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  • Can this shift-register circuit be simplified?

    Can this shift-register circuit be simplified?February 12

    I've created a circuit using a shift register to drive a 7-segment display which is all controlled by an Arduino Uno. The circuit appears to work fine, I have a sketch running which simply counts from 0 to 9 over and over. Attempting to put this toge

  • 0.56inch 7segment display failureJanuary 19

    I am Nikhil from India, working as an embedded programmer. I made half inch 7segment display based digital clock. But after few months few 7segment displays got damaged. I got same complaints in many boards. Please help me to debug the error. 5v dc p

  • Estimating volume cost of a simple LCDJanuary 2

    I know the best way to do this is to contact a number of LCD manufacturers and get quotes, but I expect there is experience here from others that can be shared and this would be of interest to many. A large number of simple microcontroller based desi

  • Using a PAL for a seven segment displayDecember 26

    I know next to nothing about PAL. I was wondering how one goes about programming a PAL (an old TIBPAL 16L8-25CN in my case) to drive a seven segment display, sort of like a HEF4511B. Right now I just have an arduino uno and a raspberry pi, do I have

  • VHDL: How does one assign custom values to identifiers of an enumerated type?

    VHDL: How does one assign custom values to identifiers of an enumerated type?December 20

    For a design with seven segment displays, it will be easier in modelsim simulation if one can see the actual display value going into the seven segment display e.g hexadecimal D which is "1000010" in binary could appear as an enumerated type 'ss

  • What is the pin to light up colon in Basys 2?December 19

    I am trying to make a clock in a Basys2 board but I can't find in documentation the pin to light up the colon of the 7segment display. Where is it? --------------Solutions------------- I don't think the colon lights up. From reading the schematic, in

  • Comparator and 7 segment display

    Comparator and 7 segment displayDecember 5

    I am trying to make a 7 segment display that displays the symbol <, > or = depending if a > b or a=b or a < b by using the output of a comparator(7 outputs from the comparator according to the exercise). I can't figure out how a comparator get

  • Discrete Logic with Seven Segment Displays ProblemDecember 5

    As a small project, I decided to make this circuit from Gadgetronix. However after wiring it, the display is stuck on 20 and when I activate the pushbutton, the 0 (display of IC2) just dims, and when I let go it goes back to normal. Now, I know just

  • FSM 4x7 segment displays VerilogNovember 12

    I got problem getting around Verilog. I am trying to create a FSM that displays numbers on one of the displays and on the next state to display a string. I did make the string to be displayed separately and the number separately in 2 projects, but I

  • How do digital watches use so little power (and how do I do that?) November 11

    This question already has an answer here: How is wristwatch with 10 years battery life possible? 3 answers The title of the question is pretty self-explanatory. I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation for my own digital calculator watch (the C

  • How would I create this kind of circuit?

    How would I create this kind of circuit?November 1

    I'm just starting out with electronics, this should explain why my "schematic" is so readable. I'll attach it and explain further. I know how to create a simple circuit with the main slide switch and either of the LEDs, but I honestly have no id

  • Is the there an intended PCB layout for the MAX7219/MAX7221 I'm missing?

    Is the there an intended PCB layout for the MAX7219/MAX7221 I'm missing?October 29

    The ordering of the segment pins (14-17, 20-23) on the MAX7219/MAX7221 common-cathode LED display driver is unusual, to say the least: The order of these pins is similar, but not identical, to the standard pin layout used by 4-position 7-segment disp

  • How to power a big high voltage 7-segment array with minimum parts, without frying my wimpy power supply?October 24

    I am trying to design a clock with a big 8-digit 7-segment display formed by about 250 LEDs, but with a power draw limit of 1A from a 5V USB phone charger. Each stroke is four LEDs in series and requires 9V 50mA to drive, and every digit have a maxim

  • hexadecimal seven segment display verilog

    hexadecimal seven segment display verilogOctober 7

    I have a 4 bit output number as output. How can it be seen on seven segment display as hexadecimal number? I'm new and mentioning verilog. case example: wire [3:0] num; case (num) 4'b0000 : 1111110; 4'b0001 : 0110000; 4'b0010 : 1101101; 4'b0011 : 111

  • Voltage to segments on 7 segment display?October 3

    I am thinking of purchasing an LTS4680 seven segment display for one of my projects.Here is the datasheetdatasheet:http://www.icpdf.com/icpdf_datasheet_7_datasheet/LTS4680AE_pdf_1732299/LTS4680AE_datasheet.html I understand that it is a common cathod

  • How to display a double digit decimal value on a seven segment display?September 27

    I recently finished a 4 bit adder project and I wanted to "extend" it.Right now,the output is represented by 4 led's(1 for each bit).I want to display the answer as a decimal in a seven segment display.The biggest value that the adder can output

  • Designing logic for 7-segment display September 26

    I want to design the logic of a 7-segment display driver. As for the specs, I want it to have 4 inputs coding the binary value of numers 0-9 and 8 outputs for the display. I am not really sure where to start, so how would an outline of the design pro

  • 7 segment LED display not working when using common pin as cathode?September 5

    I am trying to wire up a 7 segment LED display but when I connect the common pin to ground and the LED pins to V+ the display doesn't work. However when I use the common pin as an anode and connect it to the positive rail and use a lower voltage for

  • 4 Digit 7 segment display LED missing one light (on all four digits)

    4 Digit 7 segment display LED missing one light (on all four digits) August 24

    Hi I ordered online a voltage meter and got this tiny cute little fast refreshing pretty darn precise reliable meter. HOWEVER I am missing on all four digits the left lower vertical light piece. What could be causing this? the solder joins look okay

  • How can i connect 9 7segments to a 3x4 keypad using only diodes making each 7segment displays only one number?

    How can i connect 9 7segments to a 3x4 keypad using only diodes making each 7segment displays only one number? August 17

    I want to make each button in the keypad to display one number using only diodes without using any decoders or ic. thanks in advance --------------Solutions------------- I think I've got it! – Schematic created using CircuitLab Explanation Each LED l

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