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  • How and when to ask user for registration payment?September 25

    Our site requires users to pay a sign up fee, but we don't want the sign up fee to prevent users from creating an account on our site. Our plan is to allow the user to create an account without having to pay for the sign up fee. They would be able to

  • Am I supposed to lose everything else in my life when I lose my phone number?January 19

    Sorry, this isn't a coding or design problem, but it is a user-experience issue, and I'm looking for some kind of a discussion about it, and this is the best place I can come up with to discuss. I have recently lost access to my second Yahoo account

  • Cannot add email using Accounts package in MeteorFebruary 16

    When trying to use some of the basic accounts methods in meteor, Accounts.addEmail Accounts.setUsername I always get the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Accounts.[function] is not a function This is confusing since other Accounts methods such as

  • Get account ID of connected stripe accountFebruary 15

    When I run a test for connecting a user to accept payments through my application, I will need the account id to charge their account. Stripe\Token::create( array("customer" => CUSTOMER_ID, "card" => CARD_ID), array("stripe_

  • Meteor template gets created twice, after adding accounts-ui packageFebruary 11

    I started to learn meteor and i did setup a small test project. I made a simple template like so test.html: <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <meta name=&

  • How to repair damaged admin account

    How to repair damaged admin accountFebruary 10

    My friend just played around with the admin account settings of her MacBook Pro and now the account is damaged She cannot access the desktop; after entering the password just the desktop background appears and she cannot do anything. Below is exactly

  • Use not-iCloud Apple ID mail address on Mail appFebruary 8

    So I'm using an iCloud account registered with a Hotmail address and I wish to use it as mail account for my Hotmail account on the Mail app? I know that I can solve it creating two different account, one just for my Hotmail mailbox and one for iClou

  • How to re-order accounts in Mail.app (El Capitan)

    How to re-order accounts in Mail.app (El Capitan)February 8

    Since I upgraded to El Capitan the Mail.app was upgraded also (to version 9.2) and the ability to re-order accounts was disappeared. Now I cannot move accounts in the preferences. Who knows is there any configuration plist to resolve this issue manua

  • Site invites and verificationsFebruary 8

    I'm in the process of designing how the 'User 1' of 'Site A' can invite 'User 2' to the website. The solution I have involves 'User 1' going into their dashboard and clicking on a button that opens a modal, where they enter the name and email address

  • Unable to create new Sandbox accounts, i keep getting errors and not found messagesFebruary 8

    I have been trying for several days. When I login to my Paypal developer account I can see some of my sandbox accounts, but when I try and create a new one, it either hangs with the spiny thing there for way too long, up to 20 minutes before I gave u

  • Pinterest oauth issue - Why does pinterest popup auth not closing?

    Pinterest oauth issue - Why does pinterest popup auth not closing?February 6

    Steps : Meteor add semencovroman34:accounts-pinterest Create app on developers.pinterest.com Configure Service configuration deploy app to yourapp.meteor.com in developers.pinterest.com set redirect link to yourapp.meteor.com/_oauth/pinterest?close U

  • Gmail account set up in MacFebruary 6

    I'm trying to set up my gmail account in Mac mail, but unsuccessful. I can get mails, but when sending a message it says that my outgoing server is wrong. What can I do? Thanks

  • Lost desktop files after restoring a user accountFebruary 5

    So I accidentally removed my main user account from my macbook (OS X el capitan). The home folder was not deleted so I restored the user account by adding a new account with the same name, then clicking 'use existing folder'. Everything worked fine,

  • My iPhone was stolenFebruary 5

    My iPhone6 was stolen and the thief was Erased my id from Icloud In my country I do not get police help How can I track her position Or it back together

  • Account accidentaly deleted, only guest account present, how to get acces to a normal account back again (data are still all there)February 2

    I have a big problem. I hope, you can help me. After installing and uninstalling qmail I had a lot of related users in my system. I deleted all them in System Settings / All settings / User accounts, and unfortunately I deleted accidentally my standa

  • Merging multiple user accounts with MeteorFebruary 1

    There is a good article on merging multiple user accounts with Meteor: http://www.meteorpedia.com/read/Merging_OAuth_accounts I have an already logged in user. I want to the currently logged in user to login to Facebook and Linkedin and merge all the

  • Sharing an account between a Game and a Website [on hold]January 31

    I'm working with a team developing a game and we want to have a website where you make an account to use on the game. I'm relatively new to back-end web development. What is the best way to go about this? Is it just a matter of setting up the account

  • Create guest account in Gnome 3.18 on Arch LinuxJanuary 29

    I want a guest account just like in Ubuntu which has following features: It does not require password to login A new home folder (in /tmp if possible) is created with no data every time User data is deleted as soon as he/she logs out User can not use

  • How to check Apple ID store balance without iTunes or iPhone?January 29

    How can someone check their balance without an iOS/OS X device and without installing iTunes? For example if you lost or disposed of an old Apple device or simply left it at home... There must be a way to find out if you have any credit left --------

  • How to handle sign in with e-mail after Facebook sign upJanuary 26

    My website has 2 different types of sign up/ sign in for user accounts: Facebook and e-mail. If an user has an e-mail account, he provides us with his e-mail and creates a password, while Facebook only authenticates the user and provides us with basi

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