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  • Ease of access window auto arrange and 2nd monitorSeptember 7

    I have two monitors; I frequently shift open windows between them. I love that Windows 8.1 has built in hotkey functionality to do this (Windows key + left or right arrow), but I hate the auto arrange/resize that occurs when a window is dragged near

  • Windows 10 arrangement of windows [on hold]February 17

    I am running windows 10. When I click "show windows side by side " on the bottom toolbar, it puts them one the left side of my screen stacked? How do I fix this? Can I go into the OS files themselves and edit the function that occurs when I pres

  • Photoshop CC / Drag windows / arrange icons into interface / how ?April 21

    In my old photoshop UI, I had the option to quickly click on the windows / arrange options. Now I have to go into Window (click) Arrange (another click) and then choose what I want ;( Where can I have these appear in the window so they are one click

  • Why is resizing the browser window bad practice?August 11

    I asked how I can resize the browser window with JavaScript. Everybody told me not to do it. Why is this a bad practice? I think sometimes it can be good. For example, I want to show users a tweeting popup page. After a user tweeted, I want to redire

  • Can a WM raise or lower windows?August 27

    Judging from window management on Linux (at least on Ubuntu using Gnome with Compiz), windows are organised in a stack. Switching to a window other than the one in focus will bring the former on top of the stack, right above the latter. So is it theo

  • How do I resize all my windows when I switch displays?October 7

    Is there an app that will let me automatically resize all my open windows when I switch between working on my laptop screen and my external monitor? I spend my time either working on an external monitor connected to my mbp or just my mbp. When I swit

  • Notepad++ with HexEdit won't run in Windows 7January 17

    I use Notepad++ v5.9.6.2 (Unicode) on Windows 7 (64 bit) and I have installed the HEX-Editor v0.9.5 plugin. The problem is that only administrators now seem to be able to run Notepad++. With guests and normal users the following happens after launchi

  • Moving a modal window's parent window in Win 7February 4

    One of my biggest frustrations with Windows comes about when a program opens a progress bar in a modal window. If I want to move the program's windows to the edge of my workspace so I can keep track of the program's progress while working on somethin

  • Can conky float over maximized windows?March 29

    My idea is to use a minimized conky window on the desktop to show basically CPU and memory data all the time. Is this possible with Conky? --------------Solutions------------- KDE can be configured to keep any window always on top of other windows. J

  • Program To Cascade/Tile WindowsApril 12

    I have perhaps ten or fifteen windows open. I'd like a program which automatically resizes all the windows and arranges them in columns and rows across the screen (a grid formation), automatically figuring out the largest size for the windows so that

  • How to disable/remove mouse click mapping to Windows Flip 3D?May 25

    When I press left and right mouse button at the same time, windows 7 arranges all windows in 3d space diagonally for me to pick one. I don't know what it's called. Any idea on how to disable it? --------------Solutions------------- It sounds like you

  • Split windows 7 screen into smaller sectionsAugust 20

    Once a upon a time I had an app that would allow you do divide up your monitor into small sections so when you hit the maximize button the window would only take up one section. Any idea of how or what that app was called? --------------Solutions----

  • Stick floating eclipse windows on second screen with Mac OS 10.9 MavericksNovember 5

    When working with eclipse, I'm used to have a floating window with the console and other views on my secondary monitor. Since the update to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), I still can drag the floating window to the secondary screen, but it keeps popping back

  • Open a terminal window in another screen on loginOctober 29

    I was wondering if there is a way to get a terminal window to open up in another screen on startup. I know you can set terminal to open on start up, but I specifically want it to open in another screen. I have Mac OS X 10.11.1 --------------Solutions

  • LifeSaver: Hides and manipulates windowsFebruary 3

    This is a small program I wrote to hide/show different windows on my Windows PC. This is named LifeSaver because it did save my life several times, whenever someone stormed into my room unexpectedly. It does have some cool uses and some naughty uses,

  • Integrate Flash MX 2004 and Director MX 2004

    Integrate Flash MX 2004 and Director MX 2004June 12

    There are no two ways about it: Flash MX 2004 is a powerful development environment for creating fun and engaging applications. Yet, there comes a time when you may need a little more control of system-related functions such as being able to detect t

  • How to auto close tab in Safari after the link is opened in iTunes StoreDecember 9

    I want such a tab/window to auto close in Safari: One Moment Please. Connecting to the iTunes Store. Loading ... If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or Windows Task Bar. --------------Solutions------------- I don't

  • Pros and cons of hibernatingSeptember 22

    I've recently started to systematically hibernate my laptop instead of shutting it down. The main reason I chose to do this is that I use one of my workspace as a highly customized dashboard. It's a bunch of windows spatially arranged in a specific w

  • How to make the most of dual monitors?October 15

    I've recently acquired a second screen for my laptop. The external one is, of course, way bigger than the integrated one. So I've been wondering, how do you guys set up your Ubuntu for two monitors? The thing is, I'm quite often on the move without m

  • How to make software features more visible to users?

    How to make software features more visible to users?February 25

    I have already asked this question on stackoverflow and was sent over here. I've read Discovering new features but I thought that I should ask anyway. We have released a beta version of our software, and as we talked to people who started using it, w

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