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your sd card is full , back to the vault

  • How to restore files on SD Card that was protected by Vault app?July 22

    I changed my Android mobile phone from one carrier to another. I installed Vault app from the Google Play store, and placed the old SD Card from the previous phone into this new phone. After installing the vault software in the new phone, I am unable

  • Integrate Braintree Payments into Rails

    Integrate Braintree Payments into RailsSeptember 1

    In a previous article, I cover how to build an online store with Rails from scratch, explaining how to build a shopping cart using Redis. This article continues down that path, adding how to accept payments using Braintree. Braintree helps online bus

  • Deciding on customer id and saving payment method after transaction in BraintreeJanuary 27

    I would like to have the following workflow on our website with Braintree payment gateway: a customer which is or isn't logged in pays with a credit card (using Braintree hosted fields). If the payment is successful and customer is not logged in, we

  • Creating a Credit Card Validation Class With PHP

    Creating a Credit Card Validation Class With PHPApril 17

    Although online payment options such as PayPal have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, the majority of online stores still use some sort of merchant system to accept credit card payments from their Websites. Before you actually enc

  • Software for creating an image of a CompactFlash cardMarch 2

    Does any one know a good free application to make an image of a CompactFlash memory card? We are developing a program for a computer that uses a CompactFlash card as system storage and we would like to create a image before we start installing stuff

  • Build a Buzzword Bingo Card in PHPMarch 3

    In the past, I've done a fair bit of work with government departments. Here are three things I learned from that experience: government workers love meetings government workers also love jargon when you combine meetings and jargon, you have excellent

  • 8 Ideas For Unique And Affordable Business Cards

    8 Ideas For Unique And Affordable Business CardsApril 29

    There are a number of posts out there with collections of really cool and unique business card designs. Some of my favorites are CreativeBits, CrazyLeaf Design Blog, and Daily Poetics. While these cards are definitely unique and fun to look at, many

  • How do I associate IP masks/ranges with multiple network cards in WinXP/VistaApril 30

    I have multiple network interfaces on a Windows client machine. I would like for some IP traffic to go through one card and other traffic to go through the other card based upon the IP (actually, I would prefer domain names) of the destination server

  • How can I control which sound card Ubuntu uses for playback?May 9

    I am dual-booting Ubuntu 9.04 and Windows XP but am new to Ubuntu. In Windows, I use an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card for recording (because it has RCA input jacks for my mixer), but I don't use it for playback (because my speakers use a 1/8 inc

  • Why does the TCP Chimney Offload feature on some ethernet cards fail to pass some network packets to the OS?May 19

    In http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942861 Microsoft reports that in some situations Microsoft SQL Server experiences network issues due to the network card having a TCP Chimney Offload turned on. I have other server software that is experiencing simi

  • Two identical displays, two identical graphics cards, totally different picture qualityMay 22

    UPDATE - Definitely a driver issue. Problem goes away when I uninstall nvidia drivers, comes back when I reinstall them. I'm having a really strange hardware problem. I have a workstation with two displays, they're both identical V173 ACER monitors.

  • SD card will not mount on Ubuntu 9.04May 23

    I've got a video camera that records directly to SD(HC) cards; I've also got an Ubuntu 9.04 laptop (netbook) with an SD reader. I have a 16GB SDHC class 6 card that I was using for data storage on the netbook; it mounts automatically and displays jus

  • Network card enabled but not workingMay 26

    I have a strange behavior on one of my windows2003/IIS6 servers. I have two network cards on it, let's call card A the card which connects the server with the internet, and let's call card B the card which connects the server with the intranet. The s

  • Adding a DRAC card to a Dell serverMay 27

    I have 9 Dell 1850 servers that we are going to be relocating from our office to our remote data center. In any new servers that I purchase I've been including the DRAC card in them for remote management. I would like to know if anyone has been sucse

  • Virtual Sound Card for Windows Server?June 4

    i have some software running on a server which requires a sound card to be installed. i'm trying to find a virtual, or emulated, sound card driver for Windows 2000 Server. It doesn't have to play anything, send streams anywhere, or do anything. It ju

  • Play Your Cards Right: Run Your First Card SortJune 9

    Let's say you're building a new intranet for a company. The site has pages upon pages of thrilling content that, until now, has been utterly disorganized. You could have a go at rearranging and categorizing it yourself, but that may be tricky - espec

  • Booting From VIA VT6421A Based PCI SATA CardJune 15

    I bought a VIA VT6421A based SATA card for an 845 chipset based motherboard. The card is working – I can access the SATA HDD from Windows/Linux. The problem is I can't directly boot from the SATA card. My motherboard is Award BIOS 6 based. I tried fi

  • Windows Server 2003 with 2 network cards and wireless router, is it possible to configure connections via router to use the AD serverJune 15

    In a small after school ITC class (1 server, 15 student machines), We have a vigor2800 adsl modem/wireless router. This has a Windows 2003 server connected to it which has 2 network cards, one to the router and internet and one for the internal netwo

  • Why does 1GBit card have output limited to 80 MiB?June 17

    I'm trying to utilize maximal bandwidth provided by my 1GiB network card, but it's always limited to 80MiB (real megabytes). What can be the reason? Card description (lshw output): description: Ethernet interface product: DGE-530T Gigabit Ethernet Ad

  • Windows 7 On VMWare Server 2.0 Sound Card June 21

    I've dug though the internet but haven't been able to confirm this one way or the other so I figured I'd try here. I have VMWare Server 2.0 and I've installed Windows 7.0 RC 64bit on it. Host OS is Windows XP Pro Everything is working great, except I

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