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windows dns ptr delay

  • Need help understanding Windows DNS, DHCP and dynamic PTRsJune 8

    I have inherited management of a set of AD servers running AD-backed DNS. One of them is running DHCP. For IP ranges which are served by this Windows DHCP server, the in-addr.arpa zones are being served authoritatively by the AD DNS servers to allow

  • Create PTR Records from Existing A Records (Windows DNS)July 23

    I am migrating DNS zones (both forward and reverse) from Bind to Windows DNS. The reverse entries in the existing Bind server have not been maintained all that well for the static zones and I would rather not just import all the records. I have howev

  • PTR records with Windows DNS Server not workingJanuary 10

    I am trying to create a PTR record on my domain (kentrosecafe.com.au) so that I can get reverse DNS lookups working. The DNS Server I am using is the Windows DNS server which is on a Wiindows 2012 Server VM that is hosted on Azure. I believe I have c

  • how solve ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries. The error MX records are:December 15

    i have remote access to my windows server 2008 r2(DNS-IIS-FTP-MAIL), please see the link below for my web site : http://www.intodns.com/polyafzar.com how can i fix the error below in my server : ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries. The problem MX rec

  • Reduce Windows DNS Service caching on WindowNovember 27

    I'm struggling with DNS caching issues on a Windows based LAN. I've noticed that if I change a DNS record on a domain hosted by a 3rd party nameserver, that I always seem to be the very last person to see the change happen. I can often query the doma

  • Windows 7 PTR records with Cisco DHCP serverDecember 17

    I would like to have my windows 7 clients register their own PTR records since I use a Cisco DHCP servers. DNS is Active Directory integrated. How can I go about doing so without setting up a Windows DHCP server? I'm already using a TFTP server and I

  • Windows DNS answers NXDOMAIN for local zone from VPNJanuary 15

    Note: Wrong assumptions It turned out that the VPN is configured to redirect all name lookups to a different server. So the problem is not the Windows DNS but the VPN Gateway. Original Quesiton I have a remote network with a Windows Doma

  • How to forward missing DNS names of an existing zone in Windows DNS server?

    How to forward missing DNS names of an existing zone in Windows DNS server?March 28

    I have setup DNS records for a public domain (say example.com) in my public DNS provider. Among the records, there are some A records of the type *.production.code.example.com that point to a specific public IP. I need to setup local DNS in my Window

  • DNS Propagation Delay

    DNS Propagation DelayApril 15

    Hello, I have added a PTR record to a zone file whose TTL value is set to be one hour(3600 sec).Does the DNS propagation delay around the internet for this new PTR record which I've added depends upon TTL value? Wouldn't it take more than the TTL val

  • Windows DNS servers repeatedly requesting records in zone when they get SERVFAIL responseMarch 9

    We're seeing high levels (over 2000 requests/second) of DNS queries from our caching DNS servers to external servers. This may have been happening for a long time - this came to light recently because of performance problems with our firewall. Talkin

  • SSHFP records on Windows DNS ServerMarch 14

    How can I add SSHFP records (or any arbitrary records) on Windows DNS Server? I'm running a DC with Windows 2012 R2 and would like to put the SSH keys of the Unix servers on the DNS. --------------Solutions------------- As was noted in another answer

  • How do I register Linux server with Windows DNS serverJune 4

    I have several Ubuntu machines (mostly 8.04) that I would like to register their hostnames (or desired hostnames) with my main DNS server running on Windows 2000 so that I can access these machines from any other machine using that DNS server by host

  • Backup / Restore Windows DNSJuly 14

    How do I backup the Windows DNS (AD) content, in a form that enables simple restore? Partial restore, e.g. a sub-domain, is also nice to have. I am not looking for solutions involving full Windows system backup. --------------Solutions------------- Y

  • Windows DNS Manager and Sub DomainsJuly 16

    Complete NooB question here and I suspect I've badly mangled the terminology!... Running DNS Manager on a Windows 2008 PDC. This will control domain queries for everything under mydomain.com such as desktop1.mydomain.com Forwarders are setup to query

  • Configuring Windows DNS resolver cacheSeptember 29

    I asked this question on Stack Overflow several months ago and didn't get any useful answers. Perhaps somebody here has better info. Note that I'm talking about the client DNS resolver cache. This message is not concerned with the Windows DNS Server.

  • How can I move my Windows DNS from one server to another?October 21

    How can I move my Windows DNS from one server to another with minimum disruption? Both servers are in the same domain and we do use DHCP for the windows clients but the servers are fixed IP. DNS is Active Directory intergrated. --------------Solution

  • Change Server IP, How to change Windows DNS record?October 30

    I change My server IP. I have about 1000 dns A record on my windows dns , and have to change the value of this records, Is it possible that run a command , script to change the IP address on all records not changing one by one? Also, is it possible t

  • Do I have to use a DNS PTR?June 8

    I am currently working on a site in my free time with a few other guys and we are wanting to redirect xxx.com to our new site, yyy.com. So we have xxx.com set to redirect the which is the IP for yyy.com. However, this just says the websi

  • no-www CNAME in windows DNS

    no-www CNAME in windows DNSJune 30

    I've asked the sysadmin of a client of mine (runs windows) to create the following CNAME records for their new website: www.example.com CNAME foobar-web-server.com example.com CNAME foobar-web-server.com The problem is that he cannot create the secon

  • is there a way to monitor DNS requests that come through the local windows DNS cache?August 17

    is there a way to monitor DNS requests that come through the local windows DNS cache? i.e. to see say one line entry for each request, and that line entry would include the detail of whether it was serviced locally, or whether it had to go outside th

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