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z50-70 reboots after hibernation

  • How can I convince Windows 7 to reboot upon hibernating rather than powering down?May 25

    I have a Linux and Windows 7 dual-boot setup on my PC and I would like to configure the OSes so that when working in one OS, I can hibernate (saving the state to disk), reboot, use the other OS, reboot again when done, and resume using the first OS f

  • Can swap be shared safely while hibernating?April 7

    Suppose I have two different Linux installations A and B, both using the same swap partition. As I understand, running A or B will cause no problems with swap as only one of them is using it at a given time. However, if I boot A, hibernate, then boot

  • Lenovo T61p Windows 7 LCD Change Brightness Does Not WorkSeptember 1

    Just installed Windows 7 on my T61p laptop. Besides the fact that i only missed 2 drivers (turbo memory, wusb) there are plenty of things not working on windows drivers alone. Main issue at the moment is that I can't change LCD brightness. When I use

  • How can I resolve a hang at splash screen (cold boot only)?May 4

    Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what's causing my pc to lockup at the splash screen on bootup for 1-3minutes. This ONLY happens on the first power up, subsequent reboots run fine. Running on a Falcon II SSD I did the customary move of files to a

  • Why do I get a blank screen on booting in Windows 8 Developer Preview (x64)?September 19

    Basic system info: OS: Windows 8 Developer Preview (x64) CPU: Intel Core2 Duo Graphics: Intel integrated/ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 The problem: After installation everything works fine and it boots to the desktop At some point later (seemingly rando

  • Why are the failing addresses in Memtest86+ higher than my total memory?

    Why are the failing addresses in Memtest86+ higher than my total memory?May 2

    Context Feel free to skip this section. I ramble a bit. This is a desktop computer. My motherboard is a MSI P67A-C45. The two memory modules are 4GB DDR3-1333 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 3, dual channel. A few months ago, I started experiencing random graphic

  • Memtest shows errors outside of the RAM size

    Memtest shows errors outside of the RAM size May 2

    Context Feel free to skip this section. I ramble a bit. This is a desktop computer. My motherboard is a MSI P67A-C45. The two memory modules are 4GB DDR3-1333 in DIMM 1 and DIMM 3, dual channel. A few months ago, I started experiencing random graphic

  • Should I choose exFat or NTFS for a "shared" partition in a dual-boot system?July 17

    I have a new laptop which I am setting up as dual boot Windows/Linux. I would like to access files from both Ubuntu and Windows 7. Should I create a separate NTFS partition? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you should create a separate NTFS

  • Windows 8 reports WRONG uptime (possibly total Hybrid-Boot uptime)

    Windows 8 reports WRONG uptime (possibly total Hybrid-Boot uptime)March 11

    The up time shown in the picture is 6 Days, 1 hour, 34 Minutes, 22 seconds. I turned on this Laptop just about 7 min ago. I actually think it like, Windows 8 reports the total up time while in Hybrid-Boot mode. How do I get the real up time?? Also, w

  • Why doesn't Windows delete the hibfile.sys?November 3

    I hibernate my computer once a month, if even that much. Windows keeps my hibfile.sys forever and takes up 16gb of my SSD. Why isn't it smart enough to delete the file after rebooting from hibernation? --------------Solutions------------- hiberfil.sy

  • Why is the system uptime too long despite shutdown?August 9

    I'm noticing something strange in my PC. The Task Manager in my system displays my system uptime is around 3days and 1hr. I can honestly tell you that I have used the machine for just 10hrs this week. I rarely put my PC in standby or hibernate as I d

  • Wireless not detecting signals after hibernation, reboot doesn't fix itApril 18

    The wireless adapter (Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter) of my Lenovo S10-3 is being detected correctly in the device manager in Windows, but I am unable to detect any wireless signals. This happened after my laptop hibernated, and it doesn't work eve

  • Windows fails to resume from hibernation every other rebootOctober 7

    I have a Dell XPS 15z. Under Windows 7, I was seeing the problem where Windows wouldn't resume from hibernation on every other reboot. In other words, I could cold boot, and it would hibernate and resume correctly multiple times. If I then did a Rest

  • Reset password Lenovo Z50 by Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor - hibernated sessionDecember 28

    I lost my password in Lenovo Z50 in Windows 8.1. I tried to reset it by program Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor. After I selected disk partition the message which I saw was: Selected 1 Mounting from /dev/sda5, with filesystem type NTFS So,

  • Resume from hibernation (pm-hibernate) randomly rebootsJanuary 24

    I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with Gnome as primary window manager (not Ubuntu Gnome, just installed Gnome after Ubuntu). I often tend to use pm-hibernate to get into hibernation, but when I boot again the resume sometimes, but not always, fails and the com

  • Lenovo Z50-70 not resuming after hibernationMay 20

    My lenovo z50-70 is not resuming after i put the laptop in hibernation mode. It gives a black screen on resume. I tried a solution - http://askubuntu.com/a/436389/411863 but it didn't work out. ram-4 Gb swap partition size - around 10 Gb Output for s

  • Hibernating/Saving state of a gnu-screen, to resume after reboot? September 28

    I am using GNU screen a lot. I find it very annoying that everytime the server has to be rebooted I lose all my sessions (even if I know in advance, I need to set-up everything again). I've searched the web for possibilities how to make screen surviv

  • Hibernation causes rebootMay 19

    I'm running LXDE, when I try choosing "Hibernate" from the power menu I get a GDBus.Error.org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Operation not permitted error. To see whether the "underlying machinery" works I tried invoking sudo pm-

  • Is there a reason not to use the hibernation in Windows?May 26

    When leaving the computer for a long time it seems convenient to hibernate it instead of shutting down - all the programs remain in the same state when resumed. Are there any drawbacks in doing so? --------------Solutions------------- Generally there

  • Desktop reboots itself on sleep or hibernateJuly 15

    I have been using an ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard for main home desktop workstation, operating Windows Vista x64. This computer has right from day one not been able to enter hibernate or standby; after Windows performs its final actions and brings the m

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