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  • Convert Ubuntu to XUbuntuAugust 14

    I am currently running Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit, with separate home directory. What is the best way to convert Ubuntu to XUbuntu? Reformat and install XUbuntu. Install xubuntu-desktop using apt-get, and remove ubuntu-desktop. Install xfce4 using apt-get on

  • How set up ReadyBoost (equivilent) on Xubuntu laptop?August 21

    I'm setting up an old Thinkpad 600e laptop using Xubuntu. The machine has only 160MB of memory (all I could find - 32MB onboard, + 2 x 64MB expansions), so it's paging like mad during normal use. I'm wondering if there's a way to achieve something li

  • My xubuntu 9.04 laptop won't boot properlyAugust 22

    What steps can I take to determine the cause of the failure? It's a dual boot system. I can boot into windows fine. I can boot Xubuntu using the recovery image though it is very very slow and it gets to the lovely blue landscape login screen. Enter u

  • Installing Xubuntu to Flash DriveAugust 23

    How can I make a persistent install of Xubuntu on my flash drive, so I can boot from my flash drive and save changes and files? --------------Solutions------------- The How-to Geek has an article on how to do this for Ubuntu. Presumably you can subst

  • Can't minimise programs to the desktop in XFce (xUbuntu 9.10)October 30

    Using xUbuntu 9.04 I could choose how to use the desktop, and I found it really useful to minimise running programs to the desktop. Instead of having a trashcan, harddrive, cdrom etc etc and a lot of other tmp files there. However after upgrading to

  • How to create a "terminal server server" in xubuntuNovember 13

    I am pretty new to system administration, and I am definitively new to serverfault, so apologies should my question not be following SF standards to the 100%. This is my problem: I have a xubuntu machine with a number of accounts on it that I need to

  • Disable tap to click in xubuntuNovember 14

    What is the "preferred" method to turn off tap to click in Xubuntu 9.10? It's not available in Settings->Mouse the way it is in Ubuntu. --------------Solutions------------- There is no touchpad manager coming by default in xubuntu. You have t

  • How do I burn Xubuntu Live CDDecember 6

    I downloaded the 600+ MB Xubunto ISO. Burnt it to a DVD using Nero Burning Rom, as a Bootable DVD. My bootup sequence won't detect XUbuntu and still only detects windows on my Hard Drive even after I set my BIOS to boot from the CDROM first. How do I

  • How do I restore the standard Ubuntu Gnome login after trying Xubuntu?

    How do I restore the standard Ubuntu Gnome login after trying Xubuntu?December 29

    I've been running Ubuntu with Gnome for some time now. I wanted to try out XFCE, so I tried the suggestion from the site http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xubuntu and entered the following command: $ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install xu

  • Xubuntu 9.10 LiveCD on USB fails with error can't open /dev/sr0: no medium foundJanuary 3

    Using Ubuntu's USB Startup Disk Creator (USB-creator-gtk), I created a LiveUSB from the Xubuntu 9.10 LiveCD. When booting, it stalls up with the Xubuntu mouse splash screen displayed. In attempting to troubleshoot, I used Ctrl-Alt-F1 to check out the

  • Can't Login to xubuntu: prompt reappearsJanuary 30

    I can't login to my xubuntu. After I enter my login details at the prompt it just shows the prompt again! --------------Solutions------------- If your password is definitely correct, it may be a corrupt user profile preventing you from logging in. Tr

  • Xubuntu 9.10 running on VirtualBox never goes idleFebruary 22

    On my Windows 7 32bit machine I'm running a VirtualBox instance of Xubuntu 9.10 32bit and I've noticed that the screen saver on the virtual box instance of Xubuntu never becomes active despite setting the timeout to 1 minute. I also have a Kubuntu 9.

  • How do I usb tether my Cyanogen modded G1's internet connection to my Toshiba Tecra 8000 running Xubuntu?March 21

    I have usb-tethering enabled in my phone. It works fine with Vista. When I plug my phone into my Tecra 8000 laptop running Xubuntu, dmesg shows: "usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 8". I see that the OS has detected it

  • TTY Resolution in Xubuntu 9.10April 1

    I've exhausted my ability to search through Google for this, so I'm giving it a go here. What I'm trying to do is increase the resolution (or decrease the font size) in the TTY terminals. Xubuntu 9.10 uses GRUB2, and everywhere I can find directs me

  • multi boot: xp + xp + xubuntu, how to?April 14

    My laptop (with a single harddrive) currently has xp + xubuntu dual boot. I want to make that triple boot: xp + xp + xubuntu Please don't ask why, take it as given. How can I accomplish this triple boot? I tried using gparted to add a partition (work

  • Xubuntu vs Ubuntu 10.04 PerformanceApril 29

    I know it just came out today, but are there any statistics with memory requirements, system resources, power usage, and performance to decide which is better Xubuntu or Ubuntu (XFCE vs Gnome)? My main concern is running it as secondary OS on my Leno

  • Terminal window opens when Xubuntu starts-?May 7

    Whenever I start up my laptop with Xubuntu on it, a Terminal window opens and just sits in the taskbar - as though I opened it myself. Anyone know if there's some sort of list of applications which open at boot time. Maybe Terminal got on that list s

  • Screen resolution only displaying 800x600 in XubuntuMay 8

    I am running Sun VirtualBox on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. I have installed Xubuntu 10.4 as a virtual machine but cannot seem to find an easy way of altering the screen resolution. Any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- The issue is with Vir

  • Move a window back into the visible area in Xubuntu?May 14

    On my laptop, after I use a higher-resolution external monitor, applications will sometimes place themselves outside the visible area of my desktop. How do I move them back into the visible area? (No part of the window is visible, so I can't use the

  • Xubuntu Aero Snap Hotkeys?May 17

    How can I set up my Xubuntu to quickly use a hotkey (super + direction keys) like Aero Snap in Windows 7? --------------Solutions------------- Very similar to Jamie's answer, I set up the settings in the same place (Settings Manager → Window Manager

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