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  • Linux Hostapd registers as WEP, but I want WPA2-PSKJanuary 25

    as usual to respect the community, I have traversed a bajillion articles and re-read the manual and still can't seem to get past this issue. I'm trying to create an access point in Linux(linaro on a dragonboard 410C) with hostapd to register as WPA2-

  • Does the length of a WPA2-PSK passphrase affect wireless performance?January 20

    Will the performance of my home wireless network be affected by an overly long WPA2-PSK passphrase? Is the passphrase used only during authentication or is it used to encrypt all frames? --------------Solutions------------- WPA2 provides AES encrypti

  • The new CCMP attack against WPA/WPA2 PSKMay 2

    The use of Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol (CCMP) for WPA/WPA2 PSK is being attacked. This is a trivial attack (offline brute force) against the initial key exchange. It should be noted that the IEEE does

  • Is it possible to speed up WPA/WPA2-PSK cracking using a rogue AP?October 28

    We know that WPA/WPA2-PSK uses a PTK (Pairwise Transient Key) for each client to encrypt the communication. This PTK is generated through the process known as 4-way handshake. As told in the related page on Wikipedia: The PTK is generated by concaten

  • Wireshark on WPA2-PSK [AES] not decrypting

    Wireshark on WPA2-PSK [AES] not decryptingJune 27

    I am trying to capture all packets on my network from all devices connected to an SSID . I started up airmon-ng Started Monitoring on mon0 Changed Preferences in wireshark to 'enable decrytion' with wpa-pwd: After all this, I start the capture on my

  • Is there a way to configure WPA2-PSK to provide Forward Secrecy?August 10

    Is there a way to secure an wireless connection against a decryption attack where the PSK is known (E.G. Airdecap-NG)? Is it possible to configure Forward Secrecy on 802.11 Wireless Connections? --------------Solutions------------- Forward secrecy is

  • Why does WPA2-PSK use 4-way handshake instead of 2-way handshakeNovember 26

    I don't seem to grasp why is the handshake for PTK in WPA2-PSK 4-way and not 2-way. Isn't it enough to just have these two steps: First party sends Nonce1 to the other party Second party sends to first party Nonce2 and the HMAC(Nonce1, Nonce2, other

  • Does using WPA2-Enterprise just change the attack model vs WPA2-PSK?December 9

    As far as I can tell based on the reading I've done so far, WPA2-Enterprise uses the same encryption and security algorithms and methods as WPA2-PSK, with the addition of using another service for authentication. Is this accurate, meaning that a WPA2

  • If password is super long, your wpa / wpa2-psk is safe?July 23

    sorry im kinda clueless with this stuff... I heard if you set your wifi password to more than 10 or so digits (and make it complicated), then your wpa / wpa2 psk would be safe. Is that true? If not, how do i make it secure so that i dont have to reve

  • If WPA2-PSK is insecure, what other options do home users have?November 25

    from what I'm reading online it seems that one can land attacks and successfully crack a WPA2-PSK wifi network, is that true and if it is, how home users can secure their networks? I seen an application on android that can reveal the wifi password ev

  • Sniffing WPA2 PSK traffic with the key but without associationDecember 17

    Assume a situation where a wireless access point is using WPA2-PSK, and it is configured to allow only a single client association at one time. Client A connects to the access point with PSK and engages in some higher layer communication with hosts a

  • How does WPA2-PSK prevent evil twin password phishing?January 17

    Let's say we have a WPA2-PSK secured AP and there are several clients like smartphones and notebooks that automatically connect to it. Now if someone was to create another AP that looked completely the same from the outside (same channel, same encryp

  • How to add support for wireless networking WPA2-PSK [AES] on Windows

    How to add support for wireless networking WPA2-PSK [AES] on WindowsOctober 4

    I have the problem on one of my machines that it is not possible to select WPA2-PSK [AES] network. It is missing in the network encryption dropdown (please see a picture below from my computer where it shows (and works), on the other computer the cur

  • Ubuntu: no WPA2-PSK option for wireless securitySeptember 21

    I'm trying to connect to a new router that has WPA2-PSK encryption. In the connection window Ubuntu presents when choosing the network from the wifi menu, there are only the 3 WEP options (40/128 bits, 128 bits, and dynamic) plus LEAP. But no WPA2-PS

  • Wifi Drops Connections with WPA2-PSKSeptember 13

    I run a small computer lab made up of 10 computers of identical hardware and software (Dell Latitudes with Windows 7 x64 Enterprise) and I use a ZyWALL 2WG as a router/firewall. Nine of the computers connect to the router over wifi using WPA2-PSK enc

  • Cracking a wpa2-psk wifiDecember 27

    I'm cracking a wpa2-psk wifi with aircrack-ng. After popullating the *cap file I'll apply brute-force with john. The question is: What time is it recommend to run airodump-ng before killing it's process? How many beacons should be there, and how does

  • wpa2-psk + wireless isolation = secure connection?August 7

    from what I've read: If I am on a wireless network without encryption, any other computer connected to that same network could easily (with right tools & knowledge) intercept any traffic I send/receive. If I am on a wpa2-psk wireless network, the sit

  • Eavesdropping on a WPA2 (PSK) networkMarch 4

    I'm trying to capture frames sent and / or received by other clients on my wireless (WPA2-PSK) network. I installed Wireshark, activated the promiscuous mode and set the decryption key, but I'm unable to see frames other than my own- even when I asso

  • What are the difference between WPA2-PSK and WPA2-EAP-PSK?September 26

    What are the differences between WPA2-PSK and WPA2 EAP-PSK ? What are the pro/const of use one configuration or the other ? --------------Solutions------------- WPA2 EAP-PSK uses WPA2-Enterprise to do an 802.1X authentication to server. It uses the P

  • How to generate linux-tools packages for customized kernel?October 8

    How to generate linux-tools and linux-cloud-tools packages for customized kernel by using Ubuntu build scripts? Tried to add do_tools=true which generates linux-tools-3.14.17-generic_3.14.17_amd64.deb but did not generate the base package the above o

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