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  • Windows Run Box as Admin

    Windows Run Box as AdminJune 18

    I am desperately looking for a way to get the Run box as Admin by default. I am using Windows 8.1 and remember I had this feature as Admin with Windows 7. I can surely use workaround such as runas, CommandPrompt or PowerShell as Admin but this isn't

  • Is it possible to always run cmd from Windows' Run panel as admin?

    Is it possible to always run cmd from Windows' Run panel as admin?July 5

    I'd like to be able to start Command Prompt as admin either as default or as an easy routine. I know about Ctrl+Shift+Enter in the search list or adding a Registry Entry for a new Context Menu, but I was wondering if there's an easier way. If it's no

  • Have Windows "Run" dialog run as Admin?

    Have Windows "Run" dialog run as Admin?October 25

    Windows has this nifty little shortcut for running commands. Press Windows+r. Problem is, is there an easy way to have the commands I run in that dialog to prompt for a UAC credentials dialog and get consent from a admin user. Right now, I'm trying t

  • Can I run emacs as server on Linux but attach from Windows?February 21

    I am able to run emacs as server daemon and attach back to it on Linux. Is it possible to start emacs as daemon on Linux, but attach back to it from Windows with a different client? Emacs or xemacs, both are okay. to be precise, I want to start a ema

  • Possible to continue runas /u:domain\admin cmd with followup commands in the new CMD window?March 4

    Is it possible to continue runas /u:domain\admin command with followup commands in a new CMD.EXE window? I tried this but it didn't work: Runas different user to launch CMD and run command What I want is to run msra /offerra using CMD.EXE, however I

  • How to force any program to run with no admin privileges in Windows 7? December 26

    This question already has an answer here: Force a program to run *without* administrator privileges or UAC? 8 answers Run a program without administrative privileges in Windows 7 [duplicate] 4 answers I'm looking for a way to force any program on Win

  • Windows 7 Admin Corrupted, Cannot Run CMD as Admin, and Cannot Start in Safe ModeJuly 21

    Windows 7 Admin Corrupted, Cannot Run CMD as Admin, and Cannot Start in Safe Mode. That about sums it up. Please help. Only one other standar profile on the machine. No apparent reason for the corruption. Cheers. --------------Solutions-------------

  • How to show all program which are running currently with admin permission on Windows?September 24

    I'm wondering the way to show all program which are running currently with admin permission on Windows. I did google it and end up with no result. Thank You! --------------Solutions------------- One of the sysinternals tools, Process Explorer, can do

  • Windows 7 GPO Preventing admins from interactively logging in, but still allowing Run As / permission escalationJuly 14

    I'm implementing security restrictions for a client who would like to prevent admin accounts from logging into workstations. For example each person has a user account and an admin account and only the user account should have access. The admin accou

  • How to remap Caps Lock to CTRL on windows 7 with no admin rights and no third party applicationsMay 4

    On my work PC, with no admin and a desire of not installing 3rd party stuff: How can i remap the Caps Lock key to function as CTRL? I'm aware of system wide registry hacks with this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard La

  • Running Salamander as admin on a per operation basisOctober 28

    Is there a way of running Altap Salamander at the same security level as windows explorer? In windows explorer, if you attempt to, say, delete a file in Program Files it will pop up saying that you need admin privileges to do that, and you can contin

  • What does C$ mean when entered in Windows/Run while accessing remote drive?

    What does C$ mean when entered in Windows/Run while accessing remote drive?September 24

    If I enter in the Windows Run "\_some_ip\c$" I go the remote C: drive. What does the C$ stand for and why isn't it C: ? --------------Solutions------------- Shares with a $ are hidden shares (also called "Administrative shares" as ment

  • Running emacs in cygwinJanuary 5

    I have question regarding when running emacs with cygwin. I have installed emacs which comes with cygwin. How can I get cygwin to run emacs in its own window instead from the cygwin's console window. I like how it is in ubuntu when I run emacs from t

  • Running emacs inside screenJuly 10

    I have a screenrc file but I am finding some conflicts when I run emacs inside screen. For e.g, moving across buffers in emacs, Ctrl-right arrow/left arrow, instead of moving back and forth sends some characters into the buffers such as 5C, 5D etc. T

  • How to prevent the "Symbol's function definition is void: error" when running emacs in the console?July 21

    To disable the scrollbar in emacs I added (toggle-scroll-bar -1) to the my .emacs file and it works great when I run emacs outside of console mode. However when I run emacs in the terminal I get the error Symbol's function definition is void: toggle-

  • How can I run emacs in gnome terminal without popup interface?November 16

    Just like using emacs on putty. I just transfered to Ubuntu from windows. I also got error message when I tried to open a matlab .m file using emacs. Code: emacs job.m 701 $ emacs job.m Warning: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C Warning:

  • Run Active Directory Admin Center as another userMarch 28

    I am trying to run Active Directory Admin Center (dsac.exe) on Windows 7 as another user by means of creating a shortcut, rather than having to Shift+Right click and specify the user. On Windows XP I could create a runas shortcut like this (forget fo

  • How do I run emacs from the version of emacs in Emacs.app?May 19

    I've downloaded emacs from http://emacsformacosx.com to run as a windowed app. This way I don't have to install XCode and then install it from homebrew. The problem is that running mixed version of emacs isn't helpful for my .emacs file. There are ce

  • Running Emacs on Multiple TTYs in screenNovember 14

    When working with EMACS over SSH, is there any way to spawn a new frame of the same emacs session on a different terminal? In my use case, I have screen running, so I have multiple terminals, and can recover which pseudo terminal they're attached to

  • Individual terminal tabs running emacs become buggy/corrupted over timeNovember 19

    I generally work with a terminal window with a half-dozen tabs open, and that window lives for a week or so. Every once in a while, tabs (running emacs) become corrupted or something [every other line is missing, new text appears as blank spaces, fir

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