.1 (Xubuntu 9.04), I'd like to use the A3 pagesize but the Print dialog shows only A4 and Letter.. Other applications work fine. Any idea on what I could check out? The printer is a Ricoh Aficio MP

  • Why does setting the paper size with KOMA-Script require TikZ?November 24

    Maybe I am just too tired, but I simply can't explain what is going on. The file \documentclass[a5paper]{scrbook} \usepackage{lipsum} \begin{document} \lipsum \end{document} produces A4 sized pdf pages (when run with pdflatex) with text only in the u

  • Should I always specify -sPAPERSIZE=a4 when invoking ps2pdf for paper size other than A4?December 3

    When I compile a document with paper size other than A4 as follows: \documentclass{scrbook} \usepackage[A6paper]{geometry} \begin{document} something \end{document} using latex-dvips-ps2pdf steps, should I use -sPAPERSIZE=a4 switch when invoking ps2p

  • Change paper size in mid-documentDecember 9

    My document should be letterpaper and my attachments should be a4paper. I had high hopes for the \newgeometry command from the geometry package, but the documentation says \newgeometry is almost similar to \geometry except that \newgeometry disables

  • How to get the veelo chapter style of the memoir class to pick up trimmed paper sizes?February 21

    I have defined how I want to cut my paper and I was planning on using the veelo chapter style. However it doesn't pick up the trimmed paper size correctly. See this example: \documentclass[showtrims]{memoir} \usepackage{graphicx} \stockaiv \settrimme

  • Force scaling when printing an alien paper sizeApril 13

    Is there any way to automatically rescale a print job to a paper size supported by the printer even if the application printing has used a different paper size? I have lot of problems with different clients trying to print US Letter on a printer with

  • Are settings that best suit contents for a smaller paper size guaranteed not to produce underfull/overfull warnings for a larger paper size?June 14

    Scenario I want to adopt the philosophy "typeset once, produce any size". It means that from the beginning I specify the minimum paper size (e.g., A6) and configure the contents to best suit the paper dimension. Once the development phase has co

  • Include pdf file with different paper size

    Include pdf file with different paper size June 21

    I'm writing my thesis and I'd like to insert A3 pages within my A4 document. Is it possible to place figures with captions (as normal) on those A3? I'm able to include full PDF pages which are A3 by \includepdf, however that way I can't have captions

  • When delivering wireframes to a client, what paper size do you output them in?July 6

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to present my wireframes to the client as I currently produce them at full resolution (960px width) but end up having them span multiple pages when placed into a 8.5x11 document. Additionally, my sitemaps end up

  • Set paper size of Zebra TLP 2844 programmaticallyJuly 9

    I have a lot of Zebra TLP 2844 printers used by domain users. Unluckily by default the paper size is 2" x 4" while I need to have 4" x 3". The first time each user logs on I have to change manually these settings. Is it possible to app

  • How do I change the default paper size to A4 in Excel 2010 (and other Office 2010 programs)?

    How do I change the default paper size to A4 in Excel 2010 (and other Office 2010 programs)?July 27

    I've looked in the usual places, page settings, and printer settings, but unless I go to Page Layout and select A4 for each new sheet, it opens as letter. I've found a few workarounds, but they all require more steps than I can rely on my co-workers

  • Windows Vista custom paper sizes

    Windows Vista custom paper sizesAugust 2

    Due to some circumstances I have to use a document that is of custom size. I know that the printer supports this size, as I can set the custom paper size for the printer on an XP machine which has network access to the printer. In XP i can set the cu

  • What kind of "magic" does preview package do to produce a tight paper size?

    What kind of "magic" does preview package do to produce a tight paper size?August 6

    Actually the following method, that looks like reinventing the wheel, has been discarded once I have known the existence of preview package. % WithoutPreview.tex \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pstricks} \newcommand\All{0.1} \newcommand\Left{-\Al

  • Changing the paper size of a document without changing anything elseAugust 22

    I found a nice piece of software (pdf2swf) that converts pdf files to browse-able flash files, but prevents them from being downloaded. I have a "book" document that I wrote in LaTeX and I want to host it on a website as an swf file (so that it

  • PDF printer - custom paper size

    PDF printer - custom paper sizeJanuary 16

    Can we make a custom paper size in Adobe Acrobat that has no length limit? Similar to a fanfold print type? --------------Solutions------------- I don't have Adobe Acrobat available, but Acrobat is basically a PostScript driven format and you can set

  • Word, virtual PDF printers, and paper sizeJanuary 17

    I've used many PDF printers, and with all of them I have this weird problem that A4-sized pages produce Letter-sized PDFs. This has something to do with the default paper size selected from Printer Properties for the given printer. If it's Letter, th

  • Paper size options restricted to photo paperFebruary 5

    I'm running MS Office 2010, with Windows7 Home Premium on an HP dv6. I use an HP Photosmart A310 After re-booting the printer, the only paper size options, in both word & Excel, are the photo paper sizes. I have tried all the "page layout" &

  • Batch convert HTML to PDF with custom paper sizeMarch 24

    I have around 200 HTML files that I need to convert to PDFs. The tricky bit is that I need to convert it to a custom paper size (in this case, 5.4" x 7.2"). Acrobat 9 won't let me batch convert to a custom size. Is there any way I can do this wi

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