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  • 3D max View Port not showing properly [on hold]

    3D max View Port not showing properly [on hold]February 17

    i recently formatted my system and installed 3D max 2015 again now stuck with this viewport any one having this issue plz help

  • 3DS Max - How to display bones as floating objects instead of lines beneath a mesh?

    3DS Max - How to display bones as floating objects instead of lines beneath a mesh?February 14

    So I downloaded a rigged model for 3DS Max and it had something I'd never seen before. Bones as globes and rings floating outside the mesh for easy access and convenience instead of having to constantly access the object hierarchy or switch between l

  • Three.js .obj loader not working with 3Ds Max .objFebruary 9

    I am trying to load a .obj into Three.js using there objLoader. var loader = new THREE.OBJLoader( manager ); loader.load( 'obj/gate-2.obj', function ( object ) { object.traverse( function ( child ) { if ( child instanceof THREE.Mesh ) { child.materia

  • exporting exr with maxscriptJanuary 29

    How can I save an .exr file with vray frame buffer using maxscript? I have been able to input the path to the output slot correctly but when I render the image the file doesn't get saved.

  • How to run memory_profiler in python inside 3D Studio MaxJanuary 26

    I am writing a script for 3ds Max. I think tak it has some sort of memory leackage, it is getting slow after some time. That's about 3000 lines of code and there are many different variables, I cannot determinate what causes this problem. So I though

  • Maxscript: How can I change the format of vertex locations from generic units to meters?January 24

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this question. I am trying to change the output of vertex positions from generic units to meters. I found the following code (slightly modified) from a different SO question. It correctly outputs vertex positions

  • MaxScript - Find position of intersection points of models 3ds MaxJanuary 20

    I am trying to find out how to get the position of the intersection points between models. The baseline is a 3D model that I want to shatter with lines and then recover it using intersection points between lines and the model. What I have tried: Some

  • Need universal solution for importing/exporting fbx externally with 3ds MaxJanuary 15

    I'm working on a toolbox and come to notice that we don't have a very versatile solution for importing/exporting fbx to/from max externally. For max it's pretty hard to pass parameters directly through command line (or impossible? as I haven't found

  • Setup background image using 3ds max sdk

    Setup background image using 3ds max sdkJanuary 14

    Using gui is simple to setup background image (Alt+B -> Background source -> Files, Display Background on). But I cannot find how to do this operation using c++ max sdk. I've tried to setup enviroment Interface12* ip12 = GetCOREInterface12(); Bitmap

  • IK bones stretching vertices to ground during animation (UE4, 3DS Max, using default skeleton)

    IK bones stretching vertices to ground during animation (UE4, 3DS Max, using default skeleton)December 29

    I modified the 3rd person example skeletal mesh to a simplistic model in 3DS Max 2016 student edition, by deleting all but one faces and building thereon, thus leaving the hierarchy just as it is needed to re-import to UE4 without any changes and wit

  • Is render to texture available in blender? December 28

    I don't know is render to texture available in blender like in 3dsmax if it is available please tell me step by step method to do that thanks in advance. --------------Solutions------------- Render to texture is also known as texture 'baking', which

  • Trouble in 3DS MAX 2016 exported ogre.mesh file refering the correct .materialDecember 9

    Actually we have some trouble in exporting ogre mesh + material files correctly from 3dsmax. We are using "Easy Ogre Exporter V 2.40" for the export to ogre format. And actually just testing its features by displaying the images in Cegui-Meshvie

  • Problems with rendering in 3ds Max

    Problems with rendering in 3ds MaxOctober 23

    I am working on a project in 3ds Max, but when I render the project it looks very weird. See this picture for an example: How can I fix this? --------------Solutions------------- My guess is that you have some flipped normals. Try viewing them with t

  • Combining several animations into a single FBXOctober 16

    I'm trying to figure out a workflow for preparing character animations for Unity so that they are all combined in a single FBX file. The advantage as far as I see it is that it then uses only a single skeleton where multiple animation files would eac

  • How to set rotations to 0,0,0 in 3ds max for exporting in unity?September 11

    I'm a modeler in 3ds max and the unity programmer ask me that the object must have: pivot with Y up rotations at 0,0,0 but every object that I export in fbx he says don't have rotations at 0,0,0. I tryed different solutions as: - reset xform - freeze

  • Unity - custom Export and Import FBX DataSeptember 2

    I am trying to write custom data inside a FBX file from 3dsmax at export time. This might be possible even if I don't know right now how to do that. But my question would be how can I read those custom FBX data inside Unity on import. Thanks a lot. -

  • is edit tangent possible in 3dsmax?

    is edit tangent possible in 3dsmax?August 12

    I have a custom hlsl directx shader, it takes vertex normals for rim light calculation. and vertex tangent(it stores unified normals) for edge render(enlarge model & cull front). I can export one fbx with auto smooth normals, and one fbx with unify n

  • 3D Studio MAX dxf model to OpenGL and DirectXJune 22

    Main Question I saw this Loading and Animating MD5 Models with OpenGL an old post explaining .md5mesh .md5anim files. Is there any similar alternate mechanisms? Additional Questions 1.) Is there an open source tool or a Plug in for 3ds max to convert

  • 3DS Max 2015 - Viewport issues when using sub-object selection box

    3DS Max 2015 - Viewport issues when using sub-object selection boxJune 18

    I'm fairly new to using 3DS Max (2015), and have encountered an issue that I can't figure out. Whenever I'm using the selection tools (Vertices, Edges, Polys, etc) and drag out a marquee/selection box, it has a regular tendency of either forcing a st

  • Unity not importing pivot points?May 19

    To start things off, I begin with the following set of procedures: Begin with a model in 3DS Max, which I will refer to as Cube. Confirm that Cube's pivot point is exactly in the center of it, which it is. Export Cube in FBX format. Import Cube into

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