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win 8.1 bluetooth not working

  • Streaming Android audio on Win 10 over Bluetooth?

    Streaming Android audio on Win 10 over Bluetooth?December 1

    I've set up windows 10 on two LENOVO laptops (G50-70, Z51-70). I tried to stream audio from my SAMSUNG Galaxy Note||, unfortuntly, it is working on G50-70 but isn't on Z51-70. Any sugesstions?

  • Logitech H800 bluetooth headset with Dell XPS1330

    Logitech H800 bluetooth headset with Dell XPS1330March 20

    When I use my H800 bluetooth headset I can get everything working except of Stereo audio. I have tried to re-install the driver, but I fail. Obviously I cannot find the proper driver, I have tried Broadcom latest (SetupBtwDownloadSE.exe), but it won'

  • Bluetooth not working on an Alienware m14x r2October 14

    on my alienware m14x r2 laptop with ubuntu 12.04.1 x64, the bluetooth interface is not working. WLAN works fine. I have a dualboot install with ubuntu & win 7 on this laptop. In win 7, the bluetooth interface works fine, because its all activated in

  • Why bluetooth or USB 3.0 fails to load during booting?January 16

    Everytime I open my laptop with ubuntu 14.04 (dual booted with win 7) either bluetooth firmware fails to initialize or USB 3.0 ports. At this time also bluetooth is working fine but usb3.0 is not working. If I need to use any one of them, then I have

  • Use Apple Wireless Keyboard for PC and MacNovember 4

    I need a wireless keyboard and mouse that I can switch between my MacBook Pro and PC. I was looking at the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but I'm not sure if I can change from PC to Mac usage easily enough. Does anyone have a similar setup? --------------S

  • Macbook 1.1 + Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000 + Win 7 BootcampSeptember 18

    Hopefully someone knows the answer to this... I have an old Macbook 1.1 (snow leopard 10.68) with Win 7 Ultimate in a dual boot (using Bootcamp drivers)... My Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000 works fine in both operating systems except when I shut d

  • Win 8 only mono bluetooth audio, on stereo bluetooth speakerAugust 3

    Battling with weird issue where my win 8 device, Samsung Ativ, connects and forces my bluetooth stereo speaker into mono lowest quality audio. The audi quality option is disabled, but set on mono. I also cant "configure" the audio device, button

  • Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Drivers for Latitude E6510. Win 7 x64December 21

    I need working drivers for Dell Wireless 375 Bluetooth Drivers for Latitude E6510 on Win 7 x64, so I can connect my bluetooth headphones. On Windows 8 and 10 when I do fresh installation stock drivers are good and everything works fine. But in Window

  • How to use inbuilt bluetooth in win xp and win vista?November 16

    By typing fsquirt in run command, a Bluetooth file transfer wizard opens. If we click next and select either of them it won`t work. How does it works and how to connect the bluetooth to different computer? --------------Solutions------------- From he

  • Bluetooth Authentication Error with Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless (Win 7x64)

    Bluetooth Authentication Error with Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless (Win 7x64)September 22

    SITUATION So my wife bought a Wacom 4 wireless tablet, and was using it with absolutely no problems for days. Then, one day, it just stopped working. I dug into it, and somehow her bluetooth services had been disabled. I restarted them, and was able

  • Audio problems with asus notebook with Bluetooth and usb devices in win 7

    Audio problems with asus notebook with Bluetooth and usb devices in win 7June 19

    My notebook is Asus P53E - core i5 Windows 7 installed Audio from PC speakers and headphone is distorted when i turn on bluetooth or some usb device plugged in. I belive this is a software issue. I tried updating my audio drivers but nothing help. An

  • Cant find driver for F&D Bluetooth speakers for Win 7January 30

    I have purchased a Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system A150 X made by Fendaaudio (F&D) (http://fendaaudio.com/). But I was not able connect to the device using Bluetooth from my Toshiba lap top because showing No driver found for this device . I was able to

  • Setup a linux computer to act as a bluetooth keyboard/mouse July 21

    I want to make my laptop announce itself as a bluetooth keyboard or/and a bluetooth mouse. It would be nice to be able to connect the computer to my phone or my media computer using bluetooth. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? --------------

  • How do I play audio through a Bluetooth headset in Windows 7?August 17

    I recently did an in-place upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 RTM. For the most part, things have gone brilliantly. The only issue I've been facing is regarding my Bluetooth headset, a Dell BH200. The laptop is an Inspiron 1720. I can get Windows 7 to p

  • Install Windows control panel applet in WineJanuary 12

    I want to add the bthprops.cpl dll (The bluetooth control panel applet) to my wine install under Ubuntu 10.04 since it is required for Dolphin Emulator. http://www.dolphin-emulator.com/ I copied the file from my windows install into the System32 fold

  • How to run Samsung Android Kies software on Wine ?August 9

    I've a Samsung Galaxy mini with Android 2.2. Kies, the software provided by Samsung to manage my phone, doesn't run on linux,. I've tried to run it on wine, but it doesn't work at all. Is there any way i can get this running on wine? --------------So

  • VirtualBox: trying to boot Win XP in Safe Mode: how to do ctrl-alt-delete?October 5

    I am trying to boot a Win XP Pro VM in Safe Mode in Virtual Box 4.1.4 I used DISK2VHD to create the VHD. The VHD is 95GB on disk but VirtualBox reports it as 145GB. The boot hangs, so I'm trying to use Safe Mode so see what's up. Is this possible? To

  • Send message on iPhone 4S using PC Bluetooth keyboard?November 10

    I have successfully paired a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone 4S, and it works great for composing messages. However, I can't find a way to send a message from the Messages app using just the keyboard. I've tried Enter, Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Enter, and Sh

  • Bluetooth File Transfer Error Between 2 Computers

    Bluetooth File Transfer Error Between 2 ComputersDecember 24

    I have two machines that I am attempting to connect using Bluetooth. One machine running windows 7 has bluetooth built in. The other machine running Windows XP has a bluetooth USB dongle that I am using and windows recognized the the bluetooth and in

  • Install Lenovo software on clean ThinkPad X301 with Win 7 Ultimate?January 15

    I just did a clean install of Win 7 Ultimate to my ThinkPad X301. Windows seems to have drivers available for most of the system devices, if not all of them. If I choose not to install the Lenovo ThinkVantage updater and the array of software availab

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