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  • Google Chrome on OSX - disable password autofill

    Google Chrome on OSX - disable password autofillFebruary 26

    How can I disable password autofill/autosave in Google Chrome without deleting all my passwords from the Keychain? I tried just disabling autofill, but Chrome keeps filling out passwords and still conflicts with LastPass. I want to keep the passwords

  • Chrome/ Opera continue to save & autofill passwords after installing LastPass? Good or bad? Enable/ Disable?October 1

    I moved to lastpass a few months back and imported passwords from all Browsers. Apparently, Chrome & Opera {based on Chromium} still pop-up the option to save passwords and are probably simultaneously doing or trying to do Auto Fills. Recently I had

  • How can I tell Mobile Safari to stop remembering to never remember my password?July 14

    I've changed my mind about having Safari/iCloud Keychain never remember my password for a given website. I'd like to remove that setting and store the password, but I can't find any ability to delete/change it anywhere. I've already gone into Setting

  • Accessing iCloud passwords without a MacMarch 27

    I mostly use Macs and iOS devices, so I've started using the iCloud password manager for better account security. Of course, all the world is not a Mac, but passwords are ubiquitous. When I am using a Mac under my control I can use the Keychain Acces

  • How to find wifi passwords in Yosemite or iOS8June 4

    I can still connect to this foreign network using this new computer -- my old computer had access. I want to share the password with my wife's system. I can't figure out how to do this, either in Yosemite or iOS8. I've looked at this question among o

  • Password manager does not trigger with Chromium when it shouldAugust 12

    I'm running into inconvenience because the global password manager (gnome keyring?) that should fill in auth dialogs in Chromium doesn't trigger. For example, I'm accessing some webpage that asks for basic HTTP auth, or simply a login form I've alrea

  • How can I access an iOS Mail password stored in Keychain?September 1

    I upgraded my wife's iPhone to a newer model but she can't remember her Yahoo mail password which is stored in Keychain on her old phone. She uses the standard iOS Mail app which successfully fetches mail from Yahoo on the old phone. I've tried synci

  • Can web sites detect whether you are using private browsing mode?November 19

    Most modern browsers support "private browsing mode" (also known in Chrome as "Incognito mode"), where the browser does not save any information to disk about your browsing while in this mode. In modern browsers, can a web site detect

  • Chrome Sync Error needs Passphrase

    Chrome Sync Error needs PassphraseDecember 26

    For the past week or so, there's a small orange error symbol in the top right corner when I open Chrome. It says to "Update sync passphrase". I don't remember ever having to enter a passphrase for this. It says I can reset it via the Google Dash

  • Why does iOS insist on using my Facebook email address?August 5

    I fill out webforms on my iphone fairly often. I use autocomplete to speed this process along, and it works pretty well for the most part. However, for some reason, it always insists on using an @facebook.com email address in the email field. I do no

  • iCloud Keychain search on iOSFebruary 27

    Am I just not seeing a way to search my iCloud keychain when I go to (iOS) Settings>Safari>Passwords & AutoFill>Saved Passwords ? The list is very long and they don't even give me a way to navigate quickly down the alphabet. I'm hoping that i

  • If I open a URL in a new Chrome incognito window, will it act as if I cleared browser cache, cookies etc?March 12

    I have good reasons for not clearing my cookies at the moment. Support staff for a problem site want me to clear browser cache and cookies. If I open a URL in a new Chrome incognito window, will it act as if I cleared browser cache, cookies etc? If n

  • INCOMING: Wall of code for form and $_POST, not updating custom field's valueNovember 13

    its been a long two days in an attempt program a plugin from scratch to provide a front end landing page with 2 forms. Depending on which form the user wants to use, the form shall change a value in the database (add or create if nonexistent custom f

  • Autofill,save password,spellcheck,Application cache in WkWebviewJanuary 28

    I am looking for a way to do AutoFill,SavePassword and Spellcheck in WkWebView AFAIK SpellCheck(spellcheck="true"),Autocomplete('autocomplete','off') can be done by specifying HTML Attributes SavePassword and Autofill can be worked around using

  • Autofill password in Google ChromeDecember 31

    I have to do a lot of loggin in on webpages and I like that firefox autofills in my passwords, once it knows them... How can I achieve the same for google chrome? I have read this post, installed the autofill=true extension but that does not do the j

  • 'Password field is empty' error when using autofill in ChromeOctober 5

    When I open the login screen on Chrome, the browser automatically fills the form with my username and password. However, when I hit the submit button, I get the following message: ERROR: The password field is empty. Adding a space to the autofilled p

  • Why is Chrome not allowing to save password and autofill forms?

    Why is Chrome not allowing to save password and autofill forms?March 16

    I am unable to save password and any other form information on Google Chrome on Windows. I cannot enable the advanced setting for form autofill as shown in the picture below. How can I change this? --------------Solutions------------- That icon indic

  • Clear Autofilled Password on formload in chrome January 13

    i am working on a mobile web Dev project where in the login page i need to prevent or clear the password field which gets autofilled. I tried with having a dummy field with type="password" which is hidden and the other is the actual password fil

  • How to force browser(app) to save login and password for autofillJanuary 26

    Here is http://codepen.io/anon/pen/obqwge and http://m.glonasssoft.ru/test/www/index.html#/login. I want to help the user via autofill but its works unpredictably, on some mobile devices it asks, on some not, and it completely ignores on IOS. So is t

  • Autofill Username and Password in UIWebViewFebruary 1

    I'm doing a very easy app for me. When I launch this app, it simply bring me to this web page https://social.tre.it/expert. I would like to automatise login so is there a way to autofill username and password, check the "I accept condition" mark

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